the power puff princess

hello everyone...

I always smile when I read your comments on my blog! those are very sweeeettt!
thank u so much... you always support and inspired me :)

about my school :
1. Oh crap..... my sport teacher told me that next Monday, all of my class will have a swimming lesson.... and it will be held at 2pm! what? 2pm? please, MR. you will make my skin darker ! x(
he told me ... we must swim at 2pm because the swimming pool will be very crowd if we swim in other time..
I'm not sure sunblock will not make sunburn...-_-

2. on next Monday, I will watch movie together in English lesson at language laboratory at school. My teacher  said we can bring our favorite dvd to school. but it must a thiller (horor). what movie will I bring to school?
any recommend from you? :)

3. on next Friday, I will be "Penggalang Ramu" ! because my mission in the scout activity has done! :D
I'll be the first girl who be "Penggalang Ramu". It makes me feel so PROUD! :P

okay, stop talking, to the point
actually I wanna do outdoor photo shoot. but the weather doesn't want to corporate with me and it is raining heavily with big thunders too. :( . so I still do it on my bedroom. hiks. I really wanna make u bored with the background. SORRY.


this picture above, is special for ci piping who ever says to me "why your expression in photos is always never show your teeth?" 
now...... this is it.... the princess with big cheeks and rabbit teeth :P


hat : kibibe - dress : up2date - belt : unbranded - socks : sanrio bought in Japan - shoes : randa (bought in Japan)

DSC00973  DSC00958

ribbon headband : erika


flower ring from phie garage :). thank u! 

at last,
I wanna share u my favorite text... 

do u like it??

okay, that's all for today :)
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thank u :D


  1. U have 12years but your style is fantastic :D

    kisses :*

  2. wahahah! u really did what i've told u to do :pp. but ur smile still not wide enough, HAHAHAHA, but NO, u don't look ugly, u look so cute for sure! i guarantee it, a smile never make someone looks ugly! :)


  3. you look like a cute mini version of alice in wonderland ! tinggal pake celemek aja uda cute :D

    many thanks for the sweet comments .
    visit - follow - comment me

  4. love your dress! and the Hello Kitty ring is too cute <333
    and yes, i'm a Topshop addict. hahaha xP

  5. ayo dunkk senyum lbh lebar lagi sayangg. udh cantik kok thuuu. hahahaa.. :D btw,dressnya lucu bgt deh! km klo shopping ditemenin sama mama terus dunk? hihi

  6. hello pretty little princess .
    thx for dropping by at my blog .
    yes, your mom is still yong, and i love her hair, looked like Tao Okamoto :)
    by the way, ruffle dressny bagus .


  7. lebih lebar lg donk ver senyumnya. u look cute kok. hehehe.
    wow, the hello kitty ring is just too cute. are u freak of hello kitty ? ur wallpaper, carpet, n more stuffs are hello kitty i guess. hihihi.

  8. yeah i do love those text ver. really nice. hehehe.
    oia kpn ke jkt lg mank nya ?
    ayo deh tar kt ktmuan aku ajak km devil's cake nya (:

  9. u look so cute :), heart the dress
    where's up2date exactly :)?

    follow my tweet, it's not protected anymore :)

  10. cute cute cute!! love the ruffles dress! lucu tuh rmbtnt dikeriting gt ren! imut sekaliiii. bagus tuh textnya, kena bgt hahaha

  11. sooo cute! ^_^

    that dress suits you well....

    and I love those sweet words... can I copy it for my post? :D
    really love that "I'm perfectly me"

  12. Such a lovely dress! I'm sorry about your swimming lesson o.o
    That is such a lovely text, thanks for sharing!

  13. You are soo cute!!:)
    yeah I don't really like swimming in school, I mean getting all dry and dressed afterwards can be really annoying ;b
    Love the text aswell x

  14. love your dress and your hellokitty ring ! :)

  15. you're style is so cute and i like your text. btw, i just follow you, woould you mind exchange link with me? ^^

  16. the last quote is so me haha, thanks veren :)
    love the always princess-like outfit of yours. super sweet :)

  17. You're so cute! You cute in your outfit :)

    Goodluck in your school :)

  18. you lile hello kitty ?

  19. I think that white socks would be better here but I love it anyway ;)

  20. veren,i got an award for you,check it yaaa

  21. You are so adorable! "o(^__^)o"

  22. veren ternyata kmu asli tegal ya?deket sm aku dong aku ada rumah di cirebon..
    veren cute bgt dressnya.btw i'm following yor blog and twitter ya.follow me back :)

  23. Luv ur outfit!! U look gorgeous!! xx

  24. omg youre too cute! haha, your blue tiered dress is awesome! you're a real little princess! do visit, comment my blog. thanks :)

  25. u look sooo cute in that dress! :)
    love the quotes:)

    love ur blog! , new follower :)

  26. veren you look so adorable!
    really love the dress

  27. you are very cute with that dress :D
    hmm do you want to exchange links with me? :)

  28. kmu backgroundnya beli dimana?

  29. hey veren that blue dress is so into you deh veren!
    cakep kok :D i love to see you in bow as it suits ur looks and as what michelle koesnadi said you looks like alice in wonderland but without the apron

    hey bring orphan to school its such a nice thriller :0

    comment,link, and follow me

  30. hey, cute girl! it's like i wanna hug you tight!!!


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  31. love your headband!!

  32. you look so cute dear! keep blogging cause you do have a great sense of style. =))
    you still look pretty showing your teeth. you should do that often.

  33. OMG! you look like a small version of susie bubble, your blog is very cute

    vist mine:

  34. thanks !! very helpful post!

  35. hello gorgeous little girl. i really love your style as a 12-year old gir. cute and fresh! <33

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