denim ribbon hair clip - DIY, tee - Armani Exchange , necklace - Chanel, bangle - DIY, watch - guess, high waist pants- f21, bag-f21, socks - *forget* - shoes - skechers

I wore this outfit yesterday, when I went to waste my spare time. hahaha... so, it's really casual.. :p

I would so much rather have a FEW of good friends than a lot of fake friends - Lauren Conrad
i often feel upset by my best friends. they come to me just if they need me, if they don't need me, they leave me! most of them are prominent classmates, and I just realized that unpopular / not so prominent friends can be more faithful than them!!

this week is not bad. although there are mount of assignments, and I'm a little bit un-satisfied with glee episode 14. Okay, the songs are really good. But because I'm a big fan of Artie & Tina which look like supernumeraries on glee episode 14 -_-. Okay... I know that's because the story's points are Rachel-Jesse, Emma-Will. hahahha. hope on episode 15 will be more exciting! I've downloaded songs from episode 15. the songs are really GREAT!! My favorite voices are Artie, Tina, and Mercedez. both of them have their own character voice. Rachel's voice is good too. but I think the voice is too loud, so, when she gets duet, her partner's voice can be heared clearly -_-

okay, stoop glee-ing. start from now until next Friday. I'll have my day off from school. exciting! :D
I'll be superrrr lazy on that week :P. FREE! yayyyy! :)

1. Featured on Aneka Yess Magazine 08/2010

2.I won giveaway from Drey & Noriki! :D
This one is gift from Drey :)
I'm wearing the heart necklace now! so cuteeee ;) thank u, Audrey!!

at last, I make a new tumblr, since the previous one is full of glee. hahahaha. CLICK HERE to visit my new tumblr!

have a nice weekend, lovelies!