Skin Glow & Weight Maintenance by Cold Press

Last month I was hospitalized because of diarrhea that I got from food poisoning. Well, I assume it's because I ate many unhealthy food. So 2 weeks ago I decided to do 1 DAY DETOX with Cold Press! I chose the SKIN GLOW & WEIGHT MAINTENANCE one as it'd also focus in maintaining my weight and restore my skin condition! The package consists of Lean Green, Green Boost, Roost Exotic, Longevity, and Fountain of Youth .

Outfit : @barliepicks_id
I really believe with the power of fruits & vegetables' nutrition for my body, so I always try to consume them on daily basis. One of the easiest way to consume lots of them in 1 day is with a cold press juice. They don't add any sugar, water (which means 1 bottle contains waay more fruits/veggies than regular juices), or preservatives. It's much safer & healthier than regular juices. About the taste, the natural sweetness that come from fruits taste great! Something which is too sweet is never good for our body :)

To find out more about this package, you can contact their CS : (+62)821-1011-2800 or take a look at their instagram @coldpressid.

After I finished the program, I have less zits on my face and I feel much refreshed and energized! I really don't need caffeine to boost myself up!

You can order Coldpress' juices at their website. Don't worry if you live outside Jakarta because they got packages that can be delivered to other cities! CHECK THIS OUT ;)


Bangkok Travel Diary & Barlie Picks


Hello, everyone! I went to Bangkok last month for a buying trip for my newest online store, @barliepicks_id . Sorry that it took me so long to write this post as I was so busy and everything was really hectic lately.


Everything that I wore in Bangkok are sold in Barlie Picks! If you're wondering what my shop's name meaning is, it's a combination from Basic and Girly. I run this shop with my college bae, Leslie. Her style is basic & simple, while my style is girly. Then we pick the clothes from our buying trip carefully by considering the style, fabric, cutting, quality, etc. Hehehe!




We went to Unicorn's Cafe. The cafe is relatively small but it's cozy, we can dress up with the unicorn costumes that they prepare, and the drinks and snacks were DELICIOUS!




We also went to the famous "MANGO TANGO" in Siam Square. I loveee their Mango Salsa and Mango Sticky Rice so much!! Thailand's mangoes are the BEST !




I look fat... but I found HELLO KITTY CAFE in Siam Square, so I couldn't resist to post this photo!!


Another Mango Sticky Rice that we ate in Siam Paragon. It's more delicious than Mango Tango's!


Pad Thai


Super yummy street food~



Overall, the trip was very memorable to me. We walked a lot, carried heavy luggagges everywhere, did lots of negotiations with cab drivers (omg they set super expensive price to tourists), ate a lot of thai food, and many more. Our returning flight was delayed, we arrived midnight in Jakarta and had to go to school at 7am. We were soooo tired! hahaha

I can't wait for another trip.. Don't forget to keep supporting BARLIE PICKS! :)


Marina Hydro Cool Gel Lotion Review


Last Monday, I attended the launching event of Marina Hydro Cool. The venue was dominated with tosca, turquoise, and mint colors and decorated with beautiful things!



Marina is a famous beauty & skincare brand in Indonesia, so I was so excited to come to the event and tried this new product. 

Marina Hydro Cool is a new variant from their MARINA UV WHITE line. They create this variant because they see that many young Indonesian women wants to have healthy and fresh skin by using a body lotion product that is also suitable for their busy daily activities in this tropical weather and lots of pollution going on.. It's SO TRUE because that's what I'm looking for too!



Their ambassadors are Shireen Sungkar ( a famous Indonesian actress that has won manyyy awards and she still has a bunch of other activities right now.. which is very inspiring to many Indonesian women) and Dellie Threesyadinda ( a beautiful international archery athlete). They also use Marina Hydro Cool everyday to protect their skin! They shared to us about how they use this product on daily basis and how their skin have improved ever since. We had a great Q&A session!


There was also a DIY contest . We were given scissors, a tee, shawl, and brooch. We're free to decorate this shirt according to our ideas and the ambassadors were the judges. Everyone customized the tees to be a dress, crop tee, doll, and many more. I didn't win but it was definitely a fun event! ;)



Fun time at the photobooth!


Marina Hydro Cool contains biowhitening complex from seaweed, lime,  Vitamin B3, and UV protection that can nourish, brighten, and protect our skin with cool hydration, fast-absorbing, and non sticky effect. Most importantly, Marina Hydro Cool has aquired the Halal Certificate from MUI.


At the event, I directly tried this product as I could no longer wait to try it !

My opinion about this product:
- It smells so fresh and good
- It gives a 'cooling' effect.. Feels so good when worn under the hot weather!!
- It dries quickly
- It doesn't give any sticky effect on my skin
- It has UV protection which is perfect to be worn before I go out, so that I will have a bright and healthy skin!!

So, these days I've been using Marina Hydro Cool as my body lotion. I am quite busy everyday with school activities and blogging events going on, so I need a perfect lotion to nourish my skin. This product is totally the one I've been looking for. I HATE sticky body lotion because it's totally unsuitable to be worn in Indonesia's humid weather. Other than giving a sticky feeling on my skin, dirts also attach quickly on the skin.

While Marina Hydro Cool gives awesome sensations like a cooling effect (feels like ice melts on my skin... ) and I don't feel like wearing any lotion at all after it dries! I hope after a while I will have brighter skin too!

The conclusion is I LOVE and RECOMMEND you to try this product. Thank you Marina Hydro Cool! :)