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Photos were taken during La Mer California Beach Party at SKYE
Hi, everyone. 
I'm currently not doing anything important beside munching my favorite apples & strawberries (I have a guilty pleasure of buying super huge strawberries which cost me quite a heck of money) in my bedroom, alone.

Well, I admit that it's been a while since the last time I had a real leisure time (or in Indonesian slang: gabut), because most of my leisure time I always go to the gym (which I've told u numerous times lol). I know it's not good to keep stressing over my weight, how much I eat, and how many calories I should burn in a day T.T... My mom had reminded me over and over again to eat properly & not going to the gym so often.

Top: stradivarius - Pants: jolie clothing - Heels: jeffrey campbell - Sunglasses: kate spade

Finally yesterday, I just got warned by God not to over-do that habit.

I fell sick again and went to the hospital last night. I am quite shocked because I thought I am just fine even with the amount of fruits I consume regularly. 

But thankfully, I'm still able to go to school. It's almost the last week of the semester, and also the most important one, hence I am totally forbidden to miss the classes!! 


My final projects were quite crazy and I spent a month working on them. Assignments didn't stop coming and they pilled up like a mountain. The hardest ones were making a Textile Album (an album of 15 different fibers with their characteristics, strengths, and weaknesses) and a fashion Comparison Book (12 comparisons of 12 different eras with the interpretations in modern days). My apartment was full of fabrics and my laptop's desktop was full of pictures. 


For the textile album, I went to many fabric stores, asked my friends' help, my mom's help, and even went to a local market to look for the fabrics. After that, I had to cut the fabrics, burn them to test their characteristics, stick them on the album, and write the details. 


For the comparison book, the layouting part was the hardest. My friends are super creative in making a simple yet interesting layout design. I used to think that creative is in my blood, but now I feel that it doesn't count in terms of layouting.... Making the print was also very hard. The deadline for this book is tomorrow (for fashion phenomena lecturer) and I went to printing store to print the book 2 days ago. I checked the result this afternoon. Well overall the quality is nice but the printing guy put a blank page behind my cover which makes the facing pages after it dissapear (so it's not a left-right pic, but front-back). I hope my lecturer doesn't mind and just pay attention to my content T_T. GOD PLEASEEEEE GIVE ME YOUR MERCY AND SEND ME ANGELS FOR MY JUDGEMENT TOMORROW .
I printed another version of the book for my computer lab lecturer, but this one I used perfect binding and smaller size. I went to different printing store than the first one because I also feel that the color isn't really nice there and spent 1,5 hours only to test-print at this another store and make sure they'll print it right. I WILL PRAY HARD THAT THIS ONE WILL BE MUCH BETTER. 

watch c/o LA MER COLLECTION, photo credit:
So guys, please pray for my final projects... WISH ME LUCK!... and I hope my body will get better soon! CIAOOO! :'>


  1. Your last term schedule was pretty hectic ce. Jia you for everything, because you will have Christmas holiday soon ;) and dont forget to take care of your health ce. Your body is super fine. Dont stress out too much ;) you are still pretty, and cute :P Good luck for everything ce, I'm supporting you from here >.<

  2. First semester in college is indeed full of lifestyle adjustment, moreover your parents are not always with you in college life. I also often fell sick in my first and second term :') Goodluck for your final project! I'm sure you could nail it with a very high score. Don't exercise too much just to lose weight, I think you should try the kind of exercise movement which improves your stamina rather than lose weight :)

  3. You're so cuteee veren :) love that pants :)

    Sonya Thaniya
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  4. Good luck on your final project, Veren!! And don't stressing your weight much, you looks soo pretty already without doing much diet! Hehe


  5. Good luck for your final project Veren, I can't imagine it myself how busy you are with that project.
    Stay healthy ♥

    My Little Cream Button ♥

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