hello. how are you?
i'm sorry if long time i not updating my blog.
because i'm very busy with my midterm test,
anyway, I have a bad feeling about my midterm test's result.
I think my result will not good and my mom will be angry to me. :(

okay, to the point.
today is my sister's engagement. I will show you my outfits.

- lolita hat hair pin
- HIPPIE dress
- HIPPIE vest
- randa wedges

your comments are my pleasure. ;D


  1. haha pinter yah, yg ngajarin buat blog gini sapa?
    mesih smp pdhl..hehe

    potone bagus2 :)

  2. nice blog :D

    btw, it surprised me to find out that a little girl like you is also able to access the Internet and blog :)
    have a great day !

  3. veren,, kamu imut bgt ya bajunya juga bagus bagus.. haha

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  5. for me your style is too lolita.and actually i hate it.i mean too crowded.yeaaah.

    in this pict your wedges color is not match with your dress and vest color.WHITE with PINK are totally euwwwh.

    different if you wear pink shirt, with white pants and that pink wedges maybe it'll match.

    you should change ur personal style i think.


  6. nice blog.

    it's just that you need improvement on style, dear..not that i'm saying you are lack of style and everything. try to play with colors lil bit daring than usual. i think with your slender type body and young age, try not to wear 'grown up' dress like white shirt and high waist skirt. that will make you look older.

    and one more think, since you are skinny and again with your age, avoid wearing knee length boots cause it will hide all your best asset. Vivi is too daring for such age, I would recommend Teen Vogue, Seventeen or local GoGirl for comparison. :)

  7. hello veren! I really love your high heels and your outfit:)


thanks for your sweet comments on my blog!