A Happy Mindset

I believe happiness comes from our mindset. How we see and perceive things. How we handle things that happen in our lives.

My friend asked me, how could you stand the heat, the traffic, and the cramped busway every weekdays?
Well. I used to loathe those a lot. I would nag and build up all the nasty curses on my mind.
But when I try to change my mindset, try not to think about those in a bad way, those things don't affect me anymore.

Every time I sweat at the bus station, every time I wait for the busway to come, I try not to think bad about it. I will stand still, either thinking something else or nothing at all.

My mind is my strongest enemy. I am not perfect. I have insecurities that I hide. As a Leo, I'm actually emotional. Being able to beat my bad mindset makes me proud of myself. Being able to hold my anger is an accomplishment. It's a long and tough process. It feels like I'm stacking those UNO blocks and wishing it won't ever crumble.

If you're easily sad or angry, try to change your mindset. Take a deep and long breath and exhale all the hate out. Do I need to be annoyed by this? Is it worth fighting for?

Create positive mindset everyday. Be happy, even by the smallest things.

Today, I'm happy because:
- I love what I wore to work. I wore my fav color (blue) from top to bottom! (didn't have time to snap a pic at home & no proper mirror in my office T.T)


- I gave my seat to an elder on the busway :)

How about you?