My First Yoga Experience

I've been exercising regularly since September. I do lots of cardio work out. I've been wanting to try Yoga, so when Female Daily x Gly Derm invited me to join their Vinyasa Yoga class at Golds Gym City Walk, I couldn't resist it.

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Before the class started, I was informed by the beautiful doctor, dr. Nadia Octavia about stretch marks. There are many things that can cause stretch mark on our skin. Weight loss / gain, hormonal changes, pregnancy, decrease in skin's elasticity, and it can also happen to kids who have skin structure abnormality. And GLY DERM can help us to reduce stretch marks!

The yoga class was a fun experience to me. It's harder than I thought! I struggled a lot doing many poses... I think my body is so stiff T.T. But I didn't expect that I'd get a prize for winning "Best Yogie" award when it's totally my first time doing Yoga. I really want to learn more about Yoga soon! Not only for my body, but also to refresh and clear my mind. Thank you so much Female Daily x GLY DERM! 


  1. Whooaa... I want to try it too. btw how about zumba ?

  2. I want to join yoga class to but it kinda hard to find here XD

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