Sheinside Thanksgiving Giveaway

Thanksgiving 2012 is already over, but we can still celebrate it by joining this giveaway.
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This giveaway is open internationally until December 12nd 2012. Don't forget to mention your instagram/twitter account and put your blogpost's link about this giveaway on the comment box if you do all the extra points . GOOD LUCK! :)


Too Cool for School



Yesterday I was not home for a student committee activity at school. We stayed at school for a night and I've just returned home this afternoon. I didn't get enough sleep last night and I really need to sleep more tonight. I'm so stressed with the fact that I will have 2 tests tomorrow and 3 tests on Tuesday while on the other side I also have many other things to do T_T. So yeah, I won't write much on this post because time is chasing me and I need to study Chemistry and Bahasa tonight!



I felt like a retro rocker when I dressed up like this.

  • Galaxy print top, skull studded bag & tattoo tights c/o Romwe
  • Denim vest c/o Black Ribbon
  • Shorts : H &M
  • White lace ups sneakers c/o Oasap


As you can see here, I also got a new personalized bracelet with my name written on it sponsored by Aero Maquirette


Necklace c/o Grinitty Shop


Time Machine


Having a quarrel with one of your closest friends is one of the worst things that happen into my life. I really hate it when someone gets angry easily, especially with his/her own friends. I never can stand not talking to my best friends for more than 2 days. When I'm the one who's angry, I will not take the problem too seriously and let bygones be bygones. I'll start talking to them again and smile like usual. What's so great about being angry for days / acting like strangers in front of our best friends? Especially when they already apologized? I can't do that.

Last week, one of my friends got mad at me. It started when my teacher left the class, and three boys in my class started the fuss in the class and made my girl - friend cried. The girl already cried yet those boys couldn't stop bothering her. I told them "Can u sit back and do the task? Do you think it's funny to joke around like that until she cried??" Then the three of them were angry at me, and one of those three boys who sat behind me slammed everything on his table. He even told my other friend from different class that he wanted to slap me. Well, all I intended to do was only to tell them to stop bothering my friend who's crying and stop joking around like that. If they didn't joke until that far (till one of my girl friends cried) , I wouldn't have said that to them. The other two are already fine with me but not with this one person. I've apologized to him saying sorry if my words were too harsh but he didn't responded and still acting like stranger in front of me. Well, if that's what he wants to do, it's okay.. I'm really sorry for my wrongdoings. I've promised to myself to be a maturer person who's more careful with words..






I took this outfit shots this afternoon, and set the brightness in my camera as bright as possible since the weather's been so cloudy. I was busy with school stuffs until I hardly find the right time to blog. The cloudy weather also makes me can't take any photos outside ;( .
By the way, what do you think about my hairstyle in this outfit? ^^



Chicnova $50 Coupon Giveaway


Yay! Another giveaway is here. November is an exciting month, isn't it? ;)
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Romwe : Black Friday Sale

Black Friday is coming and ROMWE is having Black Friday Sale!

Up to 70% off, Romwe Annual Sale in 2012.

From Nov 21st to 26th.
More surprise on November 21st. 


neon tribal


Time passes by very quickly. I was so busy with school until today I realize it's Saturday already.  Managing my time and keeping everything in balance between school and blogging is not an easy thing for me. Assignments are chasing me, tests are waiting, and I also have to remember that it's been a long time since the last time I did blog-walking. I really wanna say thank you to all of you who are still willing to read my blog or leave comments although I can't reply all of them. I promiseee if there's a long holiday I will try my best to reply your comments . As a student, school is the most important thing <3 p="p">



I received the neon sweater from gowigasa awhile ago and I totally fell in love with the color and decided to pair it with shorts because of the hot weather in Indonesia. And instead of wearing a shirt underneath, I chose to wear a collar from romwe.



I also love my new white cropped jacket c/o sheinside . I'm quite bored with blue denim jackets, so I was excited when sheinside sent me this cool white jacket :)


Look at my new wedges from picnic. They're very comfy and the pattern is exactly same with the clutch that I got from gogirl! magazine. :P


And tonight I will also announce the winner of auburn & ginger giveaway:


Thanks for participating. If you haven't won, don't worry, another giveaway is coming! Stay tuned ;D

p.s :  I need your help to VOTE my brother on facebook. The due is tomorrow (14.00 wib), so please ee if you have a facebook account, just CLICK this link and LIKE the photo.
thanks a lot!!!


Peplum & Mint



Maybe you're wondering about what happened with my hair on these 2 photos above. But if you're following my twitter, you must've known that I tried to color my hair through photoshop and this is the result. I tried blue & green to match my outfit. This might look a bit weird because this is my first trial and I will try another colors later. :P


I wore a peplum top from Normi, mint polkadot shorts and necklace sponsored by Queenbee Shop.

ring sponsored by : Sacs et Chaussure

by the way, ROMWE is having a sale UP TO 30% off from November 2nd through November 8th on their "Buyer's pick" section. Don't miss it because there are a lot of gorgeous clothes!!