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annyeong !! I wore this outfit to have lunch with my family today. It was a simple outfit, and I don't think it's good enough to be posted here, but yeah, I feel I have to post something on this blog because it's been a long time since my latest post. I apologize to you for neglecting this blog lately. I've been too lazy these days. 3 weeks of holiday, I only exercised once, and it was yesterday. I don't dare to know my current weight ! 



I'll go to school tomorrow, my holiday ends today. Start from tomorrow, I will be a 9th grade student. It means that I can't be too relax anymore, there will be a lot of tests and exams coming as preparations before the national exam. I have to be more diligent! :)
By the way, tomorrow I will get new classmates too. It's been 2 years I have same classmates. I'm a bit disappointed and sad that I'm separated with my old classmates and I'll get a new home-room teacher who is famous with his annoying attitude T_T. what a pity! 
But there's a coincidence, when I was in the 5th grade , I have 2 closest best friends, but when I was in the 6th grade, one of my closest best friends moved to another city and the other one had a big fight with me (three of us separated till 8th grade, last year X moved back to my city but she's in the different class and Y is still my friend but not close with me anymore). But now, three of us are in the same class! I really wish we be best friends again like 2years ago. hahaha :)


cardigan - stradivarius, heart necklace - dorothy perkins, tank top & skirt - unbranded, wedges - UP


BIG BANG - Love Song :)


  1. You look slim and pretty enough to me sweet ^___^
    Good luck at your new class! You'll be fine :)
    And you look cute btw!


  2. i love ur outfit, especially the skirt!

  3. I love your wall (I have also pink walls;) and ofc your outfit as well!

  4. Welcome back! :)
    Now I'm following you via bloglovin. ^_^

    LeeAnne, Style N Season

  5. So cute :)


  6. you look so cute :)

  7. Very cute skirt, Veren Lee! I like the skirt the most in this entire outfit. Your cuteness shines again with this lovely look here. Cute wedge sandals as well. I would also like to send you my best wishes in your studies this upcoming semester. As much as I enjoy reading ".a little princess.", I also wish you the best in all aspects of life. So do your best!

  8. That outfit is lush, simple and sweet!
    Im from England, so i dont know how old you have to be to be in 9th Grade! Oh dear. But im sure you're younger than me and im very impressed that you can wear heels, i fall over..flat on my face! Its dreadful! I need to learn! :)

  9. Cutie little princess..
    That skirt that u wear is so cute!
    Good luck for your school though, best of luck!

    xx stilettonizer xx

  10. I love the print on the shirt it's adorable as well as the tulle skirt! AHH I love your wallpapered background! Hello Kitty ^_^

  11. your skirt is so cute :D
    kmu jga suka big bang ver? I like them too! haha

  12. it'd be better if u take of ur red cardigan and wear something new :p .

    u will be in a new grade, and i suggest u to have a new look. just something different :) .

  13. ur very pretty and cute. :) hope you can visit and follow my blog too. thank you! :)

  14. You are so beautiful :)

    Liebe Grüße Jules von

  15. simple but lovely <3
    and I think you look slim! no need to worry about weight hehe

  16. Lovely your look ! Beautiful shoes !

  17. you look awesome & dont look fat at all :) love your simple outfit btw. lols

  18. Cute wallpaper! Love the skirt too! :)

    Studded Bliss

  19. nice to met you veren. you look super cute!
    love this red cardi
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  20. i like the outfit and the hello kitty wall!!
    on my blog you can find an exclusive interview to paola iezzi, a famous italian singer..wait u there!! 8)

  21. LOVE your shoes! x

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  22. anneyong veren.. :D
    i love all your outfits, really kyeopta.

  23. cool outfit! you look lovely with this cute tshirt!


  24. veren, you look like a teenager now:) yeap I think because of your new bangs and outfit:) cuteeee<3 http;// :)thanks!

  25. You look soo cute!


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