blue, studs, and jeans





shirt - zara, shorts - GAP kids, shoes - skechers Japan, shawl - cotton ink, watch - folli follie, headband - unbranded

love the studs details on my shoulder

cyber-crime drives me crazy. I'm really sad of it.
someone used my photos as her profile picture on facebook. (maybe u have known this from my twitter)
I really shocked when I knew it.
Then I sent message to her to delete my photos and not using it anymore.
But she didn't want to delete my photos and she said if she found the photos from google and it's her friend (she said the girl in the photos is her friend) crazy right?? she also copied my bio. I was really angry with her. My friends sent messages to her too but she didn't want. ooo sooo piggy head.
I fought with her via facebook chat. She said her father is a police so I'm not allowed to blame her. crazier
then I showed her my photo album so she will know if it's me for real.
After that, She believed it and she didn't use my photos anymore.

I was really glad after that. *fiuh*
but It makes me trauma and don't know what to do. I cried. I don't want it happened to me again.
crossed in my mind to delete my blog and flickr account. so that anyone won't use my photos anymore.
I can't handle cyber-crime
I'm still a teenager that have labile emotion and maybe I don't have mature mind to handle problems in life
I want to stop being 'instant celebrity' in cyber-world, stop dreaming to be featured in famous magazines,etc.
although I know I've reached 300+ followers on my blog. I'm such a bad blogger. I ever promised I'll make giveaway but I haven't make it :(
But, someone just offered me to design my blog for free...hmmm...
so I'll think it again... maybe I'll delete my blog, maybe not too.. I need time to think!
Because I know if Diana Rikasari ever had same problem with me too. People make her fake facebook profile, use her arts, etc. If Diana Rikasari can handle it and be strong, WHY I'M NOT. :)
in the positive side, blogging makes me have lots of new friends! they're really kind :)

Thanks to my friends who care with me. really appreciate it :')
I'm the winner of gowigasa's blog of the month!
thanks gowigasa! =D

tomorrow I'll get my report card. dag dig du. I'm so scared my mom will get angry with me if my result is lower than the first term. :S. My mom is so fussy with my study
Hope my result is satisfying with higher result than the first term. amen :) and oh! maybe this blog will have long hiatus (again) because I'll out of town. I'll go to Jakarta, Singapore, and Malaysia for this holiday. Sorry fot that, I'll be back soon! Can't wait to go to Universal Studios :D.
See ya!


  1. the girl is so ANNOYING!!
    I hate cyber crime! :(
    but thank God she finally wanted to erase your photos..
    And please don't delete ur blog!!

  2. cybercrime is something we hate the most!
    but its good that she doesnt use it anymore!

    and congrats of being blog of the month!


  3. blue is cool, lovee..

    cyber crime is seriously prob, why people always hurt other people?
    be patient ya veren.. :)


  4. your palid shirt.. and your wedges, love it :)

  5. be patient ya veren! cyber crime are sucks, they are loser and cowards. anyway loooove that studded shirt, and your shoe! cute :) thanks for your kind comment yaa <3

    Hello to the World

  6. be patient veren. I love your pretty photos love you dear.
    please visit mine if you don't mind :D

  7. aww, i looove all of blue fashion on you ! (:
    congrats too! i knew it :D

  8. ohh... pleasee... don't delete ur blog 'n don't ever think to delete it... :(
    i love ur blog.. ^^
    about tht cyber-crime thingy, just think it as a challenge for u.. a challenge for u to be more mature.. cuz bgmnapun juga, life is life.. 'n life is cruel out there.. dgn bgni kn km bsa jd lebi siap utk menghadapinya krn km udh pny bekal from ur past experience.. :)
    btw,kpan k Malaysia? ak d Malay loh.. sp tau bsa ktmuan.. ^^

    anw... happy holiday!! hope ur mark is satisfying.. :D

  9. Be Patient veren :) Make a attention to your readers :)
    Love your shirt too much :D

  10. love the stud shirt veren, congrat ya buat blog of the month dr gowigasa, and ayoo tetap blogging dan lupakan org2 aneh seperti itu. :) have a nice day aplg mau liburan tuh.woww seruuu pastinya

  11. hey ! dont delete your blog, bcause when you do so, I'm sure that you'll regret it. trust me ;)

  12. hey thanks for the comment ,veren :)
    aaaa you're so cute ! i want to have a sister like you :p
    pengen dicubit cubit pipinya haha :p

  13. your shirt is unique!
    don't delete your blog! this blog is like my spirit for blogging ;D
    happy holiday! hope you get the best mark :)

  14. be patient veren, btw i know her from your twitter, i'm so glad that she already change her photo :D
    have a nice holiday, and goodluck for the report :)

  15. That's so horrible that you had to go through that! You shouldn't delete your blog, it's so successful, and I'm sure it'll come in handy when you get older (wink wink, college applications). I'm pretty sure there are ways to set your Flickr photos so that no one can download them. And you can also stop google search engines from making your blog show up. Please don't delete your blog, and there is no such thing as a bad blogger!

  16. again! she is jealous bcos ure cute and everyone visit ur blog :) ahahah im going to singapore too ! followed ur tumblr dear! i finally made mine hehehe

  17. You're so cute, nice outfit !

  18. nice shirt, cutie!
    nooo don't delete your blog! just try to keep your privacy deeper ;D

  19. oh my geezzzzzzzzz those studs thrill me lately!!!

    i have a new post please feel free to leave a comment on it,thx

  20. ugh false impersonation is the worst.. don't worry, they just wish they were fabulous like you :)

    hope your studies go well also

  21. Hello I loved your blog, to following you, pass it on my blog and follow if you like! kisses

  22. U look super cute here dear : ) xx

  23. You are so cute! <3

    -Dyanna Pure

  24. very cute outfit!! i love the shoulder details on your top!!

  25. Dear, Veren.

    Hello Veren! Nice to meet you hope we gonna be a great friends =)

    Your blog was so..... AWESOME! ^_^
    your post, and your outfit was so inspiring me!

    Any way, already link you on my left side bar (on my blog) 'Fashion Heroes' =) wanna exchange link me back?

    Oh yeah, already follow your blog! I'm the 327! Hahaha. Please follow my blog if you like it =D

    Have a nice day!
    Love, Stella.

  26. i'm so soryy for that super annoying girl ver :( but at least she's already changed it
    and i'm in love with your shawl!!
    congrats for being blog of the month yah
    check out my latest post


  27. Hi, d u wanna exchange link w mine?

  28. adorable lady!

    Oh & I am hosting my first giveaway! Some amazing headpieces!
    - Adèle ♥

  29. love your wedges, come visit miss diskon blog:)

  30. congrats ver! :) you looks so cute, blues, casual, and sporty!
    loving your shawl :D visit mine, check my new post!

    xoxo, bee ♥

  31. beautiful blue on you x

  32. cute blog!! thanks for visiting my blog


  33. you look great! adore the shawl and the shirt :)

    omg, is it true? such a weird girl! cheer up, ver!
    and please don't delete your blog, don't let something like that stop you from blogging ;)

    congrats on the award too!

    Castor Pollux

  34. thank you! You are so pretty!

  35. ThankYou for your comment in my blog!
    Ya,and you clearly your flickr account?


  36. I read your story and that you want to delete your blog but your style is gorgeous and you should go on!

  37. thats a lovely outfit veren!:)
    ah that girls is so weird. glad that she has stopped using your bio

    Hope you scored well. enjoy your holiday!
    shall meet up if u're dropping by


  38. hi, Veren... ^^ thx for leaving comment in my blog.. happy holiday!! :)


  39. aw! you'll back at 26th June? common! do a meetup ;) tp jgn jau" yaah hahaha :p bareng" natto dkk yuuk :D ntr contact via bbm aj yaa :)
    mau roknya? waduh, beli atuh dek, hahaha :p

    xoxo, bee ♥

  40. Oh my God! please dont delete your blog just because THAT annoying creature!
    You have so much potential to be a great bloggers!
    Buat berjaga2.. photophoto di blog kamu di edit aja, jadi ada tulisan alamat blog kamu di photo itu. :) hehe.

    btw, Ive followed you. Mind to follow back? :)


  41. Ugh, I can't believe someone stole your pictures like that! How stupid! I'm glad they stopped, though. I'd be angry as well.

    Anyway, cute blue scarf. I love that color. (:

  42. Such adorable pics!


  43. thanks for your sweet comment veren! :)
    congrats for being blog of the month dear :D
    u look so cute!
    re: iya ver aku pake nikon hehehe :)

  44. love your photo :) follow back please ^^
    thxxx :)

  45. o my gosh! how old are you btw? you look very young! oh gosh you are a super talented girl :) keep blogging, i love your bloggggg! =)xoxox

  46. You look super lovely! ♥

  47. OMG! cyber crime is a huge mood killer for bloggers, seriously! You look adorable in blue ;D

    Classique chérie

  48. u are such a cute little one!
    just report on facebook dear.
    thats what i did.


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