Happy New Year !

Happy New Year, everyone! I hope I'm not so late to greet you a happy new year, eh? 
Just like what everyone wishes, I hope in 2014 things will be better and we'll live in happiness, health, and prosperity :)

My 2014 Resolutions and Wishes:
  1. Create my own clothing line with mom
  2. Be more dilligent and make my parents proud (study harder and blog more often)
  3. Get more achievements at school and blogging
  4. Be more grateful with my life and try new things and opportunities to maximize myself
  5. Learn to drive (I'm gonna turn 17 this year!)
  6. Fix and improve my self, especially the bad attitudes that I still have and be more loyal to my family and friends
  7. Ignore my haters to the curb and let them ruin their ownselves by doing nothing but hating and being jealous over others' lives
  8. Drink more water and eat more fruits
  9. Travel to Japan / South Korea again (I just miss these countries and can never get enough of them)
  10. Travel to wherever but with my best friends again just like last holiday

My wishes and resolutions might be a little long and complicated but I really hope I can accomplish them (at least 80%.. or at least I do something rather than nothing) LOL.

But no matter how long my new year resolutions is, my life's wisdom will always be to live my life to the fullest by trying new things, live positively, be grateful with what I have (there are always people who have more / less than us, all human in this world have different 'start' lines in their lives, but we should make other people's lives who have more than us as a motivation to work HARDER, not as something to hate / be jealous on) and improve myself everytime I can. :)

Now.. I have a question for you, guys. "What do you wish to see more on my blog?" Is it more school activities / daily photos/ tips / tutorials / recommendations / facts about me/ or whattt else? Do leave a comment below! I'd be happy to hear what you'd like to see on this blog from me this year :)


  1. Happy new year sweatheart! I hope you can accomplish your wishes soon :)
    Well, I'd like to see more about tips and tutorial of your fashion sense. That will be really helpfull. Thanks ^^

  2. Happy New Year, cutie!<3<3
    Wishing you a blessed new year I wish your resolutions and wishes will come true soon Ou<)d
    Um, I think I want you to share more about your school activities and your daily photos.<3

  3. Happy new year! Hopefully you'll get everything you want at this year :)

  4. happy new year dear and may tons of blessings come in your way through 2014 :D
    hmm do more about school activities and recommendation ;;)

    cheer, michelle

  5. Lots of useful tips and recommendations would be lovely ;)

  6. Sounds like great resolutions. I wish you the best! I followed your blog, hope you can follow me back! xx

    Ysabel of Pleasantly Chic

  7. happy new year! Wow you got so many resolutions, but they all sound so good!

  8. Happy new year veren! Hopefully all your dreams come true ya :)

  9. Can you do DIY tutorial? :)
    Fashion doesn't have to be expensive, sometimes we just need the DIY :D
    Happy New Year too!!! xxx

  10. happy new year! try some diy!

  11. Happny NY ! may all your resolutions come true, and I'm really looking forward to ur fashion line ;) xx

  12. i wish it's not too late to say happy new year to you ci:3 i hope you can accomplish all of your 2014 resolutions this year, and it'll be more nicer if you blog about your school activities, tips, tutorials, and recommendations more and more! XD


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