Somewhere Over The Rainbow

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First, I wanna say THANK YOU to all of you who have cheered me up on my previous post. Yes, I had some problems that made me sad, but I'm pretty much ok now. I'm truly grateful to have friends (readers) like you who care for me. :)


I always want to laugh everytime I meet someone who acts like she knows me so well and says untrue things about me. I believe that those who hate me are actually envy with me. I know, human will always judge others no matter what. I sometimes also feel envy with those who are better/prettier/something more than me. But I always tell to my self; "Being envious to others is ok, but don't make it as a hate. Make it as a motivation to work harder.. Don't just sit around and whine to others because they won't change anything."

I'm not going to care about them because that would only waste my time. I can use my time to do productive things rather than whining and hating others like what haters do.. I feel pity for them.


I went to my senior's birthday party last Saturday and this was my outfit. The theme was rainbow without blue (because the birthday girl wore blue).


Outfit Details:


From this Thursday - Saturday, I'll be going to Wadas Gumantung village for an activity called 'Live In'. It's an annual event held by my school where the students will live in the country side with their foster parents. We'll help them to work on their farm or livestock. I'm really excited to go there and leave the city or technology life for a while. So, see ya soon ;)

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  1. you look super cute veren ♥
    as always!
    you must be the cutest girl on your senior's party ><

    cheerup veren ☺
    haters gonna be hated
    there's many people out there who love you ☺

  2. veren I love your blog so much! ><
    would you mind to follow my blog? I'm a newbie :3

  3. You look adorable! I love your hat.

    You have a great attitude to 'haters'. It sucks that people feel the need to judge others but I guess all you can do is accept that it's their problem and not yours <3


  4. love the outifit so much !! and i think you got skinnier ! :0 so envy :0

  5. "Being envious to others is ok, but don't make it as a hate. Make it as a motivation to work harder.. Don't just sit around and whine to others because they won't change anything" - Veren Lee.
    love this! sometime I envy with girl(my friend) who have beautiful hair and many money to easy buy anything, but i? i always saving money or search new little job to buy something hahaha :D
    btw love your June+julia x Veren Lee red bow wedges :3

    my first giveaway on RimsDaily

  6. Wow thank you Veren~~!!^^

  7. how cute you are, veren.
    its more adorable! hihi xx

  8. you're welcome veren <3 super agree with what you said, we better make something useful (in a good way) than being hateful or envious to other people you know, remember, haters are your secret fans lolll. anyway loving your green jumpsuit so much <3 you look adorable as usual ;) and last, have fun for your sch's event!

    1. anw, check out my latest post >> thanks xx

  9. Pretty as always veren!♥

    I really agree with you that envy is a motivation to work harder!! >.<

    by the way, have a fun Live In!:)

  10. well, people only judge other by the cover, but they don't know how beautiful the inside. Just ignore them who treat you bad, cause i know you'll just gonna be alright! <3

    love your dress so muchh and really cute you pair it with your wedges! <3

    awww, i wish my school have a program like your school, i would be so much fun live in. Good luck and have fun! <3

  11. I really love the jumper and the stocking! c:
    aaa!! live in is so fun!! have a great time dear ;)

    xoxo, michelle

  12. nice outfit... love your hat and your jacket...

  13. look so pretty!

  14. i think the dress and the jacket are a perfect match! the jacket tones down the cheerfulness of the dress and i"m loving your mini chanel bag!

  15. have fun veren! <3
    jumpsuit nya super lucu!!!! <3

  16. You look so cute!!!


  17. I love this outfit! The jumpsuit is so cute, and i also love your bag and the shoes <3

  18. amazing outfit! you look so cute and the dress suits you so well. the tights are very pretty, love the 'tattoos' and I am in love with your wedges :)
    amazing look!
    have a nice day ♥

  19. Ah, I don't want to sound as if I know you or the situation you are actually going trough, but I understand what you mean. Perfectly. Haters are always going to hate, and potatoes are going to potate ;)
    Lovely outfit! It reminds me o the tropical forest xD Really nice.

    Have a nice day and cheer up,

  20. i love your legging vereeeeen, you grow up so fast! miss youuu... bought a few pieces from the store but i need to dry clean em first :)

  21. you look so cute! :) stay strong! :D


  22. You look cute in that outfit <3 have fun for the live in!

  23. goodluck with your live in and again, no need to put attention to those who seek it by mocking you or doing bad stuff to you. Be happy as you have always done veren!

  24. You are always lovely!

  25. cute as always.. love the dress veren ♥♥

  26. your thought were true!
    don't care about what they say :)

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    Wulan Wu on

  27. you're so cute form head to toe, hahaha. :D
    good dress!

  28. where is the location for your live in activity? it must be fun

    want to check my new necklaces post?



  29. how cute you are verren! i do agree with you. envy is the best encouragement to do something better!

  30. cool denim jacket! xD

  31. oh girl you are so cute just like the shoes!
    love this color :D


  32. Really love the green jumpsuit.
    The neon yellow belt really match the jumpsuit!
    somehow red belt or brown can be a match too haha

    Love your style a lot :)

  33. Cute outfit!
    Hehe, I really love the shoes - they remind me of Minnie mouse!! >W<

  34. love ur tattoo stockings!

  35. really cute outfit!love everything<33 yes, I'm totally agree with your haters statement, so don't be sad again :)

  36. You look so adorable! :) I love those day <a href=">Club dresses</a>!


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