Live in Wadas Gumantung


I've told you before that last month, from January 17th - 19th, I had a school activity that we call "Live in" in Wadas Gumantung Village. It's an activity where the students in the tenth grade will live in their foster parents' house and do daily activities with them for 3 days. We're not allowed to bring our phones but we may bring cameras.

The village is located in Brebes Regency. We took a bus from Tegal and we arrived at the road after 2 hours ride. We had to cross a village, a river (pic above & below), fields, and very long+muddy roads until we finally reached Wadas Gumantung, on foot. Yes it was very tiring because of the 'super' track and it was also raining at that time, but that tired feelings went gone after we met our foster parents. 

We can say this village is rural, there's not any school, market, or even health clinic. The residents here have to walk a quite long way to the 'bigger village' buy daily necessities everyday. It's a good thing that they got a pretty good bridge now. The previous bridge was so frail and it broke. :(


the very muddy paths. they're all soil!


This was the house where I and my other 4 friends lived in. It was a half tiled and it got a TV xD. The atmosphere in the house was very cozy. And luckily the weather was cool! Sitting on the bench while watching tv and eating bananas was my favorite thing to do in the morning.


Our parents gave us a lot of snacks, bananas, peanuts, and corns to eat. They're all so yummy I think I ate 10 bananas in 2 days >___<

Bedroom. 1 bed for 5. We slept 'sate' style :P.
In the village, most of the residents there don't have toilets at their house. They have to go to the mosque / church / wells to take a bath/pee/poo. It was very memorable to us where in the morning we had to walk to the church to take a bath (the paths were veryyy mudy til you need to take off your sandals or else they would get stuck to the soil), and we had to go back to our house and our feet got muddy & dirty again after we reached our house. It didn't cause a big problem though since we would go to the fields and played with our friends. xD





For 3 days, our daily activities were helping our mother to cook, clean the house, watch tv together, harvest the crops at the fields, and go to our other friends' houses XD. At night we also gathered at the church to watch movies together.

Bamboo shoots (rebung), tempe, chickens, and gorengan

This was when we washed the dishes after we had lunch. It was at the back side of our house. There were A LOT of chickens and those chickens would come in to the house if we forgot to close the door. Then all of us would be in panic mode and became so busy to take them out. *freaking out*


There's also a coconut tree behind our house, and this was when our father climbed up and picked some coconuts for us. The people in this village sell coconut only for IDR 1500 and we got it for free from our parents!



Me, Bernadette, and Ibuuu <3 br="">
This was our parents' fields and they planted 80% corn and 20% rice during this season. At night our father and the other men would go to the fields and guarded the field all night long to avoid wild boars.


Pak Cahyono & Bu Sukinem & US! <3 br="">

We took a photo together before we left. It was a very unforgettable experience for us. I learned so much things about life here and I couldn't wait to visit them again. They're so caring to us . I won't forget the warm greetings from the residents in Wadas Gumantung. I promise I'll be more independent, moree grateful with everything that God gave, and never give up. :)


  1. what fun!
    i never go to live in while chool time :(
    i heard my friends story some creepy but some so much fun :D

  2. sounds fun!! ^^

    xoxo, michelle

  3. its a really interesting, awesome post Veren ^^

    we learn so many things from them right..

    thought it a bit hard, but the parents are so nice and it wrap up every hard things ^^

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  4. hahaha Veren you're so cute eating 10 banana's per day lol. I've once do 'live in' too, and played with cows and also do a mini soccer on a mud field. such an amazing experiences for us who has life better than them, so we can learn :)

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  5. Wow, this looks so interesting and worthwhile. What an amazing thing to experience! Thank you for sharing.


  6. it must be a great experience for you :)

  7. it's look fun and awesome

  8. it looks fun and a super great experience !!

  9. I think this was a really interesting and helpful experience. I wished something like this would happen in my school as well, it would help others realize more about real life.

    Have a nice day ^^

  10. i spot 2pm tee lol ah you remind me of my relatives who live in the village and yes it was exactly like you wrote especially the chicken part hahaha it surely teach you something. lovely post <3

  11. That must have been an amazing experience.
    Must be great getting really down to earth and experiencing a whole different side of living.

  12. i never did this before and it looks fun! but im afraid i cant get used to it, did you sleep well? >,<

    Letters To Juliet

  13. Wow, this looks so interesting and worthwhile. prom dress


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