Cutely Spiked

How was your first week of school? Mine was super fun, tiring, annoying, unforgettable, and there are still a lot of inexpressible feelings that I can't describe. The student orientation will be an unforgettable experience for me, it was so much different with the one in junior high school (grade 7-9). It was funner, more embarrassing and also scarier at the same time.

The first day went very well and I did the tasks perfectly. My team also won the 2nd place in the afternoon activity. The second day, I was late for less than 5 freaking minutes and I was punished to do push-up for 40 times. On the 3rd day, I came very early to school and was so proud that I've done all the tasks and I didn't come late on that day, BUT, I STILL got punished. My nails were too long so I have to do push-up again. T.T.After that there's a cooking competition. I and my friends cooked gado-gado and won the 3rd place out of 20 contestants ;p

Everyday, I had to tie-up my hair up to 15 knots and wore a helmet made from a plastic ball. I had to do my hair with my mom's help in the evening before I went to sleep and put the knots into the helmet in the morning . It took a lot of time and I felt like I didn't take a rest for 3 days . After I came home from school I had to go to school again for the afternoon activity, then after it ended I had to search the stuffs that my seniors asked me to bring on the next day. After I've prepared those stuffs, I had to do my hair.... yeah that's my daily-routine for 3 days. T.T.

I felt happy when my team accomplished the tasks, I felt sad and angry when I got punished, I felt.... awesome because I could undergo the student orientation without falling sick, although it was very tiring and made me feel so sleepy in the morning because I didn't get enough sleep, but I got lots of lessons to learn. I had to be more discipline, I also learned the important role of tolerance and teamwork when we're working in groups, and maaaaannyyyy moree. I feel so thankful to my seniors who have prepared all of this and taught us lots of useful things to learn (:

sweater : cottoncandy fashion house, shorts : red cherry, earcuff & spiked bracelet : oasap, wedges : june+julia x veren lee

This time I was wearing a knitted sweater from Cotton Candy. The sweater is veryy comfortable to wear. I've known this online shop for a quite long time and I always like their collections. Cotton Candy sells affordable clothes with super good quality and also fast service! If you're following my instagram / twitter, you must have known that I also got a dress from Cotton Candy. It's sooo cutee and I can't wait to wear it <3

I was also wearing shorts from one of my favorite shops, Red Cherry. As usual, Red Cherry always have cute clothes that catch my eyes... I love these shorts sooo much! ;)

I'm currently addicted to spiked accessories and decided to grab this super cool earcuff and neon bracelet from . ;)

Now I'm having the pre-fasting holiday, and will go back to school on Monday. I spend this short break by having enough rest and taking some outfit shots . Tomorrow I'm gonna meet my friends who have moved to Semarang, sooo.... SEE YOU <3


  1. I love your ear cuff! Also I just started school also and have been so busy :( starting my senior term in a few months worried!

  2. hopefully after the orientation days things'll get more bearable at school. stay happy and fight! anw i love your shorts <3

  3. i love the first pics!
    you look mature and pretty

  4. this is the first time I'm seeing you wearing eyeliner :) cute outfit <3 the wedges so much!

  5. cute veren lee..
    love your sweater.. so it was from cotton candy? I'll check them out!

  6. thanks for the lovely comment on my blog!! :)

  7. i love your neon spike bracelet! and your earcuffs as well!

  8. I'm sorry if not being crazy about spikes and studs makes me less of a fashion lover. However, I do like this spiked earcuff. Moreover, this sweater + shorts + wedges combination is absolutely cute! Very charming outfit from top to bottom. And yes- cutely spiked! :)

  9. Why are you so adorable veren!!! Love that those cuffs, amazing outfit <3 x

  10. pretty!
    adore to your bracelets so much <3


  11. this yellow colour make you look brighter and fresher! :D

    Wulan Wu on

  12. Orientation is a very busy time which can garner a lot of emotions. I remember the bewildering feelings I felt when I first started school as well. Hopefully you'll make some new friends during the orientation activities.
    I like your outfit, it's bright, cheerful and sweet and the ear cuff adds some extra magic to it.

  13. That looks so amazing on you!


  14. You look uber cute veren! I love the color combo :D

  15. yeah! so cute and btw I love ur neon bracelet !

  16. I love ur accesories :)

  17. cute top :)
    btw happy entering JHS'll be having fun time forward. enjoy your new chapter of life :)

  18. really nice earcuff and spiked neon bracelets. I've been eyeing for neon accesories but haven,t find the cute one :)

  19. Really beautiful !
    Okey you're so young,amazing and talented ! Love...


  20. Whoa long time no see your post and now you cut your hair, didn't you? You still look cute anyway :)

    crunchy cheese me

  21. pretty!! veren cantik banget sekarang pake eyeliner yaa hihihii x)

  22. Love this color combination ^^ You look so mature now :)

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    Karina Dinda R. ♥

  23. It´s amazing how cute you are darling!:)

  24. super love the ear cuff and sweater ver! you look like a korean, yg di 2ne1 >.<

    Letters To Juliet

  25. omg veren you look mature now and more pretty !! i love yourmoutfit too :)) btw welcome to senior high school ya.

  26. welcome to SHS veren.. enjoy it as it'll be the most wonderful time in life
    those orientation stuff is really tiring but I always find lots of great things from it.. it's so fun afterall
    major love your cute red shoes!! I always love red fashion stuff :)

  27. you look great!

    are we following yet?
    let me know if you follow me
    and I'll follow back :-)

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  28. i love this all! so, so cute! great blog girl, keep it up and look forward to reading more! :)

    love, rach.


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