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Hello! I've just got the time to blog a new post today after a heaps of activities this week. I had a camping at school on Sat-Sun and I've been busy preparing for the english speech contest. 

The topic is about Indonesia's president election in 2014 and I'm still consulting about the content with my teacher. I made the content yesterday and my teachers say it might be scary for me and a little offensive to speak about sara issues (racism, ethnicity, religion, discrimination) (although it's just a small part of the content). This issue is really an 'it' topic in Indonesia especially with some presidential candidates like F.A & R.I who made a lot of controversies with their discriminative views. (you know whoooo~~). I really want to speak up about this issue. I think we should stop caring too much about race, ethnicity, or religion. (Especially when we're going to choose a leader). Why do we have to care so much about his religion / race? Can't we just let religion be something private between a person and God? What's more important is the potential and ability of the candidate to lead this country to a better future.  Even more than a half of the US citizens trust and chose Obama to lead their country. When will we more forward if we're too busy debating about a never ending matter? I just think that we should not waste our time & opportunity :)


Yep! Another look wearing my mom's scarf as a headband. If you're following my instagram (@verenleecious), you must have seen the pic of this kind of scarf in various colors. I'm addicted! xP
I've been longing for cute sweaters lately and luckily I got a chance to pick it from sheinside. It's so comfy and perfect for the rainy season! :)




Again, I'm really sorry I haven't got the chance to reply your comments on my blog due to my busy schedule. I felt so exhausted and even wanted to give up because I felt like I wasn't good enough and I had so much fears of failing. I don't want to abandon neither school or my blog. Sometimes I feel so sad and frustrated that my photos on this blog aren't as good as others. I always use a tripod and a powershot camera to take outfit photos because I have no one to take my photos at home. I hardly take photos outside my house because I actually rarely wear the outfits on this blog to go out because the fact is I rarely go to the mall / hang out nowadays. I only go out to school or tuition places where I can't wear these kinds of outfit. I usually wear the outfits when I'm in Jakarta or during holiday period. I really want to say thank you to all of you who are still reading my boring blog and even spend your time to leave a comment. :')

I'll be back after I've settled everything. See ya :)


  1. your top really cuteeee! and you look adorable ❤
    ahaha okaayy that dreamer of Indonesian president made me pissed of while watching F.A. huhhh.
    Pray for a better Indonesia :)

  2. SheInside has a lot of gorgeous grabs, and that top is hilariously awesome.

  3. aaawww you're too cute and looks like kpop star haha

  4. so cute! love love love the sweater :)
    don't give up dear!! FIGHTING!! ^o^9

    xoxo, michelle

  5. what a cute sweatshirt <3
    love your bag too :)

    Diary of a Dreamer

  6. Really nice sweatshirt !


  7. goodluck my dear Veren for your debate contest..:) your photos are all good..I love your garden background actually since i don't have garden in my house..:) Your blog isn't boring at me! :D

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  8. super cute as always!
    goodluck veren! and im agree! we should stop debating about race and religion :D

  9. the sweater is super lovely!!!

  10. Your thoughts are very grown up and I agree with you on everything. I just don't understand why we should be racist? We can't be all the same, variety is always good and laughing about other because they're a different ethnicity is just wrong! I wish you good luck on your speech ;)
    Oh, I love the headbands. With the red one and your dark hair you remind me of GLAM's leader hairstyle, Jiyeon ♥

    Have a nice day,

  11. kawaii as always ♥
    love your sweater!

  12. Awww you're so cute!! love your sweater so much and the style is very adorable ;)

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  13. cute :3
    really fallin love with your sweater & bag :3


  14. i want your studded bag!
    where did you got it?

  15. omg super love your sweatshirt!! like meoww :3

  16. super cute sweater and studded backpack !! love it !!

  17. love the sweateshirt and the bagpack! you look stylishly cute! xx

  18. the sweatshirt is just too cute to resist!

    Pudding Monster

  19. ahh super cute Veren ^^

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  20. cute sweater!! :D

    you look very cute dear! :)

  21. aaa veren so cute!!
    i want ur sweatshirt

  22. aw,what a lovely miaw sweater!<33
    you look adorable and awesome :)


  23. cute!

  24. love the bag so much! love your cute style veren!

  25. cute sweatshirt

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  27. super cute jumperrrr!! this look is one of my favs from you! >,<

    Letters To Juliet

  28. love the bag so much! love your cute style veren!prom dress


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