Say hi to my new dress that I got from Nadeshiko Closet
At first I was confused how to wear this dress because I was scared it wouldn't suit my age. But then I paired this dress with my cardigan, nike dunks, and also a headband. My mom gave me compliment and she said it turned out nice. I really love the drapery on this dress. Thanks a lot to Nadeshiko Closet   for sending me this beautiful dress :D

I feel bored these days because I haven't gone to anywhere. I planned to attend kalika's fashion show but suddenly my parents delayed our trip which we planned to go on June 21st. I was disappointed that time, I was so excited to meet some friends at the event. But that's alright, it's better than cancelling our trip, because 
Everyday I have same activities. Wake up - watch korean drama - eat - take a bath - watch korean drama - eat - watch korean drama - take a bath - watch korean drama - sleep. Very unproductive, right? I don't even do any exercises, I keep piling up fats -_-. But,  finally I'm going to jkt tomorrow. aaaah~, I'm so happy :P. do contact me if you're at jkt and wanna meet me. heheheh :D

If you're following my twitter, yesterday I received such an inappropriate comment from anonymous.  
His comment was really bad, he said nasty words that made me to delete the comment directly (It's related to sex)
I didn't understand why he / she could say those kind of words to me. Geez, what's good about dirty words?
Where's your manner? oh my, I wish people who like to say super dirty words (especially for young ages) won't exist in this world. I accept critiques, but not the one with dirty words. 



I'm so addicted into korean dramas lately. In one week I'm watching 5 different dramas, lol -_-. But my favorites are Playful kiss, 49 days, and God of Study . I love Kim Hyun Joong and Seung Ho xD. I don't know why korean dramas are so addictingg. sometimes the story is easy to be predicted, but it always make me to watch it all over again, I can watch it from day to night, from 7pm till 3am o_o *mad addicted, don't follow me. hahaha -__-*
Can you recommend me some good k-dramas? :D (16 - 20 episodes only, I don't like if the story is too complicated -__-)

안녕! :)


Hello Goodbye

Yesterday I visited Yamada sisters' blog , Elle and Jess, and I read a post about 7 deadly sins. I took the quiz, and this was the result. Not bad, huh? ;p


Envy:Very Low
Lust:Very Low

Today, I took my final term report card. I'm so happy that I got good scores (all above 81! ysy!) , and my scores increased a lot than the 1st term. Huraaayyyy!  I'm reaallllyyyyy happy now :D

Until now, I still can't believe that time flies so fast. I can't believe if next month, I'll be a 9th grade student. I can't believe if I've been together with same classmates for 2 years (7th-8th grade). I'm feeling like I've just entered junior high school yesterday. There are so many good and bad memories in my class... My class might not the best class, but I really love how we laugh and have fun together. I'm feeling like we're match each others, we have similar personalities and interests, etc. 8D's homeroom teacher is one of the best teachers in my school ever. He's been teaching math in my school for more than 20years, he likes to give us hard questions, so that sometimes only half of my class pass the test. hahahaha. But he's really patient and wise. I and my classmates will miss him ! I will also miss my classmates who didn't pass today and couldn't continue to the next grade, I still don't know who are they, but I hope they will study harder and never give up :)

I'm in a happy mood right now. Real holiday's going to start tomorrow, no need to sleep/wake up early, no need to study, etc. (don't be a lazy student like me, friends.. You see on my 7sins quiz right, that my sloth is really high. hahaa). I'm also happy because my sister is so kind to me lately. She bought me new clothes, new Juicy Couture wallet, and even lent her camera to me. (my camera got troubles and errors few days ago, so she lent me her camera. thank you so much sister! *smooooccchhhh*

I think I'll go to Jakarta on June 21st, attend a fashion show the next day, and meet my blogger friends.. aaa, tit's been a long time since I met them xD. I'd like to meet some bloggers that I never meet too! :D

Threse outfit shots below were taken by my G11 . (I haven't used my sister's cam yet). Anyway, this outfit was inspired by f(x)'s new single, Hot Summer. They use red as their single/repackaged album's theme. I love red! 










  • hat : yellow line
  • top : mango
  • skirt : zara
  • wedges : stradivarius
  • sunglasses : bought at Genting 
  • necklace worn as bracelet : DIY
got this award from this amazing lady , babalisme (check out her blog, she's really creative!)

thank you so much! :')



Since few days ago, I've been having flu and cough. it's soo annoying because my voice sounds different now and it make me feel uncomfortable. :(. I think it's all because I stayed in my bedroom from day to night. Hope I'll recover soon! I don't want my holiday will be messed up because of my illness. 


Yesterday I received a pair of cool and super comfortable wedges from Decimal Shoes.
these wedges are one of my favorite wedges because it have unique design and good quality! Do check their website because they also sell another amazing wedges with affordable price. I'm sure you won't be disappointed! 

I paired these wedges with a top from Stradivarius and skirt from bershka :)





Have a nice holiday everyone! I'm going to Jakarta again soon. hehe <3



Last Tuesday I went to Jakarta. I went there to celebrate my mom and brother in law's birthday, and also to celebrate my parents' silver wedding anniversary. We celebrated it on Wednesday, June 8th at orient 8. 
The restaurant was quite nice. I love the food, and also the interior of the restaurant ;)

My mommy is 45th years old now <3

If you notice, I wore make up that day. Can you see my eyes? Actually I didn't want to wear make up, but my mom asked my sister to put make up to my face.If I erased it, my sister would be mad at me, so yeah, it wasn't bad, though -___-.

photos are taken by my brother! <3. I was happy to see my brother wearing shirt. my brother is a t-shirt lover, and he hates shirt very much! It's like a miracle D:


little black dress

Helloooo. Finally the final exam has finished. I'm so happy because I don't need to study until night anymore. I'll have my long holiday this month. yay! :D. I've planned some things to do on holiday. Like learning to cook, do exercises to burn calories, watch korean drama until midnight, shopping, etc. :P



So, I got this dress from Mrs Clothes Wardrobe. I rarely wear lbd, but this lbd simply made me fall in love at the first sight. especially the heart shape ;). Because I rarely wear it, it's a challenge for me to mix and match this dress. I chose to pair this dress with colorful accessories. Giving bright colors on your outfit make you look fresher !


dress - Mrs Clothes Wardrobe, hairclip - Bow House , heels - Zara, belt - bershka
I got these pretty heels from my sister as my birthday present last year. I seldom wear it because it's not really comfortable to walk. -__-



p.s : Josephine made a paper bookmark for me. it's sooo cute and I love it very much. Thanks a lot, Josephine! visit her blog here.

Since I'm having my holiday, I hope I can update this blog oftener . Thanks for reading! hehe ;D