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Hello! I've just got the time to blog a new post today after a heaps of activities this week. I had a camping at school on Sat-Sun and I've been busy preparing for the english speech contest. 

The topic is about Indonesia's president election in 2014 and I'm still consulting about the content with my teacher. I made the content yesterday and my teachers say it might be scary for me and a little offensive to speak about sara issues (racism, ethnicity, religion, discrimination) (although it's just a small part of the content). This issue is really an 'it' topic in Indonesia especially with some presidential candidates like F.A & R.I who made a lot of controversies with their discriminative views. (you know whoooo~~). I really want to speak up about this issue. I think we should stop caring too much about race, ethnicity, or religion. (Especially when we're going to choose a leader). Why do we have to care so much about his religion / race? Can't we just let religion be something private between a person and God? What's more important is the potential and ability of the candidate to lead this country to a better future.  Even more than a half of the US citizens trust and chose Obama to lead their country. When will we more forward if we're too busy debating about a never ending matter? I just think that we should not waste our time & opportunity :)


Yep! Another look wearing my mom's scarf as a headband. If you're following my instagram (@verenleecious), you must have seen the pic of this kind of scarf in various colors. I'm addicted! xP
I've been longing for cute sweaters lately and luckily I got a chance to pick it from sheinside. It's so comfy and perfect for the rainy season! :)




Again, I'm really sorry I haven't got the chance to reply your comments on my blog due to my busy schedule. I felt so exhausted and even wanted to give up because I felt like I wasn't good enough and I had so much fears of failing. I don't want to abandon neither school or my blog. Sometimes I feel so sad and frustrated that my photos on this blog aren't as good as others. I always use a tripod and a powershot camera to take outfit photos because I have no one to take my photos at home. I hardly take photos outside my house because I actually rarely wear the outfits on this blog to go out because the fact is I rarely go to the mall / hang out nowadays. I only go out to school or tuition places where I can't wear these kinds of outfit. I usually wear the outfits when I'm in Jakarta or during holiday period. I really want to say thank you to all of you who are still reading my boring blog and even spend your time to leave a comment. :')

I'll be back after I've settled everything. See ya :)


So much PINK

IMG_3353 copy

I took these outfit photos last Sunday and I didn't use any eye make up since I had an allergy on my left eye and apparently my mom who was in Semarang at that time brought my eyeliners with her (from the dolly wink liquid eye liner and my fave tony moly gel liner). =_=.

For the past few days I've been thinking about a lot of things. My English teacher asked me to join an English speech competition and now I'm in the middle of the speech-making. I'm confused about the content since I'm not that inspiring (.___."). Another teacher also asked me to join the school's newly created cinematography group to make a short film about our school. Theeeeeennnn I also have to teach dancing to my juniors in grade 7 because they'll join a dance competition next month (my teacher in junior high school asked me to be their coach and I've started coaching them since mid October). Omg I reaaaaallyy have lots of things to do yet I procrastinate a lot. It took me hours to finish this post because I skipped this by watching running man.. I can't get enough of L's handsomeness on the 129th episode (x__<)

IMG_3325 copy
outfit details :
  • black cat ears beanie c/o @rrobateen (instagram)
  • stradivarius floral shirt
  • white loose tee c/o Auburn & Ginger
  • stradivarius magenta shorts
  • nike shocking pink low sneakers
  • mink pink round glasses
  • pink satchel c/o sheinside
  • pink spiked bracelet c/o La Dulce
  • pink spiked necklace & two-tone spiked necklace c/o Greentelee Shop
IMG_3343 copy

My brother hates this pink round glasses a lot. lol . He said it looks weird. I bought this from bamboo blonde, central park. I also rarely wear this and thinking to sell it. please e-mail to verenlee(at)gmail(dot)com if you're interested to buy. I'll give you special price~~ :P

IMG_3390 copy
I actually wore 2 necklaces here. And all of them are from Greentelee Shop.


Bart, Batman, and The Flying Eyeballs

IMG_3213 copy copy

 Hellooooooooooo~~~~!! I've just got back from the 'Live In' activity yesterday. I wanna share the pictures from the village and also the stories about my daily activities there but they're still in my friend's camera. But I've shared some stories on my twitter yesterday. You can read my timeline if you want ^-^.
IMG_3197 copy

I took these photos before I went to 'live in'. I see so many cartoon print clothes these days and I feel so lucky to have this batman t-shirt and flying eyeballs skirt from ROMWE. I also wear my new black wedges from Laceorie. They're really comfortable and perfect for any kind of style!

IMG_3202 copy

I saw this kind of 'scarf worn as headpiece' on Girls Generation's I Got A Boy MV and performances and then I found out that my mom bought this kind of scarf a few years ago. My mom has this scarf in maaaaannnyyy colors and I decided to style 2 different outfits. 
IMG_3206 copy

IMG_3208 copy
  • Batman T-shirt & Flying eyeballs skirt c/o ROMWE
  • Black straps wedges c/o Laceorie
  • Grey lace socks from Forever21
  • Yellow fluoro cambridge sacthel company from Greentelee Shop

*********2nd Outfit*********

IMG_3269 copy

For the 2nd outfit, I wore the headpiece with my bart simpsons print denim shirt from Sheinside. I think this 2nd outfit has a little touch of 'retro' because of I tied the shirt which is quite over sized on me on the front side.

IMG_3243 copy

IMG_3232 copy

IMG_3259 copy

Anyway that's all for this post. Now I'm going to rest because I'm still so tired after the 'Live In' activity. I hope y'all have a good day and I pray for the flood in Jakarta. I hope the flood will be gone and all victims will be safe. See ya guys later!!

p.s : if you have any questions, please send it to my formspring. I prefer to answer your questions there because I prefer to use my e-mail for sponsorship / collaboration inquiries. If we can seperate between questions and inquiries, both of needs will be responded quicker by me.  Hehe..

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Somewhere Over The Rainbow

IMG_3277 copy

First, I wanna say THANK YOU to all of you who have cheered me up on my previous post. Yes, I had some problems that made me sad, but I'm pretty much ok now. I'm truly grateful to have friends (readers) like you who care for me. :)


I always want to laugh everytime I meet someone who acts like she knows me so well and says untrue things about me. I believe that those who hate me are actually envy with me. I know, human will always judge others no matter what. I sometimes also feel envy with those who are better/prettier/something more than me. But I always tell to my self; "Being envious to others is ok, but don't make it as a hate. Make it as a motivation to work harder.. Don't just sit around and whine to others because they won't change anything."

I'm not going to care about them because that would only waste my time. I can use my time to do productive things rather than whining and hating others like what haters do.. I feel pity for them.


I went to my senior's birthday party last Saturday and this was my outfit. The theme was rainbow without blue (because the birthday girl wore blue).


Outfit Details:


From this Thursday - Saturday, I'll be going to Wadas Gumantung village for an activity called 'Live In'. It's an annual event held by my school where the students will live in the country side with their foster parents. We'll help them to work on their farm or livestock. I'm really excited to go there and leave the city or technology life for a while. So, see ya soon ;)

IMG_3280 copy

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  • Printed long sleeve t-shirt c/o Auburn & Ginger
  • Red shorts from New Look
  •  Gold chain necklace from F21
  • Black sunnies from Urban Glam



I couldn't write anything.. I'm so sad, scared and at the end I can't face the truth... I'm so stupid... and bad... I'm sorry:(


Jakarta Photo Diary


I spent 3 nights at Hotel Mulia Jakarta to spend my holiday and to have dinner at The Cafe on New Year Eve with my family :)





The view from my hotel room


Yay! I've been longing for a dress from lacoste and I finally found one in shocking pink ;)

My favorite 'Volcano' from Kiyadon

I also met Gabriella, Mitha, and Lalita :D



I went back to school on Monday and I had to come early to school because we thought there'd be a flag ceremony but then the principal canceled it. Sigh.. He didn't know how hard it was to open my eyes =___=. Well, the lessons have started and I want to be focus to school. I realized I wasted so many times doing useless stuffs while on the other hand I used to use my spare time to read lots of magazines, books, and articles to overcome my curiosities. I regret that, a lot.

I have so many thoughts lately.. I wanna talk about it on my blog but I'm too scared . I feel like I'm so cruel. I've never meant to get bored on someone but slowly, my heart starts to change and those feelings that I used to have have started disappearing... I really don't know what to do.. Please stab me T.T




HAPPY NEW YEAR ! I hope in 2013 I will be a better person, a better student, a better friend, a better daughter, and a better blogger. Thank you for always reading my blog!


I've been staying in Jakarta for 3 days and I go shopping from mall to mall everyday. Well, I don't shop that much because I hardly find clothes that I like dunno why :/. So I only do window-shopping and I eat a looooottttt! I've been looking for a pair of black wedge-boots but everytime I find a pair, my size is always sold out . hiks :'(

  • Leather boyfriend jacket c/o Cloth Inc
  • Red plaid shirt from Zara


Thanks to Bronze Closet for the skull-unionjack necklace & ring! I lovee them to death! xD

anddd... HAPPY 1st ANNIVERSARY Cloth Inc!
I wish you'll always be successful and always take a part in advancing Indonesia's fashion world :)