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National exam is getting closer and I'll have the school's final exam next Monday, which is only 2 days away. I'm so nervous, especially on the 'difficult' subjects. I was so stressed during my 2nd try out a few days ago till I couldn't help to cry. I was disappointed at myself because I didn't study nor did the try out well. This is definitely 5 times harder than junior high school. Back then, I was still so relaxed and didn't need to study all night to understand all the materials. I think my mind was shocked at the fact that things are harder than what I expected it to be.
Well, truthfully I'm frightened of what the results might be. I'm scared that I'll disappoint my parents, or even myself. Can I do it well?


My mom said I shouldn't exageratte my fright as it'd only raise my stress level. So, when I feel stressed over my exams, I'll start thinking of holiday. I plan to do many make up tutorials on youtube as I'm getting more and more interested with make up these days, and I'm also planning to stay in Jakarta to join a fitness center there to burn my fats... (gained quite a lot from last holiday + chinese new year T.T) . I'm addicted to zumba and other similar kind of dancing classes (no aerobic please, I feel like my brain's going to burst everytime I do aerobic. lol). My friends and I also want to take a trip together again... We're still deciding where to go and I'm still saving up!
If you have interest to have collaborations, don't hestitate to reach me through e-mail as I'll be free to go to anywhere start from April 16th... xD

see you later and wish me luck ! :)
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CNY Outfit & Make Up


Yay! Finally after countless meals and greetings with my relatives, I can sneak in to make a blogpost tonight. I ate so many egg tarts , cakes, and snacks today. Oh no! But Chinese New Year must be celebrated with many delicious food!! How's your Chinese New Year celebration?


  • Alice McCall top
  • Skirt from @chlorineclothe
  • Belt from Mango
  • Bag from Dior
  • Shoes from Schutz


For my make up details, please click here ;). After I'm done with my national exam, I'm planning to make another make up tutorial videos on youtube. Yay or nay??



I don't feel like going to school tomorrow since I'll have a mathematics try out yet I'm too tired to study & concentrate right now T.T. T_T. T__T.


Happy Chinese New Year 2015

Happy Chinese New Year, everyone!
Welcome to the Wood Goat's Year!
Of course, in this new year, I wish for a better luck, success, prosperity, and health!
Chinese New Year has always been an important event in my family. My mom always cooks so many food and also decorates our house with new year ornaments (she even tied every trees / flowers in the garden with a red ribbon xD). 
And oh, another best thing during Chinese New Year is Hong baos! Let's shout YAY if you also get hong(ang)baos ! ;D

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This year I celebrated it with my friends. We went karaoke-ing for almost 3 hours yesterday and sang our heart & voices out. Lol. #singleawarenessday. It was soooo funnn and we went a lil bit crazy.  In the evening, I went to church with my bestie and had dinner together after that. Well, such a fun valentine for a hopeless romantic person like me.. I'm looking forward to celebrate Valentine's day with a special person for the next year HAHA #Iwish T_T

These are the photos from last week's blogger avenue at METROPOLIS MARKET, Jakarta. Thanks to all of you who dropped by! ;)

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Day 5: Kyoto Part 2 - Gion


Tomorrow is the last day of my first try out for national exam. Ah... Like finally. I've been so exhausted this week, that's because I go home at 3.30 everyday and need to study for the try out at night. The try outs didn't go that well actually.. Well, we couldn't possibly have finished studying all the materials from grade 11-12 within a night. So, I've prepared myself to hear my mom's screamings at my score sheet next week. LOL. I promise to study harder for the upcoming exams!!

As I was so tired this noon, I decided to skip the extra class and sleep at home. Everytime I take a nap, i'll be wide awake at night. So, it's perfect for tonight's studying time. I can study the last subject for the try out, Biology freshly tonight. xD


Now, let's continue the last part of my Japan trip! After I and my parents had our tummy filled up with yummy Japanese street food, we went to Gion. It's also a place we had never been before.
From JR Inari Station, I had to go to Tofukuji Station first, then moved to the Keihan Main Line Local to Gion Shijo Station.


In Gion, I planned to visit the Hanamikoji Dori , which they said is a popular 'traditional' district there. As soon as we got out from the station's exit. We saw a very beautiful side of Kyoto. It's a mix of traditional and modern architecture with a touch of European! It's very different with Osaa & Kyoto. We should've spent more days in Kyoto!


I didn't know where the Hanamikoji Dori was and I was also confused with my google map. So we only walked along the way where most people were heading to.


A beautiful & modern salon spotted in the small vintage alleys in Gion.


Since I was totally didn't know where to go, we kept on walking . If we're lost, it didn't matter because we could see many beauituful things there! For example is this vintage alleys. It's full of small bars & authentic japanese restaurants. I was there at around 3pm, and most of them were closed after the lunch time was over. Some of them will open again for dinner.





We also stopped by the side of the river (2nd photo) and I sat on the swings! ;)


After a while, I finally figured out the routes in my google map to Hanamikoji Dori, which was actually the opposite way. So we went back and finally found the right way!


My parents actually wanted me to rent a yukata , but I couldn't since it'd take so much time & wasted money if I didn't wear it to stroll around the streets  T_T.  We were only on a day trip and planned to go back to Osaka before 5pm since we wanted to have our last shopping in Shinsaibashi, Osaka before we went back to Indonesia. So yeah, let's go back to Japan again, mom & dad! xD



This is the Hanamikoji Dori! It felt so unreal to see those traditional shops & houses. I like them very much!



We kept on walking along the Hanamikoji Dori, and it lead us to Kenninji Temple. The temple was quite empty and very quiet. It's big, CLEAAANNN (I didn't spot any single trash), and peaceful!



After we got out from the Kenninji Temple,  I didn't forget to stop along the way to take more beautiful pics! These cauliflowers bouquets were so beautiful!!



Before we left Gion, we stopped by at Tsujiri Tea House (Gion). We bought matchas to stock up my dad's teas at home, and also tried their matcha ice cream & latte! Yummmmmmmmmm!!


Ahh... it's sooo hard to move on from my Japan trip. I really really miss Japan a lot, and to tell you the truth, it's the best Japan trip ever. The first time when I went to Japan with a tour service, it wasn't this fun / memorable even though I went to Disneyland, Disneysea, and even Universal Studio. The memories when we got lost, the random food stalls we tried, the train rides, the beautiful small streets, the cute stuffs at the shops, the boutiques, and the very kind citizens in Japan who helped us.

I want to visit Japan in Spring very much. It'd be in March - April. I'll have finished my national exam by April 15th. Can I still make it to witness the sakura blossoms? I also haven't found any affordable tickets T___T. *start saving my money more religiously* *God please grant my wish*

If you have any questions regarding my trip to Japan , don't hesitate to leave your question on the comment box below! :)

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