Skin Glow & Weight Maintenance by Cold Press

Last month I was hospitalized because of diarrhea that I got from food poisoning. Well, I assume it's because I ate many unhealthy food. So 2 weeks ago I decided to do 1 DAY DETOX with Cold Press! I chose the SKIN GLOW & WEIGHT MAINTENANCE one as it'd also focus in maintaining my weight and restore my skin condition! The package consists of Lean Green, Green Boost, Roost Exotic, Longevity, and Fountain of Youth .

Outfit : @barliepicks_id
I really believe with the power of fruits & vegetables' nutrition for my body, so I always try to consume them on daily basis. One of the easiest way to consume lots of them in 1 day is with a cold press juice. They don't add any sugar, water (which means 1 bottle contains waay more fruits/veggies than regular juices), or preservatives. It's much safer & healthier than regular juices. About the taste, the natural sweetness that come from fruits taste great! Something which is too sweet is never good for our body :)

To find out more about this package, you can contact their CS : (+62)821-1011-2800 or take a look at their instagram @coldpressid.

After I finished the program, I have less zits on my face and I feel much refreshed and energized! I really don't need caffeine to boost myself up!

You can order Coldpress' juices at their website. Don't worry if you live outside Jakarta because they got packages that can be delivered to other cities! CHECK THIS OUT ;)


  1. Hey Veren,

    I wondering something about the detox. Do you really just consume the juice in a day? I mean don't you eat anyother food in that day?


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