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When people ask me what's my style, I always get confused choosing answer. I almost always answer them with "girly / cute / feminine" bla bla blah.. but then I realize I don't always dress up femininely . So I guess my style is "fun". I wear what I love and I don't get too focused on one style. I can be so girly at most of times but sometimes I can be a little boyish too! It's just so fun to dress up. When I've just started blogging 3 years ago a lot of people said I was too young to dress up, I was too mature for my age and said I should play this and that like other kids. I think they forget that "dressing up" is my favorite "game"!! 


This Alice Tee that I got from Auburn & Ginger is my favorite tee at the moment. The cotton fabric is just so comfy and I feel like sleeping with it. heheheh.. By the way, Auburn & Ginger has just launched their new site, but you can also visit their facebook page too. Auburn & Ginger is the first Indonesian webstore that provide free shipping  without minimum purchase and they allow their customer to return or exchange the products if they're not satisfied. Aaaand oh! There's also an opening sale from June 19th - June 24th. I like Auburn & Ginger so much because the owner is super friendly!! 


In this post I wore my favorite stuffs at the moment. A varsity jacket that I  bought at Windsor Castle, alice tee c/o Auburn & Ginger, ripped denim shorts c/o sheinside, platform sneakers c/o Oasap. I've been longing for a platform sneakers to make me look taller. Thank you  Oasap for making my dream comes true! It's just so hard to get platform sneakers in Indonesia. And the ripped denim shorts are my favorite shorts too! It's been a long time since the last time I bought denim shorts. I was a fan of GAP Kids' denim shorts and then I found these amazing shorts from sheinside. <3 <3 


By the way, there are a lot of e-mails coming up lately, so if you have short or simple questions to me please ask me on formspring instead of e-mail. That way I can reply my work-emails faster and respond to your questions too! I always check my formspring every week. If you send me short questions via e-mail, I often forget to reply them due to the amount of some very important e-mails that I have to reply as soon as possible. I hope y'all will understand. Thank you so much for your love and support! :)


  1. pretty aslways (:
    love the sneakers <3

  2. love your varsity jacket! really like your style here. young and playful :) because i think sometimes, your outfit is a bit too mature for your age :)

    1. like what I said, I always wear what I love, and dress up freely. If I get bored being a 14 year-old, there's nothing wrong to dress up maturer right? I always like to try something new . thank you btw :)

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  4. Me too! I don't know what my actual style is, lol.
    Btw, loving your outfit! Effortlessly stunning :D

  5. cute girl and fresh outfit! :D

    Wulan Wu on

  6. Awesome style,
    love your look alwayss Veren!! :D

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    don't forget to give your comment in there because your comment can improve my blog. hehehe
    feel free if you want to follow it ;)
    thanks before!

    xoxo, Dittha

  7. You're always been so lovely, veren! I agree with your thoughts :D it's okay to look a bit mature sometimes haha
    Btw, nice outfitss...omg you're so good in styling outfits!

  8. i really really love your jacket! and it's okay to dress up mature :)

    Pudding Monster

  9. So fresh outfit! Love your jacket :)

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    Karina Dinda R. ♥

  10. I don't know what to answer if i'm being asked about style. I like to dress up feminine, tomboy, sometimes a little bit gothic/lolita. I try almost any style i think fit me. :) Btw, i like your glasses and shoes.. :D

  11. love the sneaker and the varsity! <3

  12. so cute veren :))
    I also love fun style, or i call it moody style :p

  13. You're so cute, veren. I almost love your all style. You're a good fashion blogger although you're still young. Adore it <3

    Rainbow Passion

  14. love the outfit and the photos :)
    you're very pretty ♥

  15. veren you look so cute! i love your varsity and your platform shoes! <3

  16. This is way too cute! I love your jacket and shoes!

  17. love the shoes<3<3


  18. I'm 14 too! You have so many followers at such a young age(: I hope I can be that successful! haha, new follower! Hope you can follow back(:

  19. I am obsessed with your jacket and SERIOUSLY, I want that wallpaper! I love HK!
    And thanks so much for the comment on my blog! Would you like to follow each other?

  20. thanks for praising my header :) really flattered! admire your blog since forever!
    keep up your lovely style!

  21. loving your varsity jacket. like, oh my gosh.
    the color really great :)


  22. You're always so adorable veren! Love the varsity jacket <3 x

  23. Loving the varsity jacket ensemble! <3 Loving this blog!
    Do you mind following me back?

  24. love the jacket and the sneakers! <3
    and, its okay to being a bit too mature cause girls just wanna have fun and we live free and young!

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  26. This style is so cute. I love how you pulled off that red jacket. :)

    Would love to swap links with you. Let me know. :)

  27. you are beautiful, young girl.
    invite me on a hand where you can win a dress from :)

  28. Adorable! As always :)
    Waiting for your next post

    Stay Pretty,

  29. love this outfit girl!!! u are aweosme

  30. uber love your boots+jacket! <3

  31. Veren! I love your outfits, all of them!

    Hugs and kisses,

  32. Great post: I like these pictures so much!!
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  33. Your style is so cute and adorable! Really loving your blog! I'd appreciate if you'd check out my blog, and maybe follow if you like!
    Keep up the cute posts!
    Paige Renae

  34. In love with your sneakers and jacket veren :) You look cute as always


  35. Wonderful ^^

  36. i love your jacket and shoes ver! and yeah dress up freely, i think there are no rules in the fashion world, just be creative ;p you look fab here xx

    Letters To Juliet


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