One Fine Friday


I love food & I love trying new restaurants in town so much. Last month my friend and I got the chance to go to Society at Plaza Indonesia after a quite crazy and exhausting week at school (not to mention the crazy traffic jams that have been driving me nuts lately). I still have final projects and exams waiting, but let's chill and relax a bit!


The place has a really nice and cozy ambience!


I ordered Alle Vongole and my friend had Chicken Aglio Olio. My Alle Vongole was nicely seasoned and addicting (not too light, not too heavy). I literally ate everything until the plate had nothing left on it.. They gave a generous amount of clams too! Yum!


Many people have been asking me about How I Mantain My Weight. I actually gain weight easily, so I have to exercise regularly (2-3x a week) and have a good digestion system.  Sadly, I got the genetics from my dad where we often get constipations (slow digestion). Although I drink lots of water and consume fruits/veggies regularly, sometimes I still get the same problem. It makes me drink laxative medicine, which is not good if I consume it too much! :(


Nowadays, I find out that BEAR BRAND Gold can help my digestion system. I drink this milk once a day. It tastes delicious yet guilt-free because it's also low fat. Now I can poop regularly and maintain my weight! Yay! Nothing feels better than having a flat & empty (ready to be filled up) tummy in the morning! ;p

IMG_6833 Do you drink Bear Brand Gold too? Join the contest HERE

You can find this product at any supermarket / minimarket!


This was my outfit on that day! Please check my clozette account for the details of this look!


Special thanks to my bae Leslie for taking pics of me and being my date on that day!


  1. The food looks good and I also love your outfit! :)

    Big Dreamer

  2. Nice shoes <3

  3. I love your outfit soo muchh! And that aglio olio looks yummy. Gonna try it one day :P

  4. loveee the look as always and the food tho<3
    anw, i love that malt putih!


  5. This food look so delicious I started be hungry a little. Also You look so stunning, the whole outfit ensemble is just perfect!

    Anyway, would you like to follow each other on Google Friend connect and google+?
    let me know if you want and i will follow you back.^^~

  6. lovee the outfit so much! simple but so stylish!

    Pudding Monster

  7. the food looks yummy, your outfit looks so sweet


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