bye, March

Time flies so fast, it's hard to believe that tomorrow is April already. I've just arrived home from my quick trip to Jakarta. Yes, I went to Jakarta on Monday alone -_-. I was kinda afraid to go to Jakarta alone by train but I really wanted to go because I was bored at home, also my parents, my sister, and my brother, they're all at Jakarta and I was alone with my maids :S. Luckily, I arrived at Jakarta safely and picked up by my brother and sister.
I went to Grand Indonesia on the first day, went to forever21, topshop, pull&bear, but I got nothing. I also went to Zara Kids and I got 1 t-shirt, 1 floral jeans, and 1 floral dress . On the next day, I went to Central Park and got cute shorts from Stradivarius.*yaay* :D.
I can't wait to wear them all :P

some inspiring pics :


Rumi Neely x Egoist (scans from Vivi Magazine)

source : Le Fashion
source : .

I found out so many people had Alexa Chung as their fashion inspiration / muse. I really often heard / read that name. Some people asked me who's my fashion inspiration. I got so many inspirations from lookbook, fashion magazines (teen vogue, girlfriend, go girl, looks, or Vivi), even I could get inspirations by listening to music. But I really love Olivia Parlemo's style. I think she's my biggest inspiration. Even though, my style isn't same as her, but every time I saw her photos, I always amazed with her. She's sooo pretty :3. I also love Isabel Lucaz, Elle Fanning, and Taylor Swift :D. For me, Olivia Parlemo is better than Alexa Chung. (I don't mean I hate Alexa Chung, I love Alexa's style too btw . This is just my random thoughts, guys ;D)

Few days ago I saw someone's twitter page, I didn't know this person's girl / boy. But this person tweeted some harsh tweets to fashion bloggers. She / he said she/he hated Indonesian fashion bloggers because she / he thought fashion bloggers just wasting money, show off, buy expensive brands, etc. I disagree with this person. 
First,  I believe every Indonesian bloggers love our local brands, you can browse some of Indonesian fashion blogs, sometimes we wear international brands like zara, forever21, or the expensive ones such as Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Marc Jacobs, etc. But we often wear famous local brands like cotton ink, nikicio, picnic, only i, petite cupcakes, etc too. She/he just didn't notice that. 
Like what Talisha Quinta from Ribbonyboo tweeted : "you wanna support your country by wearing local brands? good for you. but there's certainly no need to bother those who chose not to". 
Second, our purpose making a fashion blog isn't to show off about what we have. For me, my fashion blog is to express my enthusiasm about fashion. my blog is also a place to share my thoughts with others. 
We're all have different passions and interests, don't insult each other, don't be selfish, and be smart instead . Let's respect each other :)

p.s : I'm going to hold a giveaway soon! yay! ;D


Experience is The Best Teacher

Hello !
This morning I got my 2nd midterm report card, it was not that satisfying because I failed at a lesson (it's so annoying when I got great scores at other lessons). I don't know why it could happened, I felt I could do it when I did the test, but the result was make me want to cry :'(. That's the worst score ever I've ever got in my life :'( . I asked the teacher to check my test paper again, maybe he did a mistake when checking my paper. I really hope it was a mistake and my score will be changed to be a better one :'( . I'm so saddd becauseI've made my parents disappointed. T_T.  If it's right if I did mistakes when I did the test so I got that score, I will accept it although I'm kinda disappointed. And that will be my lesson for the next test, I must be more careful :). because experience is the best teacher!

Plus. I have had 5 nightmares this week (not ghost, but something I worry / afraid of). like I'm lost in a forest / somewhere, got superr bad scores, jumped from a train, into my friends forgot me -__-. Thanks God it were nightmares, but those nightmares made me afraid to sleep :(. Hope tonight I won't dream any nightmares anymore. :(


top - mom's , shorts - yuan, mary jane heels - june and julia






have a wonderful weekend, folks :)


one hundred

yay! Finally midterm test is over! I'm so happy although still nervous about the results. I really hope I won't get any bad mark, I'm so afraid because it can make my mom gets mad :\
So, it ended today, my friends and I went to a mall after school, karaoke together, play pump , etc. It was really fun although I felt sick today. I think I'm having fever and sorethroat because I ate something that is not good for my throat (maybe it's not clean and my throat is sensitive) and I've been too tired this week :(. Hope I'll recover from this illness as fast as it possible, because I want to go to church tomorrow due to the ash Wednesday . (I can't wait for easter day!) :)

I'm so happy to see that I almost reach 888 followers on my blog (that's my fave number :p). Thank you for following me, :') I really want to make another giveaway as reciprocation to my readers. but I'm confused what will I give. -__-". forgive me ! 

This post is the 100th post on my blog, so I wanna say 100x thank youuuu to you 9my readers) who always support me :)





shirt worn as outer : pull & bear , shorts : GAP kids, fringe bag : zara, and shoes: nike dunk
(I wore these nike dunk again because some people requested me to wear it again :) )



this is what I gave to my senior, it made from clay, my friend's mom made it. so cute, right? ;D

now, time to watch Pretty Little Liars xD, byee all! :*


strawberry shortcake

Hello ! Because the subjects for tomorrow's midterm test are easy, I spare my time to do a blog post *yaay* :P. Sorry if your comments haven't replied. I have no time :'(

People often change to be people they say they will never be

People often do something that they say they will never do.
People can advise others, when actually they can't do the advices hat they give to others

There are many examples of that sayings . Here's an easy example : your boy/girlfriend says he loves you very much and won't ever leave you alone. But then, he leaves you alone and goes with the other one. Where's his promise?

Yesterday I read my dad's magazine and there was an article about Miley Cyrus who wants to visit Indonesia, do social works, and she wants to change the world. But the fact, she uses marijuana, bong, which are bad examples for her fans (especially teens /kids) . Why doesn't she change herself first before she changes the world? :)

I have to admit if I do that too.

I remembered when I said to my friend "no. I don't want to have a boyfriend who is *bla bla bla*" . But then, I fell into a boy who I said I didn't want to havea boyf like that. That's kinda weird and I didn't know what did I think that time.
Another example is when we can tell some things our friends but ourselves can't do that.
I realized that I'm easy to change my mind (well, actually forget my words before) . I want to change that attitude . I won't say something that's not 'the real me', because when I do something that I ever said I wouldn't do, that will be a shame . Think before act! Be smart. hehe :)


regarding to this post's title, I suddenly remember one of my favorite cartoons when I was child. it's strawberry shortcake! It matches with my strawberry top, right? :P

top : unbranded , pants - velvet, wedges - UP




I'm featured on Aneka Yess Magazine (February 28th - March 13th) edition with Evita Nuh. I'm nothing compared to her :| . Thanks, Aneka Yess! and also kak Elco for letting me know about this ;)

p.s : for those who ask me to follow you back on twitter. I'm really sorry to say that I only follow my friends / people I may know . Hope you don't mind. We still can talk by e-mail by the way :). Don't force for follow back. Amount of "followers" isn't everything, folks :)