So much PINK

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I took these outfit photos last Sunday and I didn't use any eye make up since I had an allergy on my left eye and apparently my mom who was in Semarang at that time brought my eyeliners with her (from the dolly wink liquid eye liner and my fave tony moly gel liner). =_=.

For the past few days I've been thinking about a lot of things. My English teacher asked me to join an English speech competition and now I'm in the middle of the speech-making. I'm confused about the content since I'm not that inspiring (.___."). Another teacher also asked me to join the school's newly created cinematography group to make a short film about our school. Theeeeeennnn I also have to teach dancing to my juniors in grade 7 because they'll join a dance competition next month (my teacher in junior high school asked me to be their coach and I've started coaching them since mid October). Omg I reaaaaallyy have lots of things to do yet I procrastinate a lot. It took me hours to finish this post because I skipped this by watching running man.. I can't get enough of L's handsomeness on the 129th episode (x__<)

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outfit details :
  • black cat ears beanie c/o @rrobateen (instagram)
  • stradivarius floral shirt
  • white loose tee c/o Auburn & Ginger
  • stradivarius magenta shorts
  • nike shocking pink low sneakers
  • mink pink round glasses
  • pink satchel c/o sheinside
  • pink spiked bracelet c/o La Dulce
  • pink spiked necklace & two-tone spiked necklace c/o Greentelee Shop
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My brother hates this pink round glasses a lot. lol . He said it looks weird. I bought this from bamboo blonde, central park. I also rarely wear this and thinking to sell it. please e-mail to verenlee(at)gmail(dot)com if you're interested to buy. I'll give you special price~~ :P

IMG_3390 copy
I actually wore 2 necklaces here. And all of them are from Greentelee Shop.


  1. Cuuute hat! And nice pink
    elements c: Love the bag!


  2. nice shirt veren! and get well soon :)

  3. Love the button up and how you accessorize!

  4. I definitely love this outfit dear. And (to be honest) it's really looks sweet on you <3

  5. love the floral shirt! cute! xx

  6. Omg!! Are you inspirit? *o* I never knew I follow a fellow inspirit! Hi there (^_^)/
    I didn't wear any eye make-up the last two days because.. I wanted to spend time sleeping instead of applying eye-liner xD School is stressing, so I spend every free minute sleeping. So many responsibilities you've got.. keep calm and go on!

    Keep strength,

  7. Really cute outfit!
    I love your pink necklace ^^

  8. lovely outfit veren <3

  9. This Style really Cute suitable for Your Teen :)

  10. Super love the sneakers and the hat! I also have the same beanie, in yellow though :P

    Cheers from Jakarta,
    Putri Soe

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  11. cuteeee and sweet!!!!
    love ur outfit :)

  12. you have a really good style, Veren :)
    and it's nice that your school really depending on you,
    but it seems they put too much pressure on you ;)

  13. cute look!! and OMG! I also love L so much there in running man!! <33
    anyway ggod luck!! ^^

    xoxo, michelle

  14. love this outfit !!

  15. you're so cute.... love your shoes..:)

  16. cute neck & glasses veren ! :3

  17. cutie pie ^^

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  18. I love your flowery shirt underneath the loose shirt!

  19. I really love that beanie - I've seen a lot of people with it, and now I want it too - it's so cute!! >w<
    Ah, good luck on everything - you sound really busy!! School is starting up in a few days for me, so I'll be busy again too... -.-
    Really love your outfit!

  20. cheerful color, looks so adorable in you! and i love the necklace layering :)

  21. i love this look, one of my favs from you! teeheee love the floral shirt and beanie ver! <3

    Letters To Juliet

  22. Great post, your blog is amazing dear <333
    Would you maybe like to follow each other?
    Love, Anna

  23. this outfit is so cute!!love it:)

  24. I think layering necklaces and accessories is totally the best way to create a new look with your outfit. I could hardly tell you were wearing 2 necklaces.

  25. so cute :3
    this is exactly the kind of outfit I love to wear everyday :)


  26. Great look!


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