How to shop

For my fellow Indonesians, lotssssssss of you have been asking me how to shop on
I understand that most of you are unfamiliar with this kind of shopping since Indonesian online shops provide bank transfer payment.
*romwe, sheinside, chicnova, etc are my SPONSORS. So I never make any purchase. But I did an international online shopping on and I used credit card (I dont have paypal)*

So, I wanna help you although it's just a little .

There are top 3 most asked questions from y'all:

1. How to Pay?
You can't do bank transfer like what we usually do when we shop on indonesian webstores. Most of them only offer payments through credit cards and paypal account (example: sheinside provides payment through Credit card AND paypal, you can choose one of them. Choose credit card if you don't have paypal account.) 

You need to AT LEAST have a credit card (visa/master card), and yes it can be from anyyyy  bank (bca, niaga, mandiri, danamon, bri, etc.) as long as it has 'visa' or 'master card' written on it. Then, You can create a paypal account if the stores only can do payment through paypal (please ask google for an explaination about paypal)  or if you don't have a paypal account, if you do some search on google, you'll find some Indonesians that let you buy things from international stores through them (they will order them for you with their paypal / credit cards, but you have to pay MORE than the original price as a fee to their service).  (online shop which is doing this thing that I know is June&julia. Line: juneandjulia) . When you're proceeding your order, just fill the coloumns with your credit card number, expire date, credit card holder's name, csc code, etc. And then the bank will automatically charge you at the end of the month. The amount will still be in usd when you pay, but later when the bill comes, the bank will automatically convert it to rupiah based on the current currency.
2. How about the shipping?
There are 3 options. Free shipping (2-3 weeks), express shipping 4-5 working days ($7), express shipping 3-4 working days ($15). The webstores will provide you with tracking code, so that you can track the position of your package. Up till now, I've never experienced any trouble with the shipping. It always arrive to my house , but I can't guarantee about how long it takes for the packages to arrive. Sometimes it can be 2 weeks, sometimes it can be 2-4 weeks.

3. How about the tax?
Yes, when the package arrives at Indonesia, the post office will charge some amount of money. If we shop on romwe/sheinside, they usually mark the parcel as a gift wit cheap price, so that we don't need to pay so much. I can't tell you how much will the post office charge, because indo's post offices are just absurd in some areas.I don't know how they calculate the amount of the tax that we have to pay, you can ask them to explain you at the post office.  They can charge you only a little (in my area, i got charged IDR8000/package for shopping below $100), or a ridiculous amount (100k or above). But that rarely happens because romwe/sheinside don't show how much we shop on the package. That ridiculous price only shows up when you shop at a website who doesn't mark down the price on the package (usually if u shop above $100).

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This is the furthest I can help you, so pleaseee contact their customer services instead of me if you're still confused D:.