i'm so colorful

hello , lovely readers!
on this outfit post..... I do an experiment with my mom's colorful vest. it is vintage.... and my mom never wear it since few years ago. hahaha. I find it on my mom's huge closet...
thanks to my sister who takes me some photos . hehe :]
and as I promised, I don't take photos in my bedroom, but move to my bro's bedroom. 
it is very crowd right? 

happy maroon maulid for those who celebrate it today ...

because today is a day off... but it doesn't mean that tomorrow is day off for me too. i wanna tell you if in Tegal city, Saturday is not a day off and students still must go to school at the day :(
Mustly, if it's day off, I wake up in the afternoon, laying on the bed, and be a super lazy girl, but today I already wake up at 6.30am and can't sleep anymore -______-. ahhh. I don't use the day off well :(

stop complaining about my day off. hehe.
enjoy my photoshoot!


I wear : naughty yellow ribbon headband - mom's vintage colorful vest - guess long tee - yellowline blue shorts - nefertiti necklace - lavinda belt - randa Japan ribbon wedges




(left) my sister's randa ribbon wedges . love it so much and wanna steal it. :P (right) rose lacey necklace freebies from nefertiti jewelz ! be sure to check her collections, nefertiti jewelz has a lot of fabulous accessories! 

don't forget to join Glisters and Blisters jewelery giveaway! 

and miss neira beret giveaway!

see you on next post everyone! have a nice weekend! :D

peek a boo!

I try to make a funny gif image :D "PEEK A BOO!"

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the power puff princess

hello everyone...

I always smile when I read your comments on my blog! those are very sweeeettt!
thank u so much... you always support and inspired me :)

about my school :
1. Oh crap..... my sport teacher told me that next Monday, all of my class will have a swimming lesson.... and it will be held at 2pm! what? 2pm? please, MR. you will make my skin darker ! x(
he told me ... we must swim at 2pm because the swimming pool will be very crowd if we swim in other time..
I'm not sure sunblock will not make sunburn...-_-

2. on next Monday, I will watch movie together in English lesson at language laboratory at school. My teacher  said we can bring our favorite dvd to school. but it must a thiller (horor). what movie will I bring to school?
any recommend from you? :)

3. on next Friday, I will be "Penggalang Ramu" ! because my mission in the scout activity has done! :D
I'll be the first girl who be "Penggalang Ramu". It makes me feel so PROUD! :P

okay, stop talking, to the point
actually I wanna do outdoor photo shoot. but the weather doesn't want to corporate with me and it is raining heavily with big thunders too. :( . so I still do it on my bedroom. hiks. I really wanna make u bored with the background. SORRY.


this picture above, is special for ci piping who ever says to me "why your expression in photos is always never show your teeth?" 
now...... this is it.... the princess with big cheeks and rabbit teeth :P


hat : kibibe - dress : up2date - belt : unbranded - socks : sanrio bought in Japan - shoes : randa (bought in Japan)

DSC00973  DSC00958

ribbon headband : erika


flower ring from phie garage :). thank u! 

at last,
I wanna share u my favorite text... 

do u like it??

okay, that's all for today :)
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thank u :D


happy chinese new year 2561

.A Little Princess. would to says :

Happy Chinese New Year Pictures, Images and Photos


hello everyone! how are you in this special day??
I'm very happy even I'm very tired because many things to do today :)

I celebrate Chinese New Year and not celebrate Valentine's day because I don't have boyfriend :(
But.. never mind. my sadness because don't have boyfriend change with ang bao! (ang bao is an red envelope with money in the inside) hihi :P
I get lots of money today! *cheers*

complete team. Hendra Lie family :p

and this is what I wear today :


up2date hair clip - unbranded cardigan - up2date floral dress - michelle cLa wedges





ang bao i love you <3


chinese decor in my house and special cakes

my mom hung red ribbons almost at every plants in my garden. haha

I'm so happy + tired!.
see u on nest post all!
keep contact with me via twitter and formspring. thank u! :D

veren lee the little princess


soft and shocking

hello everyone...
this post has 3 topics...

I'm on period days... I'm not feeling very well. I'm so easy to bad mood, mad because nothing, etc. ahhh i'm really tired.....

hmm. these photos below is for b'girl magazine :D. enjoyy :D


what I wore : DIY ribbon hair clip - unbranded cardigan - Lavinda dress - hello kitty ring - b'girl goodie bag - michelle cLa wedges




I'm so sad today,
because mr.alexander mcQueen is died .

hikss :'(
i knew this news this morning when I just woke up and opened twitter.. and people takled about him. first, i thought it's just a hoax.. but really it's not a hoax... can't believe...
he is too genius to died. fashion stills need him... he is my inspiration. Huhu....
I love his designs very much...

Alexander McQueen Spring 2010 Ready-to-WearAlexander McQueen Spring 2010 Ready-to-Wear
Alexander McQueen Spring 2010 Ready-to-WearAlexander McQueen Spring 2010 Ready-to-Wear
Good bye mr.Alexander....
thaks for being a great designer in this world...

the last..
2 days left.... we will celebrate CHINESE NEW YEAR!! :D
can't wait to get money from ang bao! :P.
hope in this new year we be successful always n God bless us :)

gong xi fa cai 2010

credits : flickr,


ah-we-so-me bloggers meet up (PART1)

HELLO everyone my lovely readers!!
how are you??
I'm very happy back from Jakarta after meet up with beautiful fashion bloggers!
I'm the youngest at the meet up! :P

You will regret if you didn't come to the meet up because it's very fun and there is B'Girl magazine reporters who reported our meet up and we will featured at that magazine :)

I will share you some photos from the meet up, but all of these photos credit from other bloggers because my camera is still at my brother (he is at Jakarta now). and I will upload more photos on next post (after my brother backs from Jakarta to Tegal. ok?) :)


we are ci Yofany ci Febri, ci Ayu, ci Riati, ci Piping, ci Talisha, ci Lalita, ci Miss Chelle, kak Mierra, ci Michelle K., kak Tysha, kak Lokita, ci Alviana, kak Anastasya, kak Nabila, Han, ci Nora, and Kak Dina.

kak miemi - me - ci michelle k - ci piping - ci alviana
Me - ci Piping - ci Alviana

ci Febri - me - ci Riati
i love my shoes :P



I wore :
kibibe hat - unbranded green turquoise cardigan wore as inner - kibibe jeans overall - random green bandle and hello kitty necklace - forever21 jeans bag - sox gallery double socks white and pink - skechers high shoes

date : 5 February 2010
venue : koiki Plaza Indonesia

blog tag from kak Regina , thanks! =]

1. Where is your cell phone? beside me
2. Your hair? black and straight
3. Your mother? stylish and a good chef in my family
4. Your father? a branded man from his hair until his toes
5. Your favorite food? sushi
6. Your dream last night? gita gutawa meets evita nuh???? -_-
7. Your favorite drink? ocha green tea
8. Your dream/goal? still don't know
9. What room are you in? bedroom
10. Your hobby? reading and shopping
11. Your fear? -
12. What do you want to be in 6 years? success girl
13. Where were you last night? sleeping in my bedroom
14. Something you aren't? i don't know
15. Muffins? i don't like
16. Wish list item? more fashion items, new camera
17. Where did you grow up? EARTH
18. Last thing you did? reading GoGirl! magazine
19. What are you wearing? pajamas
20. Your TV? family room, every bedrooms in my house
21. Your pets? dont have any pets
22. Your friends? g-o-o-d
23. Your life? wonderful
24. Your mood? dizzy
25. Missing someone? no
26. Vehicle? car
27. Something you're not wearing? too much make up
28. Your favorite store? yellow line
29. Your favorite color? blue
30. When was the last time you laughed? today at school
31. Last time you cried? forget
32. Your best friend? anyone can be my best friends
33. One place where I go over and over again? My house
34. One person who emails me regularly? random
35. Favorite place to eat? kihana

okay, those are half of the bloggers meet up. I will post half again soon (waiting the camera) =="

see you on next post!!! :D

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with love,
Veren Lee the little princess. :P


i would like to spend my long weekend at Jakarta



hi, I'm very excited tomorrow is Thursday and I will going to Jakarta!!
I can't wait to see other beautiful bloggers!

I never think if I can come to blogger meet up, because I live in Tegal, which 'eat' 5 hours to go to Jakarta. But, fortunately, I have a long weekend because my school free at Friday-Saturday (usually my school isn't free at Friday-Saturday). but tomorrow I will not attend to school. hehe
i'm very very excited to attend "the second annual blogger meet up".

there are 20 already confirmed guests, so we close the invitation for this event :(
because it's will be really crowd there...

a happiness :

i already have more than 100 followers on my blog ! thanksssss for following me! :D

I found a fun website :
(it's like a photobox but online and u must have a web cam first on your computer to use this web :D)

okay, That's all.
u can contact me via twitter to meet me at Jakarta :D

with my huge smileee,
see u thereeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!