before I go

blouse - esprit, shorts - unbranded, belt-mom's, wedges - michelle c.La, headband - dhievine

there are so many troubles in this week. well, I must forget it and enjoy my holiday. I will start packing today . Hardly can't wait to go to Jakarta tomorrow, then go to Malaysia & Singapore on June 30th! :D
I tried to edit my photos there. please understand my editing skill. hahaha -_-". and thank you for your supports with my cyber-crime problem on previous post :). I'm thinking to not delete this blog because I'm just too love with my blog :'). and as your advices, I start to write my blog url in my photos. hahaha.

anyway, I made a chictopia account , please visit/become fan/add me as friends. click here .
keep contacting with me! u can follow my twitter / e-mail me. :)
thanks, see u and have a nice holiday everyone! 


blue, studs, and jeans





shirt - zara, shorts - GAP kids, shoes - skechers Japan, shawl - cotton ink, watch - folli follie, headband - unbranded

love the studs details on my shoulder

cyber-crime drives me crazy. I'm really sad of it.
someone used my photos as her profile picture on facebook. (maybe u have known this from my twitter)
I really shocked when I knew it.
Then I sent message to her to delete my photos and not using it anymore.
But she didn't want to delete my photos and she said if she found the photos from google and it's her friend (she said the girl in the photos is her friend) crazy right?? she also copied my bio. I was really angry with her. My friends sent messages to her too but she didn't want. ooo sooo piggy head.
I fought with her via facebook chat. She said her father is a police so I'm not allowed to blame her. crazier
then I showed her my photo album so she will know if it's me for real.
After that, She believed it and she didn't use my photos anymore.

I was really glad after that. *fiuh*
but It makes me trauma and don't know what to do. I cried. I don't want it happened to me again.
crossed in my mind to delete my blog and flickr account. so that anyone won't use my photos anymore.
I can't handle cyber-crime
I'm still a teenager that have labile emotion and maybe I don't have mature mind to handle problems in life
I want to stop being 'instant celebrity' in cyber-world, stop dreaming to be featured in famous magazines,etc.
although I know I've reached 300+ followers on my blog. I'm such a bad blogger. I ever promised I'll make giveaway but I haven't make it :(
But, someone just offered me to design my blog for free...hmmm...
so I'll think it again... maybe I'll delete my blog, maybe not too.. I need time to think!
Because I know if Diana Rikasari ever had same problem with me too. People make her fake facebook profile, use her arts, etc. If Diana Rikasari can handle it and be strong, WHY I'M NOT. :)
in the positive side, blogging makes me have lots of new friends! they're really kind :)

Thanks to my friends who care with me. really appreciate it :')
I'm the winner of gowigasa's blog of the month!
thanks gowigasa! =D

tomorrow I'll get my report card. dag dig du. I'm so scared my mom will get angry with me if my result is lower than the first term. :S. My mom is so fussy with my study
Hope my result is satisfying with higher result than the first term. amen :) and oh! maybe this blog will have long hiatus (again) because I'll out of town. I'll go to Jakarta, Singapore, and Malaysia for this holiday. Sorry fot that, I'll be back soon! Can't wait to go to Universal Studios :D.
See ya!


denim,pink,and overweight bear

hair clip - Bow House, dress - Mango, vest - For Miss, tights - yellowline, wedges - Mango
after 1week++, I'm back to blogsphere..
freedom!!! :))
how I miss blogging very much!
the exam has done! and I pass all the subjects, so I don't need to do remedial test :)
now, I'm on holiday, will get my report card on June 19th *dag, dig dug... mom will get angry to me if my result is bad T_T. Please God HELP ME!!
I will go to Jakarta & Singapore next week :D:D

these photos below are my sister's behind the scene pre-wedding photoshoot :)
the real pre-wedding photos hasn't ready to be published yet. because my sis did this photoshoot around 2 weeks ago.
she will get married this october! :)
photographer : timur angin (he is the photographer of Laskar Pelangi, Nidji, etc. :D)
stylist : cindy biantoro from DiamondHurts
MUA : Donny Liem & Adi Adrian

I'm featured on B'girl magazine June edition with nathalie, bee, and sabila anata :)

okay... sorry I post too much pictures.hahaha
this is the last thing on this post.

I'm in love with this ribbon headband from Bow House :P

c'u on next post , folks :D