I'm not alone

My parents are really busy this year. This month, they left me alone at home for twice already. I never like when it comes to being alone. My house will be very quiet, I'd eat improperly. Sometimes I would skip lunch / dinner. I'll always get confused about what should I eat because when my parents are home, my mom always cooks everyday and I never think much about the menus T.T
But thanks God I have a lot of friends who always accompany me whenever I'm alone. (Sorry my daily-life sounds a bit boring and I think I've said many same things on every posts, but yeah. this is really my daily-life. hahaha) 

Today the school finished at 10am. There's not any lesson today. We just came to school to finish or novena prayer (for national exam), listened to some announcements from the teachers, and we began to  ask for our teachers' prayers so that we can get good marks (it's like a tradition in my school). I visited my elementary school and met my teachers there. I was happy because they said I look different than when I was still in elementary school and I look slimmer. hahaha. the picture below is me when I was in the 5th grade. Sorry for the weird pose... ;p
click to enlarge this pic
This afternoon I and my friends went to play badminton. I'm still a beginner. And I can say my friends are experts! I couldn't play badminton till last year. Luckily I can play it now. My friends are very patient teaching me. Now I can throw back the shuttlecock back and forth for many times :p *proud*. I just met wrong p.e teacher at school. He didn't teach me properly, and instead of it he couldn't stop yelling and finally he gave up teaching me. (can you imagine how bad I am at sports). I can't play basketball and soccer. I can't do any kind of jump (except skipping rope) -_-. But I can play badminton and swim ok!!

Next Monday, I'll have school examination from that day till Saturday. It's important for my graduation score, so I'll be off from blogging for awhile. I have to start studying from now on, because there are a lot of materials. Especially the subjects with memorizing. I can memorize things pretty well, but I always prefer maths and physics to 'memorizing' subjects because they don't take a long time to be studied. Memorizing? Social? History? Geography? Why do they have so many materials to be memorized?? I always study till midnight whenever there's social quiz / exam. If the subjects are math or physics, it will take only less than 3 hours. I'm a kind of person who study right one day before the exam starts (sistem kebut semalam). You shouldn't follow me about this matter. hahaa. Please wish me a lot of luck!

I wore this outfit to have lunch with my friends few days ago. I wore a denim shirt from Pull & Bear, red pants from giordano, hairclip from bow house, and shoes from skechers. 

I'll spend tonight by watching running man, and other korean tv shows~ (watch as many as I can before I start studying tomorrow) . Tomorrow is a national holiday in Indonesia, so I can wake up later ! *yay*. 


Blinded by Love

I bought this cardigan long time ago. I wore it to school only because I couldn't find the best match for this cardigan. After a quite long time being the 'forgotten' one, I found this cardigan again and decided to pair it with a peter-pan collar top from gowigasa and pink skirt from bershka. 

Speaking about peter-pan collar, don't you think a lot of people wear this thing nowadays? Even there are a lot of tutorials to make a peter-pan collar. Yesterday I googled about it and tried to make one for myself. Well, I succeed making the base part, but when I decided to decorate it with pearls, it turned out to be very ugly, and it became heavy! (Maybe I put too much pearls on it). And then I tried to make another one, but this time I used polkadot fabrics. I had to sew it, and again for the umpteenth time, I failedd! T.T . Tomorrow I'll try again to make it, please wish me luck! 

Today was a great weekend for me. It almost turned into a bad day because my parents went to a wedding party, and no one could take me out from home. Luckily my friend asked me to go to church together.. He picked me up and it's been a long time since the last time I met him. Well, meeting up with a long-time-no-see friend is fun. There are always a lot of stories to share! :)

I have so many stories to tell. Although this week was a good week for me but I had some problems too. But it's still too complicated for words. I guess I have to make up my mind first, think clearly, and hope my problems will be solved very soon :(

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This week was great because I went home early everyday. Monday - Thursday I had practical exam and school ended at around 9am. After that I and my friends would went to mcdonald's to eat and have some chit - chat. (it's really close to my school, which is great.). 

On Friday there were only 3 lessons on that day and we always go home at 11am every Friday. And the ridiculous thing, I had 2 hours of physics lesson on Friday, I asked my teacher about the use of drugs bla bla blah.. He didn't answer my question clearly, and for 2 hours long, he told us when did he start to smoke, he accepted his friend's offer to smoke weed in high school, and then he went crazy (the effect) till he kissed his friend in the class. My classmates reaction including me were like this... (O_________O). Good thing that he already stops smoking now. 

And today, we went home at 8.30am!! There was no lesson, right after the morning prayer we received our mid term report card (mine was pretty good but i'm still not satisfied :/), and then we went to the school hall. There's a motivator from Japan named Katsujiro Ueno (I tweeted a lot about this, this morning). What made me shocked, the event was only 30 minutes long!! -_-. (not exactly 30 minutes actually, I think it's around an hour. 20 minutes he used to talk 2 things, 40 minutes we used to arrange our seats, wait for him, and practice 'greetings' before he (the motivator) came).The students who came were 6th, 9th, and 12th graders who will face national examanation soon. I never expected the event would be this short, because I thought motivation event will be longer, with some activities or anything else. But today, the motivator only spoke a few sentences. First he told that in Japan, 4th grade students should start writing their 'future', what they want to be, and other targets. Then he told us about his newly published book. It's a diary who's not just an ordinary diary. Each page, there's a date and 10 numbers of years. (Ex: 1. March 10th 2012, 2. March 10th 2013, 3.March 10th 2014). So we can use that diary for 10 years, every year, every time we write on the same day but different year, we can see what we did last year and our progress within that time.
That was all. And then we went home -___-.

My conclusion : he asked us to have targets and dreams in our life, start planning it from now on.
I wish the event could be longer, I still want to hear more motivating stories from him, and wish he can ask us to do some activities like writing our dreams during the event :(. or to be short, it's kinda different with  other motivating event that usually shown in the televisions! Far from my expectation  -_-
Most of students' conclusion: we had a lot of dreams when we were in the 4th grade, but when we grow older, we seem to be confused and have no idea about what we want to be in the future =___=.

Baby J! 
Unfortunately, I have to spend another Saturday alone for the umpteenth time. My parents went overseas last Thursday. And although I went home early, I didn't go out with friends because I was too lazy. Since this afternoon, I've been reading fan fictions, watching dream high 2, and downloading magazine scans -_-. This afternoon I also messed up my closet, again. I was just bored then I dressed up although I didn't go anywhere. I only mixed and matched up my clothes, and will wear it later when I go out, so I won't spend much time to decide what I'm going to wear on that day. I was pretty frustrated with my new blouse. The color is nude, and since it matches with almost every color, I got confused!! What color do you think suits nude the best? I paired it with many skirts but my decision falls to my broken white lace skirt. What do you think? (Just imagine it, I don't take any picture. haha). 

Every time my parents are away, I always feel so lonely and sad. I don't know what to eat since everyday my mom cooks for me. I can't go to church too because usually my dad picks me up.. my driver always goes home early so he won't wait till night :[. My house will be so quiet. I never turn on the tv when my parents aren't at home. Thanks God I still have my friends and my house helpers. T.T
By the way, tomorrow is my seatmate, my bestfriend, my talkative friend, my friend who has common interest with me (reading fanfictions), one of the dancer in my dance team, the punk girl, Nadia (Tia)!! 

(she's the one in the middle)
Happy Birthday, Tia!! <3

p.s : I laughed so hard today because of jin yoo jin's remarkable line in dream high 2  ; "Geeee Minoooorrrr!!!" (1:09)


Little White Dress


This week I've been busy with practical exam. There are i.t , p.e, music, and religion. I've done three of them and tomorrow will be the last day and I'll have religion practical exam which I think isn't really a 'practical' exam. Well, the teacher told us to make a sermon (my school is a catholic school) at home, type it, print it, and bring it to him, then we can go home. I'm happy because it isn't a hard task to do, and I also will get home early tomorrow. I think around 9am? hahaha. I'm serious that for the past 3 days I've been going home between 9am-10am. 

This morning I had physical education practical exam. And it was a total failure.... ==. I had to do lay up and shooting (basketball), push up, sit up, and kicking (kick the target with soccer ball). The only thing I succeed was sit up. The others... You don't need to ask me. The worst part was basketball. I just couldn't do it.. I tried so hard but I was just too scared with the ball. I hateeeee basketball so much because I ever got hit by a basketball before and it hurt and yeah... since that time I'm pretty scared with basketball. Uffff..... T.T

  • dress : Red Cherry
  • poncho worn as outer : kibibe (that's a real plaid poncho, not my mom's table cloth. haha)


Again, thanks to Leticia  for the photos! :D


under the sun


Yeay! I've finished another round of exam last Saturday. I'm happy because I'm sure I'll get satisfying and higher marks than the previous try out. My score was sooo bad at the 2nd try out, but I studied hard for the 3rd one, and I'm pretty sure I did it well~. yuhuuu~~. I also felt the 3rd try out went really fast. Usually when I'm in exam week, I'll feel days pass by very slow, but this time is kinda faster.. I thought I've done only for 4 subjects, but then I realized I've done 6 subjects. :D


I got this mullet skirt from . I've always wanted this kind of skirt but my mom doesn't let me buy it when I was shopping in Jakarta, good thing that I got this from for free xP. 
The skirt is so gorgeous. I like when the wind blows and my skirt will look like this :


It's a short skirt at the front side, and maxi skirt at the back. I almost never wear maxi skirt / dress because I'm short and it will make me look like curtain. So, I love this skirt because I can wear half mini skirt and half maxi. hahaha. It won't make me look like curtain and I still can show my legs ! (plus wearing maxi skirt in a tropical country makes you sweat a lot!)


Plaid shirt - zara, skirt -, wedges - UP, heart-shaped sunglasses - gowigasa, belt - dongdaemun

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my eyes --> (._.) . It was really hot and my small eyes looked smaller ==. I got bored taking outfit photos inside my house, so I decided to shoot outside! I had this little photoshoot on Saturday, right after I finished my 3rd try out. My friend Leticia was the photographer. I was also accompanied by Gabby and Hans :D. Slowly, one by one, almost all students in my class have boy/girlfriend to spend the weekend together. Me, who's in the 'single' category, spend weekend by going to church, then go home, then turn on my computer. haaaaaa T.T . But luckily last Saturday was awesome because of my friends . :P :P




Gabby's 'cameo' appearance. :P


I think this photo looks awkward but I love this one. hahaha 


Once again, thanks to Leticia for the photos!! :)

p.s: thank you so much for your advice and encouragements on my latest post. It really make me feel better. I think I have the best readers ever. Thank youuu so much for your care to me. I really appreciate every comment  :').