CNY is just around the corner and everyday before CNY officially starts is a torture for me because there are soo muchhh food and snacks (especially lapis legit) in my house. I'm so tempted to eat all of them but I'm holding it because I'm scared I'll get fat on CNY and my photos on that day could be a disaster LOL (if my mom read this post she'd probably say I'm nuts ;p)

IMG_1134 copy

I took these photos last Friday and wore my favorite bold colors such as navy, red, black, and white altogether to create a nautical look. I also borrowed my mom's saint laurent sac du jour bag in red. I love the design so much and I wished my mom bought this in smaller size so I can borrow it often T^T *i don't like huge bags*

IMG_1140 copy
IMG_1130 copy

By the way, I'm loving my curly hair more and more each day! I didn't use any curling iron to my hair in these photos and I really love the curl shapes. xD

IMG_1107 copy

IMG_1108 copy


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  1. Loving this look so much Ver! Plaid and stripes can never go wrong together x

  2. Love all these outfits ver! <33 Especially that hat, bag, and shoes!!!! >.<


  3. Oh j'adore toujours au top <3 !

  4. plaid and stripes, oh such a combo
    love love

    stay fab,
    Miss Aa

  5. prettyy <3<3 just love the way you worked that outfits,so lovely !

  6. your outfit so amazing. you look mature and cute at once ;)

  7. pretty! love your hair<3

  8. what a cute look, love the colors combination x3
    your curl looks lovely dear :D

    cheer, michelle

  9. Ahahaha, I was tempting too eat more on Chinese New Year too. Gong xi fa cai, Veren!
    Anyway, I love your idea of wearing the dress as the coat :)xx

    The Mad Shopper's Dressing Room

  10. such a cute style !

    i follow you now :)


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