Bart, Batman, and The Flying Eyeballs

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 Hellooooooooooo~~~~!! I've just got back from the 'Live In' activity yesterday. I wanna share the pictures from the village and also the stories about my daily activities there but they're still in my friend's camera. But I've shared some stories on my twitter yesterday. You can read my timeline if you want ^-^.
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I took these photos before I went to 'live in'. I see so many cartoon print clothes these days and I feel so lucky to have this batman t-shirt and flying eyeballs skirt from ROMWE. I also wear my new black wedges from Laceorie. They're really comfortable and perfect for any kind of style!

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I saw this kind of 'scarf worn as headpiece' on Girls Generation's I Got A Boy MV and performances and then I found out that my mom bought this kind of scarf a few years ago. My mom has this scarf in maaaaannnyyy colors and I decided to style 2 different outfits. 
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  • Batman T-shirt & Flying eyeballs skirt c/o ROMWE
  • Black straps wedges c/o Laceorie
  • Grey lace socks from Forever21
  • Yellow fluoro cambridge sacthel company from Greentelee Shop

*********2nd Outfit*********

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For the 2nd outfit, I wore the headpiece with my bart simpsons print denim shirt from Sheinside. I think this 2nd outfit has a little touch of 'retro' because of I tied the shirt which is quite over sized on me on the front side.

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IMG_3232 copy

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Anyway that's all for this post. Now I'm going to rest because I'm still so tired after the 'Live In' activity. I hope y'all have a good day and I pray for the flood in Jakarta. I hope the flood will be gone and all victims will be safe. See ya guys later!!

p.s : if you have any questions, please send it to my formspring. I prefer to answer your questions there because I prefer to use my e-mail for sponsorship / collaboration inquiries. If we can seperate between questions and inquiries, both of needs will be responded quicker by me.  Hehe..

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  1. you look super cute and sweet as usual ☺
    it's fun to see you photos!'and it makes me smile
    we have a same batman cropped tee from romwe :D

  2. love all of your outfit Veren! the first outfit u look so cute and pretty with these unusual skirt :P

    Missing Bee

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  3. I love both of the outfit's so much! You're so cute ^^

  4. WOaaha these outfits are extremely cute!!

    Love, Lisette

  5. aaa I want that skirt and bart shirt !!! ><

  6. I love the cartoon prints that are now so hyped! And your two outfits are some of the best I saw until now ;) I like the second one because I feel the vintage vibe of it and I like it so much mixing old and new. Also, I'm so jealous that your mum has so many colorful headscarfs xD I fell in love with them when I saw the SNSD teaser photos

    Have a nice day,

  7. always lovely!

  8. look so cute !!!

  9. you are very cute ! :3
    love the flying eyeball and bart denim shirt :D

    have you visit my blog veren? it would be awesome, thanks! :)

  10. omg love this outfit! you look lovely! love the batman T-shirt, flying eyeballs skirt and the bart simpsons print denim shirt! xx

  11. love your style veren! cute and chic! love the first style :D

  12. great outfits !! I'm a follower
    please follow me back Thx!!

  13. Really love the quirky, retro look to both outfits!! >w<
    I love all your pieces for your outfits! ^^

  14. love how you paired your shoes with socks!

  15. super cute

  16. You are soooooo cute! :))))

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  18. Love everything! Both outfits look great!

  19. Love everythings you wear in that outfit!
    especially the first one! <3

    Unique Side of Me

  20. love the 2 outfits !!!!

  21. Cute !!
    Visit my blog too

  22. cuteeee outfit ❤
    and you look adorable!

  23. love the 2nd look so much!! so adorable :)

    xoxo, michelle

  24. just need 1 word to describe: COOL!
    I love all ur outfit ! <3
    the simpson shirt looks so oversized, maybe it's suits for me :p


  25. omg i love that bart denim shirt!and the skirt's cool as well :)

  26. i love the second outfit, bart is very cute :3

  27. i love the second outfit more! :D you look more cute and 'naughty'..:P hehe..i'm safe now since the flood dried already..:D

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  28. oh this are super lovely
    i like the 1st outfit the most

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  29. more pretty and cute dear^^
    I love ur outfit xx

  30. Love your outfit <3 the skirt and that Bart shirt! I wanted to buy it at an online shop but sadly it's sold out :(

  31. loving the outfits! love the cartoons pattern :)

  32. those bart shirt is too cuteee!!!
    it goes to my wishlist now!

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    Wulan Wu on

  33. loving the cartoon prints! you look adorable both in 2 different outfits <3 loving the bart-printed-denim-jacket and the eyeballs skirt. anyway i have them a legging with prints similar with the eyeballs skirt ;) teehee!

    1. really nice blog
      visit mine if you have time ;)

  34. unique skirt! and it fits in well with you. gorgeous!


    Petite Covered

  35. truly love your outfit.
    the batman tshirt looks like Jessica's mine when GG perform on mubank, hehe
    cant wait for your 'live in' post. seems like totaly fun.

    chintia, xx

  36. love your skirt and outfit so much!! <3 the headpiece that you style is so cuteee, and all the cartoon character in your outfit really make it look stunning!<3

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  38. I'm glad that you are not afraid to have a lot of fun with your outfits. I love the crazy patterns you picked.

  39. I love both looks so much! I love everything - the color, the mix and match :D

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  40. you are so cute! loving all the use of yellow! xo

  41. love your eyeball skirt and Simpson shirt ver >,< you look pretty and cute as always! xx

    Letters To Juliet

  42. That Graphic tees for women is an eye catcher!! It's really beautiful! :)

  43. you are so cute! loving all the use of yellow! xoprom dress

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