Cinderella Blue


Blue is one of my favorite colors. When it comes to clothing, this shade of blue is currently my fav. It's not too bright nor bold. I chose to combine my new sky blue flap skirt from Cloth Inc with grey, white, and pale yellow to create a soft and feminine look.


Look at my shoes! They're very comfortable and many people complimented me about how cool the glass heels are. I often wear this pair daily as white shoes can be matched with any outfit easily.




Today is the last day of September & my nephew's birthday today. Actually I planned to go back to Tegal, but unfortunately my parents are coming here tomorrow to come to my cousin's engagement.
I've bought my ticket already and this noon I have to go to the station to do the refund process. Ergh I'm pretty sure it's going to take a longg.... time -_-.


Shine Like Stars with Ellips


Hi, everyone! Last week I was invited to attend Ellips' Shine Like Stars Bloggers Gathering & Tea Party at Wyl's Kitchen at Veranda Hotel. The place was decorated with lots of pink and Ellips' products on the table. I was totally mesmerized as pink is my favorite color! Hahaha!



Anyway, Ellips is Indonesia's top leading brand for hair vitamins. I've known their products for years and there's no need to worry about the quality!



These pink capsules are Ellips' "Hair Repair" vitamin with pro-keratin complex. This was Ellips' product that I had tried back then. It remains to be my favorite variant as it helps me to nourish my damaged hair due lots of hair styling!


At the event, there were 10 bloggers who had  the chance to have their hair styled at the salon with Ellips' products, professional hairstylists, and Julie Estelle. We had a great talkshow session discussing about the damages of hairstyling and how to treat our hair. 

As girls who want to look pretty everyday, it's hard not to style our hair with hair dyes, curling, straightening, and other kinds of hair stylings! Those kind of treatments surely make our hair appear better, but sadly they damage our hair!! So, we need to use hair vitamins to nourish our hair after we wash our hair or before we style them.

Coming home after the event, I got a hugeee box of Ellips' products. Here's what I got from Ellips:
  • A mini hair straightener that I can easily carry anywhere
  • Cuticle Serum
  • Silky Black & Shiny Black with Pro-keratin Complex Hair Vitamin
  • Hair Treatment & Hair Repair with Pro-keratin Complex Hair Vitamin
  • Smooth and Shiny & Smooth and Silky with Pro-keratin Complex Hair Vitamin
  • Nutri Color Hair Vitamin
  • Nourish & Protect Balinese Essential Oil Hair Vitamin

OMG! I got sooo many goodies! I think I got enough hair vitamin supplies for months! Keep reading thi post to know some quick infos about each product :)



This cuticle hair serum is enriched with pro vitamin B5 to nourish and protect the hair cuticle from dryness and looking dull. 
The smell is nice and it doesn't weigh down my hair too ! This product is perfect for fine and delicate hair.


This is Ellips Nourish & Protect Balinese Essential Oil Hair Vitamin.
This variant is enriched with Bali's Frangipani Flower, Rosemary Oil, and Vitamin A, C, E, Pro Vitamin B5 to nourish damaged hair and protect it from chemical treatment. This vitamin will make our hair healthier, soft, and shiny!


There are 2 series of Ellips' hair vitamin. The "Natural" & "Pro-Keratin" Series.
Nah, the difference between those two is that The Natural one is made from natural ingredients with Morrocan Oil while The Pro-Keratin one has pro-keratin complex that will give DOUBLE protection to your hair


Silky Black & Shiny Black with Pro-keratin Complex Hair Vitamin
They're perfect to make your black hair healthier & smoother with Pro Keratin Complex,  Candlenut, and Aloe Vera Oil inside!


Hair Treatment & Hair Repair with Pro-Keratin Complex
This is the best variant if you do a lot of hair styling to your hair. I've been using this vitamin which also contains Jojoba Oil several times & my hair looks healthier and less dry!

Smooth and Shiny & Smooth and Silky with Pro-Keratin Complex

This vitamin is made for you who wants so have a smoooth and silky hair like silk! Got tangled hair? Try using this one :)

Hair Vitality
This vitamin is enriched with Moroccan Oil, Ginseng & Honey Oil, Vitamin A, C, E, Pro Vit B-5. Those ingredients will nourish your frail & coarse hair.

Nutri Color
Do you dye your hair frequently? Make sure you use this vitamin to keep your hair healthy and maintain its color!


So overall, Ellips has everything your hair needs!
I've started to use Ellips hair vitamin (especially the Hair Repair with Pro-Keratin Complex one) regularly to keep my hair healthy. You should start too ;)



Slightly Tomboy


I don't know how many light blue stripes top that I have now. I just can't stop buying it since they always come in different styles, but all of them look sooo pretty to me! 

Usually the tops give feminine vibes, especially the top in this look that has ruffles on the bottom. This time I challenged myself to style it into a slightly tomboy look by wearing denim shorts, black outerwear, and sneakers!

  • Top: Oui Clothing
  • Denim shorts: Zara Kids
  • Outerwear: This is April
  • Shoes: Tory Burch
  • Choker: Barlie Picks


This is my new watch from Kapten & Son! I love the denim strap!

Photographed by: @peopleworksphoto

Styling My Batik Tunic


I love batik so much & like wear them on daily basis. Most of us relate batik as 'uniform' or 'formal' attires, but actually you can wear it for casual looks too like I did here.


I paired the batik tunic with my vest, shorts, and sneakers. What do you think? It's a great way to wear batik, right? ;)

  • Top: Batik by Annabelle
  • Shorts: Stradivarius
  • Vest: Mille
  • Sneakers: Tory Burch


Photographed by: @peopleworksphoto


Just a pile of thoughts

Hellaaaaaaaaao everyone who's still reading my blog! Hahaha.
I even forgot the last time I wrote about my personal life on this blog :(. Last month I was fully caught up with my 3rd term's final projects and enjoying my 2 weeks break to the fullest in my hometown (read: just stay at home doing almost nothing eeeeveryday) as I just miss my home, my parents, and the smell of my bedroom sooooo much . I truly feel bad for neglecting my blog which is actually supposed to be my 'online diary'.

Tonight I just feel like writing something here instead of working on my assignments.

These days, I realize that I'm the type of person who rely on myself a bit too much. Well, I'm an extrovert. I can share my problems to other people, I open up easily, but after that I'm back to solving the problem I have alone. I hear their advices, but the voices inside me (which most of them are not good) win. It's sooooo hard to fight my own thoughts although I already know which one is right, which one is wrong.

I have many friends, but I only trust a few.
I enjoy hanging out with friends, but sometimes I just want to stay at home.
I enjoy doing many things alone.
I can stay locked up in my room all day long doing my own things.
I go to the gym alone 95% of the time (I am aware that I'm still stuck in this never-ending gym-addiction circle even though I'm kinda underweight............I just can't stand doing too little movements on daily basis. Blame Indonesia for the bad public transportations, sidewalks, and airpollutions.)
I don't feel awkward going to the cinema alone, wandering alone while traveling, etc.
There are just too many things I want to explore, I want to do, I want to tell...
The only people I will never ever mind to be with me are my parents. (Thank you so much mom, dad for bearing with this stubborn daughter of yours.)
One of my mom's 2016 wish was a boyfriend for me (it's already September. Only 3 months left till this wish expires. lol).
It's not that I don't want a boyfriend. I WANT one. But he has to be ready to understand me, to guide me patiently when I'm wrong, and have similar interests with me too. Hahaaha.
Maybe when I have a boyfriend I'll spend less time at the gym. lol.

About things related to school,
term 3's ending was so bad (a.k.a spent so much money on final projects, esp 1 project where the money I spend wasn't worth it) that I don't have the heart to beg my parents to fund me for the school's field trip to Tokyo... (yes, Tokyo. The city that I MISS so much).
The cost for the field trip was beyond my expectation and more expensive than arranging my own trip. Well I can't blame the school tho as the tour includes going to Tokyo Fashion Week, visiting Japanese's textile factories, etc.

Deep inside my heart I was sooooo sad that I couldn't join it. I don't have the heart to spend my own savings on it too haahah. So everyday I look up to airline promotions and finaaaalllyyyy, last Saturday I purchased the TICKET TO JAPAN for next April 2017!! My parents wanna go back to Japan too so they'll join mee! OMG ! OMG! Fyi, I will pay for my own fees this time! Hehe! *motivation to work harder so I can shop more later*
I'm so excited to go to Japan again with my parents next year. Yay for another adventure for the 3 of us!!!


Review: Everwhite Instant Brightening Body Cream & Smooth Axillary Cream


Woohoo! Aku selalu suka mencoba skincare baru, terutama body lotion karena produk ini wajib aku pakai pagi dan sore setiap harinya. Akhir - akhir ini, aku lagi coba EVERWHITE's Instant Brightening Body Cream & Smooth Axillary Cream.


EVERWHITE adalah brand skincare Indonesia yang diformulasikan di Korea. Mereka mengutamakan mutu & kualitas dengan memilih bahan yang terbaik, dan melakukan test & riset terlebih dahulu, sehingga produknya benar - benar aman dan juga sudah tersertifikasi BPOM. Produk yang mereka sediakan sudah diformulasikan untuk memenuhi kebutuhan kulit orang Asia & Indonesia!

EVERWHITE Smooth Axillary Cream ini terbuat dari Chamomile Extract dan fungsinya untuk menghaluskan & mencerahkan area - area gelap pada kulit kita seperti underarm, knee, elbow, dan bikini line hanya dalam 1 minggu!



Cara pakainya, cukup oleskan 2 kali sehari setelah mandi di area gelap pada kulitmu. Kalau aku, aku oleskan di siku dan lututku. Sebenarnya tidak ada area yang cenderung gelap pada kulitku, tapi aku tetap pakai aja untuk 'mencegah'. Lebih baik mencegah daripada mengobati kan? ;)


Kemasannya jauh lebih kecil dari body cream, ukuran cream ini 20ml. Wajar sih karena kalau body cream dipakai di seluruh badan, sedangkan yg ini hanya bagian tertentu aja.


Creamnya berwarna putih & akan meresap dengan cepat. Baunya juga wangiii!


Nah ini produk favorit aku. 2 bulan yang lalu aku liburan ke Bali. Kulitku tidak terbakar, tapi gosong T.T. Kulitku termasuk tipe yang susah balik putih lagi kalau udah kena panas". Jadi, Instant brightening body cream ini bener - bener langsung mencerahkan kulit aku setelah dipakai.


Ada 4 agents yang sangat baik untuk mencerahkan kulit di dalam cream ini yaitu Kefir, Collagen, Glutathione, dan Alpha Arbutin.

Manfaat Everwhite Instant Brigtening Body Cream:
  • Mencerahkan kulit
  • • Membuat kulit glowing sehat bersinar
  • Menghaluskan kulit
  • • Melembabkan sepanjang hari
  • • Menjaga elastisitas kulit
  • • UV proteksi (dari radiasi sinar matahari)
  • • Sebagai Antioksidan

Kemasan cream ini ukurannya 100ml.


IMG_0016 copy

Creamnya berwarna pinkkk, tapi akan cepat meresap & jadi warna kulit kalau udah kering dan wanginya enak, fresh,  beraroma musk yang tahan seharian! 
Selain mencerahkan dalam 1 kali pakai (hilang setelah mandi), tapi dia juga secara bertahap memutihkan kulit kita kok! Jadi sekarang aku udah gak minder lagi kalau pakai baju lengan pendek gara-gara kulit yg lebih tanned dari biasanya.


Overall, aku merekomendasikan produk - produk EVERWHITE. Kalau kamu rajin pakai, pasti hasilnya akan terlihat.

Produk Everwhite bisa kamu dapatkan di:
LINE: @everwhite (with @)
 WA: ‪0819 3225 0723‬   Instagram: @everwhiteid