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Hi, everyone! 2014 is only 4 days away.. and I'm going to Bali with my friends the day after tomorrow. Yayy~! I hope the trip will be fun and smooth, the weather will be nice, and everyone will be safe.

 This trip is arranged by us (10 people) and we're not going with our parents, which is our very first experience! :D. It was just a silly idea at first when I and my friends were just chatting during the empty hours at school last October.
The boys said they wanted to go to Singapore together this holiday without the parents. Then, me who sat in front of them 'overheard' their conversation and I told them that going to Singapore without your parents won't be 'that' fun since we usually do a lot of shopping in Singapore, but without our parents our 'financial' things won't be easy. ahahha. We'd just likely spend 2 nights there and went to Universal Studio / MBS (although we won't buy anything at MBS) .
Soo.. I suggested to go to Bali instead.. Because in my opinion Bali will be much interesting. Not only the attractions we can play at the beaches / cruises, but Bali got  so many amazing beach clubs lately and maaany yummy restaurants. >w<
Usually.. When we planned an 'independent (without parents)' trip like this, it never came true. The problems would start from our parents' permission, the costs, etc. But this time, it's like a miracle because all of our parents gave us the permission! And after that we started to book the plane tickets, hotels,tour packages, etc.. Heheheh yaayyy!! Wish us luck ^^



I wore this outfit a few days ago before I had a hairperm.. Yes, I got a hairperm because I always wanted to have some volume on my too sleek hair. I'm so jealous with girls with naturally wavy and bouncy hair T.T. I also saw Yoona's hair on Prime Minister & I, and wanted my hair to look like that.
Sadly, on the first day after I got my hair permed, my hair became super curlyyyy like Merida's hair on Brave -_-. The salon used a small roller on my hair and when I asked them to use a bigger one so the wave would be bigger too, they said it's not good because it'd fade so easily compared to the price I paid.
So, on the next day I went to the salon again to wash & straight-blow my hair, to make it more loose.


This is the 'loose' version after I went to the salon again . But after I washed my hair again last night, my hair became curly again although it's not as curly as the first day haha. *forgive my impatience*
Grabbed from my instagram: @verenleecious. I had a yummy lunch at Born Ga 2 days ago.



I wore this outfit twice with some changes.. hehe. I love this coat so much and wanted to wear this again, so I 're-created' the outfit ^o^. This coat is not too thick and perfect for this rainy weather. Although the weather in Indonesia is still hot compared to the rain, but it's not a big deal since we hang out at malls more often and there are AC all over the mallssss.. heheheh ;p


Here are some of my favorite products from Cloth Inc.
Their collections are very stylish and up-to-date, in good quality, and affordable price too. It's totally perfect for you who want to be stylish but don't want to spend too much money.

Cloth Inc Lookbook

One thing that I really like from Cloth Inc is that they're not overpriced.
There are so many local brands in Indonesia with good designs, but sometimes the price is waay to overpriced. I'm fine if their clothes' quality is also good, but there are some brands that don't have a nice sewing quality, and back then I ever found a local DESIGNER brand, who used a cheap fabric (I found the same fabric that she used in a local store, and the price for 1meter was only IDR 32.000) and she sold the dress (which the design was also so 'common') for almost 1 millon =_=

Soo yeah... Cloth Inc has always been one of my recommended online stores. They manufactured their products by themselves too. So, we don't need to worry about their quality ;)


  1. Well, now I'm watching that drama also. Yoona looks very silly and warm at that drama. But I love her acting. Anyway, I looove your coat. Well, hopefully you'll get amazing holiday with your friends :))

  2. First outing without your parents is the first taste of independency. Stay safe and have fun! Happy holidays! I like your top and shorts!

    Pleasantly Chic (Ysabel) ♡

  3. You are purrrrrrrrrrfectttt<3<3<3

    Happy Holidays,

  4. cute!!


  5. aww i hope your trip will be fun!
    and love the coat veren! <3

  6. vereen you look so pretty and more adult in these outfits, love it <3<3

  7. You always cute veren :)
    Welcome to Bali hihi :3

  8. I always love your post! :)

  9. Have fun in Bali!!I love your coat!! It's so nice!! Thanks for sharing!

  10. I loove that coat and those outfits and your hair ! You're very pretty Veren ~

  11. Chic! Loving your new hair too :)

  12. OMG veren you look so pretty! x3
    love the coat and shoes so much :D
    have fun in bali!! :)

    cheer, michelle

  13. you look so pretty! love your hair<3

  14. love ur curls! btw have fun at Bali dont forget to share the story. I'll go to Bali on April with my girlfriends =D

  15. you look super cute with curly hair. <33

  16. nice coat <3
    aku selalu ragu perm rambut gara2 takut jadi super curly gitu ><

  17. I love how you mix and match the coat with other clothes!

  18. u look so awesome. love ur hair <3

    enjoy your holiday!

  19. hope you've a wonderful trip veren!xx and that outfit looks radddd<33

  20. Aaaakkk, i love ur look and that 'loose hair version'

  21. hope you had/ or is having a great time with your friends in Bali!! I love the outfit so much and if I were you, I would probably re-create it a bunch of times! HAHAHA The colors just hand in hand! Your hair looks so so good both the super curly and "toned down" curly one :)

  22. What a beautiful coat! Love your new hair :)

    Karina Dinda R. ♥

  23. I wrote almost the same about cloth inc and other local brands on my very last post LOL ! I hope other local brands's quality are more like cloth inc's !
    I love your outfit, veren ! :)
    And i guess you and your friends had so much fun in bali :)

    Titany Shintamurti


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