Today is very fun for me in the afternoon,
but very boring in the evening.

in the afternoon, I go to my friend's house and play together.
in the evening, I just sit in front of my computer desk and don't know what I must do.
so, I just check my facebook account, twitter account, browse some fashion blogs, etc.
and, 2 days later, my dad will celebrate his 53th birthday.
now, I at the panic situation because I confuse , what can I buy for him?
T-shirt? or not yet? hmmm.
If you know if I not live at Jakarta, but I live at Tegal.
But I very often go to Jakarta, because I have a house at Jakarta, and my brother study at Jakarta.
Really, I hate my city,
its so boring, and trustworthy,
in Tegal just there 2 malls with countrified shops, and *ecek-ecek* mark.
I'm so hate that.

but, there is 1 things who make me happy in Tegal :
- there isn't a traffic jam!

really, I want to show you some pictures about my accessories collection.
But I think I can't upload now,
because my internet connection is very bad
and I will upload that later.

friends, 4 days later, I will have midterm test.
I want to have good mark for my midterm test,
and I really hope I will be the 1st rank in my class.

bye all. I will long time not post anything.


  1. if there are some malls in Tegal like GI, PS, PP, etc ... I think it will be bangkrupt in 1 year coz the economic situation in Tegal isn't really good >.<

  2. sure . In tegal will never there mall like gi,ps,pp,etc.
    Because tegal don't have lot of money to build those.
    And that become a super boring city. It make me want to always go to jakarta if holiday. X(.
    I think, minimal, there is a XXI for watching new movie.
    So weird if we watch films at marina. O_o

  3. oh good luck for finding your dad's present . and why don't you come to jakarta to search for the present ? :) and good luck for the test !

  4. @ becky : thanks. anw, I don't go to jakarta for searching things for my dad's birthday because I don't have time for go to Jakarta. It will spend my time on the way to Jakarta. Want 5 hours for Tegal - Jakarta . :]


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