Strong Berry


I got this top from Red Cherry Shop. The owner sent me this strawberry-printed top as my birthday present :). And the bracelet is from Hanake Shop thank you so much~<3


Please don't get bored with my favorite up wedges. Some people asked me why I love to wear same shoes. why did I wear those shoes all over again... 
my answer is simple. Because it match with my outfits, and for me, fashion blog isn't a place to show off what you have, but to show how you dress up.. Don't you think when I wear the same thing(s) for times, it shows that I can wear it in many different ways? :). Don't spend too much money for clothes just because you don't want to wear something same for times. That's really a waste! (Especially for students who still use parents' money). Just be creative to mix and match clothes, and don't be afraid :)
Tips :
- Buy clothes / shoes with neutral colors (such as black, nude, white, red, navy, etc.) . I'm sure it match with many kinds of outfit. 
- Don't get easily affected by trends. I do follow the trends.. But I always think twice before I buy the 'trending' items. (Especially if its pricey). There are many kinds of trend... the ones who last for a long time, and the ones who only last for a short time. example ; It's such a pity when you've just bought a skirt which a lot of people wear, but suddenly people don't wear it again and wear the other styles.

I'm not smart enough to give you some tips, so you can follow @styling_101 to get more awesome tips! 


There's also a question that some people ask me. "I want to make a fashion blog like you but I'm not confident, I don't have a nice style".

My answer : "Don't be afraid, don't be shy. I was a fashion disaster when I've just started this blog . But as time goes by, I've improved.The other fashion bloggers, lookbook-ers, fashion sites, magazines, etc are the inspirations of my outfits ! They're my teachers! " 





I want to let u know that I only have ONE facebook account. it's , the others are DEFINITELY fake! Start from now, I won't accept any friend request from people who I'm not familiar with. I will only accept my school-mates, my relatives, and my close friends. So please don't be angry if I ignore your friend requests, I just want to be more private and feel safe about cyber-crime, and I feel annoyed enough with those fakers. 

Those who pretending to be me / using my photos and admit it as their photos without my permission ;
chandra adhitya --> he pretended to be my boyfriend, look at his wall page... when my friend told me about this, he changed his relationship status and made me as his sister...
Melissa dalimunthe --> she was the one who had a fight with me because she didn't want to delete my photos in her facebook profile, and she said that I'm not Veren.. and my photos were her photos... geeezzzzz. (I think i've told you about this before)
Anastasia Amalia (Veren Lauensia Djuanda)--> she's melissa dalimunthe's friend...
Veren Chan --> she's also melissa dalimunthe's friend.. there isn't any photo of me in her profile but she once used my photos
Veren Lee --> same name, same profile picture, but different facebook url
the funny thing... those fakers are mutual friends on facebook (chandra adhitya is melissa dalimunthe and anastasia amalia's friend. Veren chan is melissa's dalimunthe's friend, etc). I guess they're a group of fools who don't have face?

Those links above are the only people that I found... Maybe there's still more.. But I don't wanna know anymore. I f you found it, just help me by reporting them to facebook / ask them to delete my photos. Thank you <3
V.I - Strong Baby



  1. So cuteeeee! I love the strawberry top!

  2. i'm one of your fans dear ^^
    love your shoes, and i agree with u that "fashion blog isn't a place to show off what you have, but to show how you dress up"..

  3. you're such a cutie! <3

  4. This is such a cute outfit! I love the strawberry top.


  5. Cutee outfit !
    Love the berries top <33


  6. Cute top! Love it~ =D I love red and white combination in one top XD

  7. totally agree with this post! i love your shoes and top!
    and for those fakers, be patient, dear. they are just your biggest fans :)

  8. aa .. nice blog from indonesia..

  9. i know its kinda late but happy bday veren,all the best dear..anw your top is so adorable :D

  10. love the whole look! you're soo cute~ :"> I really admire the way you pose! :DD && don't mind those posers >:| they're just jealous!

  11. Lovely outfit! And I like your header :D

  12. Express your style however you please, Veren Lee. In fact, there are very few wedges I dislike, and I certainly like those. The strawberry top is cute along with those shorts. Great advice as well for any would-be fashion bloggers. Much love to you for another great look!

  13. I'm in love with your shoes! xo

  14. You r so cute!

    yeaa.. being widely known by the bloggers doesnt mean we gotta have such a uncountable chloths. but by being a good writer in conveying our idea will be great as well (:


  15. I guess they're just group of fools who r envy with you. just be patient facing ppl like them:)

    and I like the way you think, a lot of fashion blogger like to just spend their money to show off what they have, while actually it's not like that. and I guess not many fashion blogger especially in your age can think like that! so I guess I adore you more now hehe, not only because of your looks but also your mature thoughts:)

    cute outfit btw!

    Journal J

  16. I really love that shirt! :)

    Check out my handmade jewelry please! :D

  17. cute top veren! as cute as you! :D

  18. same motto veren! I love your clothes so much! thanks for your comment in my blog. I really appreciate it:)

  19. cute :)

  20. Cute outfit! Love your shoes!

  21. Very loveeee this:
    "Fashion blog isn't a place to show off what you have, but to show how you dress up"
    "Don't spend too much money for clothes just because you don't want to wear something same for times."

    Love this post ^^ and thank you for featured Hanake Shop hihihi

  22. So cute ! ^^ ! Your strawberry top ! Beautifuls pictures !

  23. Very wise, Veren!
    I also mostly follow fashion blogs that I can relate to. Aka real fashion by real people. And real people wear their shoes many times, not just once then throw them away.
    Very well said.

    LeeAnne, Style N Season

  24. OMG I love ur lill cute face ..
    So gorgeous <3

  25. cute and fun outfit

    new post on my blog, love to hear your opinion

  26. This tee-shirt is soo cute ! :)


  27. I am soooo agree! and those shoes are cute indeed, I won't get bored to see them ;)
    and you look so cute as per usual <3

    PS. yes, I can see we have some same sponsors =)

  28. Oh My GOD! It's kinda annoying to have fakers like that!

    Well, i think you should think this way:
    you're famous enough to have people want to be you..haha....*kinda lame though*

    have a nice day btw..:)
    and, do you know that 2PM will hold a concert in Jakarta on around Oct-November?

  29. aw you look so cute in those!
    a positive thing that (i think) you should take from "the faking" thing is the fact that you are faaamousss!! until you made people wants to be like you. hmm.. but they really are annoying ;)

    come visit my blog?

  30. You are so adorable! The strawberry print shirt is totally you.
    That's annoyingly strange to have people who want to be a fake you. I guess it's a compliment?


  31. cute as usual veren

    xx stilettonizer

  32. Cute outfit!

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    Check it out and don't miss out!


  33. hey cutie berry! such a cute outfit, Veren!! :D
    no worries fake people are full of jealousy. You are outstanding that's why they are jealous!
    keep moving :D you're great!

  34. Cute strawberries!!! And totally agree with you on blogging... my stryle and my point of view about fashion changed a lot from blogging... I'm really glad I started Blogging.

  35. So cute, love the shoes. X

  36. Too cute! Those berries look nice on you :) And yeah, I agree with your tips :)

  37. oh cuuuteee!!! i love your strawberry top veren :)

    Hei Echa!

  38. this is so adorable!
    i lvoe the colour combination :D

    oh those faker are really nonsense, i hope they stop it.


  39. cute top! ♥
    hey i agree with u, fashion is how u mix and match clothes in so many ways.

    The Juicy Candy

  40. so cuteeee verennn <3
    loving your shoes!


  41. that top just made me go ~aaaahhhhwwww

    so cute!

  42. strawberries!! and your top matches your personality i think..

    you should just create a fan page in facebook instead.

  43. so cute dear.I'm now following.hope you follow back me

  44. cute post! oh btw, happy belated birthday veren, may the goods turns to you :)

  45. Your strawberry top is cute ! Love it :)


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