Say hi to my new peach divided skirt from my new sponsor, Pile of Thread. I really love the color of it and decided to wear it with my yellow bershka sleeveless shirt and june+julia nude wedges. This outfit contains soft and pastel-ish colors and made me look 'calm' (?) hahaha. 
This divided skirt is so cute and I've wore this for twice. The material is good and you'll feel comfortable when you wear this . This divided skirt is a skort (pants inside but look like skirt when you wear it). visit their tumblr to buy their 1st collection! The items from the 1st collection are awesome and I feel like I wanna have all of it xD


top - bershka, skirt - pile of thread, belt & flower wreath : diy, wedges : june+julia

I might looked calm in this outfit but when I'm writing this post, I feel like I'm going to hit someone.
My Sunday morning was full of emotion because when I woke up, I checked up my blackberry notifications, I received 6 messages on facebook and 2 text messages at 3am!! The 6 messages from facebook were from one of my teachers. We went out together last week with some of my friends, she asked me to take down the photos because she's scared other teachers will see it. I was ok about that and I already deleted the photos, but what made me annoyed was.. why she had to send me 6 messages with same details at 3am in the morning? I was like.. wtf.. who would open facebook at this hour.. Couldn't she think I was sleeping and would check it in the morning.. I can read and I will directly delete it if you want, no need to flood me with your messages.. geezzz!!!



I also paired this outfit with my sister's jacket. She got this jacket from little lady shop (you can find their store on facebook)


p.s : about my previous post about school life, here's some words that I haven't said on previous post:
I was a really competitive and ambitious person who would do anything to get the highest score but I realized I wasn't happy with what I was doing, so I stopped, and now I'm not that ambitious anymore, I never force myself to be the first, because your future isn't specified by high scores. You know.. it's really really really annoying when your parents get mad at you because your score isn't the highest.. You've tried hard but they think it's not enough. that's just argh... frustrating! (so basically those words have same meaning with the words I wore on that post. just yeah. I keep thinking about it these days.)

Okay, now I'm going to McDonald's with my friends to spend my lonely Sunday. My parents went to Jakarta last Friday so I'm alone at home. Thank God I have amazing friends who will accompany me today. See you and happy Sunday all! ;D

Lana Del Rey - Born to Die


Who You Are?


This was the outfit I wore when I went to the haunted house. Honestly I didn't wear the wedges as shown above, I replaced it with flat shoes because I knew if I'd run inside the haunted house, and I must wear flat shoes or else I would fall and trapped inside -_-. Okay I won't talk about haunted house anymore because until now I still remember the ghost's voice.. The ghost followed me and said "the girl in the back (it was me because my friends who said they'd accompany me left me).. come here... look at meee!!!" with a very very scary tone so that I screameedddd like crazy, cried, and raaaaannn awayyyy T.T


I wore an unbranded crochet top with topshop sleeveless shirt as inner. My jeans are from GAP Kids, wedges from june+julia, bag & sunglasses from gowigasa.




I can't believe it's almost the end of January, time flies faster and faster. I'll have national examination to continue my study to grade 10-12 on April, and lots of try outs and other exams on February and March. I know I'll be busy and probably I can't blog too much and that makes me sad. But however as a student I must choose school over blogging. My job is a student, not a blogger. Blogging is just my 'playing' world. Where I share my hobby with other people. I enjoy blogging in my leisure time only, even though sometimes I feel weird and 'something strange' when I can't make a new blog post, I must let go that feeling because school is waay more important although I also know that blogging is so much funner than studying :p. In my opinion blogging is also 'studying'. After blogging for almost 3 years, I feel my English skill is improved, my style is improved, and after reading a lot of good articles and stories in this blogging world, I get new knowledge which I never learned at school. 

Sometimes I feel school is really boring and most of schools in Indonesia have more than 10 different subjects to learn. At school I only enjoy mathematics, science, and language lessons (chinese / english). The other subjects are boring.. make me always wanna sleep in every lesson -__-. I don't really like history / sociology because I'm a lazy student, I rarely study, so I don't like to memorize :p.
But there are times when I lovee history so much especially about european countries' history . I loveee history movies! But about my country's history... I'm not too interested because I've learned much about that since elementary school, and I don't know why, I'm just not interested with my country's history. *ok maybe after I typed this people will think I'm not a good citizen*. Now I'm not really proud with my country because everytime I watch tv, 95% of the news are bad news , only 5% are news about my country's achievements or something special else. I don't really care with it anyway. 

My mom always asks me why I am so lazy to study, why I looked like I don't have spirit to reach the top, bla bla blaaah... I'm tired being the 'top' and my current motto is Bill Gates' quote : "I never topped in the university, but today toppers of best universities are my employees". In my opinion, the smartest people at school don't always be the most successful in the future. Success isn't all about smart brain. There are many other factors like luck, your personality, and many other factors which I can't mention it now. You know, mostly at school there must be a nerd, who is the smartest student, but he / she can't get along with people well, and sometimes they're just... weird.. I know they have super brains, super high IQ scores, super ideas, etc... but yeah... In my life's experience, I once met a person who I knew her 'past'. She wasn't a smart student at school, but now she's successful and even more successful than her friend who was smarter than her. I know we don't know how our future will be. Diligence is needed, but forcing isn't needed. I believe a diligent person can beat smart person. 

And also, I just don't want to force myself to study too hard. It only makes me more stressful. As long as I pass the subjects with my own 'standard', I'm happy. I'm already happy when I reach good score but I'm not the highest, although sometimes there are some envy feelings, but school isn't only about score right? The point is.. I don't want to spend my school life by studying too hard only to compete with other smartass at school, running to get the highest score. Trying hard is okay but it's not when it's too hard till you feel pressured I take my life easy, enjoy every minute of it by doing things I enjoy. I wanna have a happy, memorable and fun school life . I just don't wanna have a stressful life because of scores. hahaha. Just be your self and do what you enjoy, don't ever force your self doing something you don't enjoy because I know you're not happy. I'm a smart student but not the smartest. I was the leader of the school committee at school although I wasn't the smartest student at school, my brother was also the leader of school committee when he was in senior high school although he wasn't the smartest and he's even a social student, not from science class. hahaha . *please don't call me snob T.T*

This is just my current opinion, it's free to you to agree or not with my opinion, and as a teenager, my words might be wrong, and I might change my mind too in the future. I wanna write more, but time is  chasing me. It's 9pm already in my place so I must do my homework and prepare my books for tomorrow's lessons at school. See you later!


Jessie J - Who You Are


Dragon Year


HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR !! I know it's kinda late to say this but I was too busy collecting ang-paos yesterday so I didn't have time to blog :P. This year I can't share you my family photo because I look 'horrible'. My bangs ruined my faceee. I wasn't ready when my relative took the photo and we couldn't repeat it because there are a lot of guests in my house. huhuhu... T_T


This year is dragon year but I wore pink. I know I should wear cheongsam or red clothes like other chinese did, but since I live in this tiny city without any good stores, I bought my cny dress last December -.- . If this year were pig / rabbit year, maybe it'd be matching if I wore pink.. But yeahh... It's been a long time since the last time I wore red for cny. I wore orange last year, and wore turquoise 2 years ago.. 


Because yesterday my bro received a lot money from my parents, he's so kind to me and wanted to take some photos of me... hahaha.. sorry bro I'm not photogenic T.T
I wore lace dress from topshop, heels from zara, and yellow belt from bershka. that's my first time wearing lace dress. what do you think?


Here goes my annoying bangs.. I almost never have haircut in my city and always get haircut in Jakarta. But for bangs, I often do it myself .







My pretty mom wit her grandson (nephew), Jayden. Baby J is almost 4 months old!


My messy nails! hehehehehe


Half of the full Chinese New Year Dishes exclude the lapis-legit cakes, and other snacks.. Mom was busy for 3 days preparing those dishes.

And the last, thanks to my bro for the awesome photos!! <3

p.s ; today I went to a haunted house for the 2nd time in my life, and I promise to myself that I'd be the last time... no more.. that's enough.. I screamed and ran like crazy.. One of my friend said; "Usually you run as slow as a turtle but this time you ran very fast like a wind. Unbelievable!"

God, I beg you I wanna have a nice sleep without scary dreams tonight T.T

Avicii - Levels


It's coming





Chinese New Year is coming... I'm Chinese so I'll celebrate it tomorrow. I always love CNY because I get a lot of money (ang paos), new decoration at home, delicious food, etc. But one thing that I never like is Chinese New Year's songs. For example, this one. My parents always play these kind of song every chinese new year -_-. It's not like I don't like with my own race, but that thing is just an exceptional . :P

So.. How's your preparation for tomorrow ? Have you got new clothes? ;p

Still In Love With You - Wang Lee Hom


one thing


I wore this outfit when I went to my friend's new convention hall launching. I wore a plaid shirt from stradivarius, unbranded skirt, and belt from korea :) . Took these pics when I was in a rush, so you can see on the 2nd pic, the left sleeve looked longer than the right -__-".


I mentioned about elle girl Japan a while ago, and I can't resist to post this on my blog, that I WANT to have this hair.. Too bad my school doesn't let the students to dye hair, even in senior high school (grade 10-12). It looks like Diana Agron's hair! I really want that pink-green hi-light (do I spell it correctly?)


When I was in Jakarta my family accompanied my nephew to have a swimming session at mommy n jo f(x) mall. <3

With my best friend + best dancer ever, Gabby :D

Last Saturday I went to church with Nia & Jessica, then went to McDonald's to have some nice chit-chat :)

This photo is a teaser for my upcoming outfit post!

fave editorials + campaigins :

Emily Fox, Dani & Finlay Moore by Chris Nicholls for Flare December 2011

KARA's Goo Hara for Vogue Girl

Song Kyung Ah and Kwak Ji Young by Kang Hye Won for Vogue Korea April 2011

Frida Gustavsson and Lindsey Wixson for Mulberry Spring 2012 Campaign
source : vintagediary &

One Direction - One Thing


hello, school girl!


I always get bored with my school's uniform.. I always wish in Indonesia we can have cute uniform like in South Korea / Japan (plaid skirts, blazer, bow tie, etc.) . hahaha.. So this time I dressed up wearing my 'dream' uniform :P. 


The shirt that I wore as inner is from I paired it with a scallop-polka top from Queentastic's Closet, and red skirt from kochi2 mangga2. For shoes, I wore oxford-wedges that I bought in Taiwan, and socks from hello kitty Japan. Aaaandd, I also wore a headband from Dorothy Perkins!


What do you think? Do I look like an elementary school student? Too childish? or ... ?? hehehehe :)
Dressing up like this gave me more spirit to study (what's the connection between clothes and study?? ==) since I'm going to be very busy with school for preparing the national exam, try outs, etc.. I'm kinda scared with it and I must make sure myself that I can do it!! 


One Direction - Moments
for those who asked me how to  'show' youtube player on blog in 'slim /small' mode,  you have to copy the embed code, and change the height into 28 . hope this helps! if you're still  not clear, just ask me on formspring!

p.s: what do you think of my new header?