Happy Lunar New Year

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I'm welcoming the year of horse with something in royal blue and orange!
I hope this year will be filled with happiness, health, luck, and prosperity! As this year is the year of horse, I hope I can be more dilligent, restless, and strong like a horse! x)


Did you get many angbaos and eat delicious food today? My moom cooked so manyy delicious dishes since yesterday and my tummy's also filled with lots of lapis legit cakes, egg tarts, cookies, pineapple pies, and maaaany more :9. I woke up at 7 today, started dressing up, and then going around the city to my relatives' house. After that, everyone gathered up at our home in the afternoon and we had lunch together :)

  • Dress from Topshop
  • Bag from Céline
  • Heels from Nine West

I pinned up my bangs because I trimmed them a few days ago but it was a total mess =_=. lol
Once again, Happy Chinese New Year, forget diet, eat a lotttt and have lots of fun, people!!




CNY is just around the corner and everyday before CNY officially starts is a torture for me because there are soo muchhh food and snacks (especially lapis legit) in my house. I'm so tempted to eat all of them but I'm holding it because I'm scared I'll get fat on CNY and my photos on that day could be a disaster LOL (if my mom read this post she'd probably say I'm nuts ;p)

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I took these photos last Friday and wore my favorite bold colors such as navy, red, black, and white altogether to create a nautical look. I also borrowed my mom's saint laurent sac du jour bag in red. I love the design so much and I wished my mom bought this in smaller size so I can borrow it often T^T *i don't like huge bags*

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By the way, I'm loving my curly hair more and more each day! I didn't use any curling iron to my hair in these photos and I really love the curl shapes. xD

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Dream, Believe, and Make It Happen. Just like what my all time favorite Indonesian' singer , Agnes Monica said.
If you're following my blog, you must've acknowledged my trip to Bali with my friends which started from me and my friend's random talks in October (well I had told this on this blog a few posts back, but let me tell you again just in case you didn't read it ;p) .

We were just casually chatting in the class and suddenly the idea to go to Singapore together popped out. Then our conversation got further and we realized that going to Bali would be better since we weren't going with our parents and the only destination we wanted to go in sg was USS.

After that we asked our parents' permission and magically all of us got permissions (which never happened before everytime we wished to have a vacation with our friends). So.. we just started booking flights, hotels, and tours from December 30th - January 3rd right after and we had many 'meetings' at night to discuss our itinerary. hahahaha.

plaid shirt from uniqlo, bag from celine, shoes & white top from new look, socks from topshop

I looked so tiny here... because my friend who took this photo is around 183cm tall. So, we're a half meter apart. lol.


Our first meal straight from our arrival in Bali, Suckling Pig.

Greeted by the sunny weather and traffic jams in Bali, we went to our second destination Jimbaran to have dinner. We were so happy as we stepped our feet on the sand since the beach in our beloved hometown is so different with Bali's beaches. 


The seafood wasn't as good as what I ate around 6 years ago, but it was already fun enough to play around the beach with my friends. (yes. this was my 2nd visit to Bali, and the first one was 6 years ago.)



On December 31st, we planned to go rafting, but it was cancelled because the stream was not good / safe. Sooo in the morning we just played and swam in our hotel. This hotel was Bliss Surfer Hotel, chosen by our tour because all the famous hotels were already full booked when we checked in October, and if there were available rooms, the prices would be ridiculously expensive (high season, ugh). It was good though. The service, food, room, all were very nice. The girls' room was even upgraded to the suite room (3 beds!!).




To fill in our empty schedule on that day, we decided to have lunch at Naughty Nuri's by taxi. From the picture itself, you can see that the food was soooooooo gooooddd.


From Naughty Nuri's, we went to Beachwalk mall. It's pretty far, yes. And we also struggled finding a taxi on that day because on New Year's eve, many roads in Bali were closed and the taxis didn't want to take passengers too.. I took a blueb1rd taxi together with my friends in the photo above from naughty nuri's. The roads were very cramped and the traffic jam was getting worse, so the taxi driver dropped us around Legian (1.5km from our hotel). We walked to our hotel, took a rest for around a half hour while waiting our other friends, then walkeddd again to Beachwalk mall. The hotel's security told us it's not far, but in reality.... it was a pretty tiring walk T.T.

skirt c/o romwe - denim vest c/o - sunglasses from minkpink
My 5 other friends took a different taxi after waving their hands so many times to stop any taxi that passed in front of NN. It was a local taxi and the driver asked IDR 160.000 for a ride to beachwalk mall. It's so expensiveee but they got there without walking.


It started raining when we were at Beachwalk around 3pm. We decided to have lunch, dinner, and a movie to waste our time while waiting for the new year countdown.


On the first day of 2014, we went to Tanjung Benoa to do water sport (banana boat, donut, flying fish, sea walking). It was heavily raining and the sea wasn't so clear. But... togetherness overcame all of it :'>.
We bought 2 CDs of our photos and videos in Tj.Benoa, which was so expensiveee ($28/cd) and disappointing (so many blurred photos), but we didn't have any choice since we're too scared to bring our own cameras/ phones down to the sea


After the watersport activity, we went to Klapa Bar. Originally, we planned to go to El Kabron, Pecatu despite the heavy rain and winds. Unfortunately it was fully booked for a personal party. Ugh. We're so disappointeddd esp after the journey that we took to get there =_=.

low quality photos because we tried to brighten our darkkk photos as bright as possible

But Thanks God , Klapa Bar was unexpectedly good too. My friend had the best milkshake ever in his life and all of us ate a lot of their yummy dim sum!!


On the next day we took a cruise to Nusa Lembongan,  and the rain got heavier ... =_=. We went snorkling and took banana boat 3 times because there were so little passengers on that day.


The rain had stopped when we went to the village. So... let's take a picture!




Our 2nd hotel was Best Western Kuta Villa. We booked this from agoda after seeing it's cheap deals and a mini pool inside our room!

The boys always dipped themselves in the pool together and used the shower which was next to the pool as a 'waterfall' hahahaha. I couldn't stop laughing when one of the boys called my room and told me to see them xD


My last meal in Bali was Ayam Betutu. It's so spicyy till my tongue couldn't barely taste anything than spicy =__=.


I had quite lots of pie susu . This was the brand I saw the most on instagram (so many people sell this brand). It's the cheapest and also the thinnest (least yummy, sorry) pie susu that I ate in Bali.
 Later, our tour guide bought us another brand.. It's called 'Menik' . It was much better and tastier although the price's sliiiighty more expensive. But still people, other egg tarts are much better than Bali's egg tarts. In Tegal, I usually ordered egg tarts from a local bakery and it's 100x better than these famous pie susu a.k.a egg tarts !

suspender - style nanda, headband - evita peroni, turtle neck - gowigasa
 This was my #ootd on our last day in Bali. The weather was sunny on that day [wtff ;(!]


So.. despite the bad weather and lots of rain, we had lots of fun in Bali. I couldn't be more grateful to have friends like them! We really look forward for our next trip (if possible) ;)

photos were taken with iPhone 5


Happy Dots


The rain still hasn't stopped yet.. It's so gloomy and breezy everyday. I love the breezy wind, but not the gloomy clouds! So, dressing up with bright colors and polkadot is one of many ways to cheer myself up! Hehehe :)


I'm currently addicted to "You who Came from The Stars" and "Prime Minister and I". Who else watches these shows?? ;D

  • DIY Polkadot Headscarf
  • White crochet top from New Look
  • Light blue polkadot shirt & yellow polka mini sling bag bought in Bangkok
  • Denim skirt c/o
  • Gayatri batik wedges c/o Baby Susanto

This is my new pair of wedges from Baby Susanto, and it's so special! It's actually my very first batik shoes and I'm amazed with it because it's made of batik tulis! I also love these wedges because they're comfortable and light. They're totally perfect for both formal and informal events.

The heel is not too high, yet not too short. So, you can boost up your whole outfit's look without sore all over your feet ! I'm always happy and excited everytime I find a great local brand, especially when they mix Indonesian's traditional batik with modern style (not to mention the awesome quality)<3 .="" a="" check="" do="" href="" nbsp="" out="">Baby Susanto'
s batik shoes collection, you can also wear them for Chinese New Year. Hurry up!! :)


Maroon Heart


It's been raining a lot lately and I don't go out that much. But I kinda love the cooler temperature though, because it's the only weather where I feel comfortable wearing sweaters / long sleeve tops ! I really wish Indonesia would have more & bigger sidewalks, and also more street shops rather than malls. All these time, 80% of my outfits are worn inside the mall, except my holiday outfits. You know, it's kinda impossible to wear heels on the streets of Indonesia plussss the safety is also something to be worried about T.T.

  • Wool hat - bought somewhere in Europe
  • Red hearts long sleeve shirt c/o sheinside
  • Unbranded skirt & belt
  • Tea cup bag c/o maythe6 (ig:@maythe6)
  • Socks from forever21
  • Jeffrey Campbell Ideal Wood Platforms (bought via Rococo)





Lots of you may have seen this burberry-inspired shirt. A few weeks ago, I discovered that an online reseller on Instagram sold this Burberry shirt for IDR16mill ! It's so damn expensiveee for a piece of shirt, right? But it's totally a big hit in the high fashion industry. Celebrities like Victoria Beckham and Chiarra F, the famousss fash blogger also wore this shirt.

Topshop also has a similar version to this shirt, but I haven't seen them in their stores in Indonesia. So, when I discovered this shirt on, I decided to get one! I love the pattern and also the color :)