I love Tai Mei Jakarta

When I was in Jakarta last month, I was invited by this lovely girl ,Relbi to try a new store in Central Park (Tribeca/UG floor) named I ♥ Tai Mei.

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I ♥ Tai Mei is a brand that sells taiwanese drinks and street snacks and this is their very first branch in Indonesia.

I got to try :


Super Milk Caramel
This is veryyy DELICIOUS! It's totally a 'new' drink to me, and doesn't taste like many milk teas/ any other milk drinks that I've tried, this is the BEST. It's sweet, but not too sweet because they gave grass jelly as the topping. And this is one of their most famous drinks! 


This is a fried-marinated-and grilled chicken cutlet which tastes so tender, juicy, and delicious. This menu's name is inspired from S.H.E girlband (there are also other types of this chicken cutlet named Hebe and Ella). I also love this chicken because it's crispy but not too dry, so it's very juicy in my mouth ;3 *nyum nyum nyummm*


This is perfect for you who loveee crispy tofu! It's seasoned very well and I love their seaweed flavor the most (the other flavors are cheese, spicy mexico, garlic seafood, wasabi, curry, and BBQ). It kinda reminds me of taro snack's seaweed flavor hahaha ;p (this is much healther of courseee)


Sweet Potato
Andd this is the last and my most favorite snack from Tai Mei. The sweet potato is sweet inside and outside, and very crispy yet not greasy. The seasoning is just perfect because other than sweet, it also has some 'salt' so it makes you want to have moreee and moreeee of this sweet potato.

Overall, it's very clear that I'd absolutely love to come back to I ♥Tai Mei when I'm in Jakarta again and I totally recommend this to you. The place is also nice and cozy to have a drink or some snacks together with your friends! :)

Thanks a lot, I ♥ Tai Mei !
TRIBECA - Central Park 
UG Floor / #06
Jakarta Barat

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