basic t-shirt - zara, vest - gowigasa, shorts - GAP kids, belt - unbranded, heart printed stockings - miss selfridge, wedges - retail therapy, bracelet - from vdcouture

I'm confused wheter I write this or not. it's been along time I keep this feeling alone in my mind only.
do you ever feel being too forced by someone? Someone that you really love? We're not talking about boyfriend /girlfriend now.
I often feel that my mom forces me to study too much and it makes me stressed out like crazy and after that I often cry. it's like my mom never satisfies with what I do for her. I study hard when there's test and I always try my best to get the best score to make my mom happy. But my mom often gets angry to me. even if I get 70/80 in my tests. I really hate it. I ever shared this problem to my bk teacher but it doesn't change a thing. I love my mom very much and I want to make her proud. but she never knows that I feel like 'a girl under pressure'. I want her to not angry too often to me just because I can't get 100. and I don't want she forces me to study everynight too. I have my own 'study method'. :(.
and then I start to think if better I moved to other city and live separated with my parents so that I wouldn't hear her shouts at me everyday. that's good for her and me. even though I know if I'll feel 'homesick', I will regret all, I will miss her, etc. every human has their own 'patience line', mom :(

ok. just stop the sadness and let's think another things. I feel better after I shared my problem to my friends and they made me happy at school. I'm very thankful of it ..
sorry for the lack of update and late at replying your comments. will face the final exam next week, wish me luck!! :D


  1. lovely outfit dear...
    love your pants :)


  2. so you created new account in flickr?that last one already full I guess.but anyway,you look pretty and cute at the same time. :-)

  3. very cute :)

  4. be patience Ver, you can do it :) tell your mom to be grateful for what you've achieved. humans aren't as perfect as your mom wants. there must be imperfections in everyone.
    me too. I recently had a fight with my mom, until we kept silence for a weeks. but at last, I realized that I can't live without her. cheer up Veren!
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    xoxo, missingbee

  5. wuah, i also felt that way, but, let's think, our parents always want the best for us, didn't they? (well, i think my mom is kinda like your mom -_-)

  6. cheer up, Ver. have you tried to tell her how you feel like being forced all the time? it happened to me too, when I was a child. I think some parents likes to treat their children like 5 year old kids. until we've reached some certain age, then they'll stop pushing us around. just keep remember that your parents always want the best for you, that's why she treated you like that :)

  7. You look gorgeous <3

    And try not to worry too much about your mum :\ Sometimes our parents just want us to do the best we can; and that's the only way they know how to do it? By forcing us to study :( I've been through that before though and it is very stressful and it's such a horrible feeling T-T" But cheer up <3 It'll be over soon :)

    Just try your best and if it's still not enough, you should just tell her that you're doing everything you can.


  8. cute outfit!
    about the scores thingy.. mom wants the best for her kids :)
    just talk about it with your mom..

  9. hi, dear.. cute outfit, as usual.. :)
    anw, have u ever talked with ur mom bout ur feelings? but don't talk with her when she's angry (or after tht) though.. try to talk with her when she's in a good mood.. for example, after u got 100 on ur exam.. after u told her u got 100, let her know tht u can be responsible with ur school without her keep pressuring u.. :)
    but u have to be real responsible to, so u can prove it to ur mom & ur mom can trust u..
    I've experienced it too... 'n I tried this method & it works! ^^
    good luck with ur exam... :)

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    love, DEE...

  10. hwaiting!
    by now i just realized that everyone has his or her own problem ..

  11. Hi girl :)

    very very very sweetie.. lovely look <3


  12. keren deh :D
    akhirnya ngepost juga haha :D

  13. Love the cute outfit veren :) disini lumayan sih makanannya cocok gitu..hehe :) Tp porsinya gede2 D:
    btw, maybe you should tell ur mom how you feel. but don't make her feel that u're angry/hate her. make it just like u wanna share ur thoughts of her..hope u're feeling better :))

  14. And wow you are only 13! You are so cute remind me of my little cousin!

    About your mom, sorry to hear that :( and I know she's trying to be the best for you but still. Maybe you should go talk to her about the situation. But please don't get frustrated okay ^__^

  15. this look is laid back but totally chic!

    hmm veren, probably you can tell your mom about how you feel, like heart to heart conversation.
    you know what, my mom also always want me to get 100 when i was younger. my mark was not less than 80. i was wondering why is that important and like, can i just study whenever i want?

    as time goes by i realize that my mom was just want me to be discipline. as i grow older, i understand the importance of keeping the study pace and it's just worth it afterall.
    Now i think that the most important thing is that i understand what i am learning, good mark is just a bonus.

    I used to think that living overseas is gonna be so free and all. What i see now is, some friends whose parents didnt give enough discipline, really cannot make it. They just play and slack around.

    You totally can say to your mom about how you feel, she is your friend too right? believe me, she just want the best thing for you.

    sorry for this longer than live comment
    *hugs from me

  16. Great outfit!!! I love your tights!!
    I think your mom meant well, but I do agree with the pressure thing, she should have find a better way to make you more motivated on studying. I dont know what to say but studying is important, I'm a n over achiever so I like to get those 100 grade mark, I usually not satisfied on 70/80...that is just my opinion

  17. really sorry to hear that ur mother is pressuring u alot ! my dad is stressing me out too these days.. he doesnt seem to be satisfied with mee..

    maybe try talking to ur mom/sister to solve and work out a solution ? your mom loves u too and she wudnt want u stressed out :D

    70/80 is not a bad grade :D well for me... as long as you pass, it's good enough..haha

  18. you are gorgeous!!
    again ;>

    please don't be sad...! I can understand your situation very well, but you'll find a way :)
    keep your head held high.

    i hope, you'll check out my giveaway ;)

    love&rockets, Lie

  19. verennn udah lama aku ngk liat blog kmu. U look stylish as always :D
    iya heels yg dri June itu comfy bgt, I love it!

  20. Cool outfit !
    Love it !
    Cute shoes :D


  21. This outfit has it all.
    It has style, but still is playfull & young... but the thights makes it even sexy!

    Great combination!
    xox Cathy

  22. always love your outfit! :)
    get well soon ci veren.. i've been keeping that kinda ill too you know.. :)

  23. This is my first time at your blog and it looks really great! Visit mine in return? You have really cute outfit! It's sometimes hard to deal with parent's as they always think they know better. You just need to learn that when you've done the best you can it's not in your hands anymore. I'm sure your mom will understand in some point, she just has high hopes for you.

    juliet xxx

  24. You are the cutest thing! That outfit is so adorable.

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  26. i love your pants and your belt!

    by the way, cheer up :) every parents always want the best from their child, so just do your best then they will know. talk to them :)

    overall, i love your blog so much!


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