My bedroom just got a renovation and I couldn't resist to take some pics in my bedroom. I also finally got myself a wardrobe room as 1st rank present from my dad. Life is good, eh? xD. I'm so excited to store my clothes, bags, shoes, and accessories in a room ^o^/~~


I have lots of floral skirt because they're so pretty and floral (trend) will never be out of date. I received this super beautiful floral skirt from Chlorine Clothe. I feel like wearing this skirt again and again!

IMG_7267 copy

  • white sleeveless top from topshop
  • floral skirt c/o chlorine clothe
  • acrylic clear clutch c/o the grumpy cow
  • customized wedges from wow design
  • unbranded socks
IMG_7305 copy
Fuchsia bracelet c/o ADD - Necklace c/o Romwe

IMG_7321 copy

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Sparkling Skull


Holaaaa~~~! I'm so so happy and today feels like the best Monday ever bcz it's holiday. Hahahah xD. I got the 1st rank in the class and I got maanyy presents from my awesome parents. Yayyy! :D


Have you seen this new backpack of mine from Ciciero? I'm planning to wear this bag to school when the new year starts. It might look a bit small, but actually it fits lots of stuff and even my 13" macbook. The red color also gives a 'strong and bright' vibes which can boost up my mood at school!



The cap I'm wearing is from Urban Glam. This online store has the best price ever. You can get this cap only for IDR 60.230!


Rainbow skull bracelet c/o  @ferrailledor


Hello Girl


Helloooooooo! I'm currently having a classmeeting at school and it was fun just like the previous ones. There are many games such as tarik tambang (tug of war) , benteng, and smapiball (a game which is a combination between softball and baseball and is created by my p.e teacher) ^o^. They're all so fun but I don't participate much because I'm not good at sport and my friends can do better :P. 

It's been raining a lot lately and makes the school's field become so muddy. Lots of participants slipped and getting mud all over their bodies :O. But actually the muddy field makes the games more interesting... :D


This is actually an outfit plan of mine. I'm planning to wear this outfit to go to Cirebon with my friends this Friday :D



*showing off my cute iPod touch and sonny angel inside my perspex clutch* xP


I wore the dress underneath my sweater because I was bored wearing dress with cardigans / blazers. It's also more comfortable to wear this way for a fun day out with friends. I love the dress so much!


If you remember the 'hello' cap that I wore here. It's a different cap. The previous one was a D.I.Y of mine. I made it from a black spiked cap and I stuck the alphabets using double tape. It was not convenient because the alphabets kept falling off and the cap couldn't be embroidered. Thank God I'm lucky enough to get this new "Hello" cap from ADD. Cool, right?


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Lady in Pink


A few days ago I read a quote on instagram; "Life and Time are the best teachers. Life teaches us to make good use of time and time teaches us the value of life."

I'm agree with that quote but I think, in life there's 1 more best teacher. It's Experience. Everyday is a new experience to us. We're humans and we make mistakes. Sometimes we took the wrong path and there's nothing we can do to turn back the time. But, God is good and He gives us a new day to change our negative sides and to make good use of time. With the mistakes we made, they become an experience that teach us not to repeat the same mistake ever again. Because regret is just the worst feeling in the world. We can't turn back the time but we can always change ourselves to be a better person, when we still have the time


This was the outfit that I wore to perform at my school's birthday last week. My class was asked to perform our dance cover medley that we did at prom night by the teachers. I wore wedge-sneakers instead of these heels though, hehehe. My brother was home since on that day it was also my mom's birthday, so he took these photos for me . yay! ~\(^o^)/~


  • floral shirt from stradivarius
  • sally skirt c/o chlorine clothe
  • heels from zara

My new pink skirt from chlorine clothe is just sooooo pretty. It's from their "Sally" series. You can custom the length,the color, and the size according to yourself. I'd totally recommend the skirt because it's created from a good quality fabric and has a nice sewing too :)

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Final exam is over and I passed all of the subjects. I'm so happy and relieved :'D. Now I'm back to my old boring but fun routine --> watching lotsss and lottsss of korean dramas. I'm going to watch Shark and I Hear Your Voice (Lee Jong Suk is in it!!). Has anyone watched one of these?? I'd also love to hear some recommendations from you! I lovee sad or romantic dramas the most >.< (Not Gu Family Book or Lee Son Shin please. ;p)


Look at my new pinafore dress from Miss Selfridge. It's just so cute and I couldn't resist to buy this . Thanks mom! >.<. I paired the dress with a long-sleeve broken white shirt c/o cloth inc and yellow 15cm wedges c/o Decimal Shoes.




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Sailor Girl


I'm so into girly looks lately. I can't stop wearing ribbons / bows and skirts ! >_<



Heels + socks = comfiest combination ever!




 I can't wait for Tuesday.. Please wish me luck and pray for my last 4 final exams. I hope I'll pass all of the subjects.... :D


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Cherry on Top


I loveee peplum tops so much! I always love the way it shapes my body from the top till the bottom part of peplum top that 'flares' like a skirt and gives a feminine touch to my outfits. This time I also tried to mix 3 different patterns in one (cherry, houndstooth, and stripes!)


I was thirsty when I took these outfit photos and can u guess what I drank?? ;p


Final exam is not over yet. I still have 4 subjects left on Monday & Tuesday. I feel quite relieved to the fact that tomorrow is a national holiday and I got 2 days off on Friday and Saturday because my school is going to celebrate their anniversary.. I can rest and relieve some stress and I'm also trying my best use the time to update my blog. I'm really sorry to my sponsors who have sent me lots of lovely stuffs and I have to keep you waiting for so long because I hardly get the chance to take outfit photos due to my final exam. However, final exam is my 1st priority and I'm very thankful for your understanding ... *cries* T.T

Have a great day everyone! :D
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