uhmmm.... Good night everyone.. what am I gonna write?

First.... I'm going to tell you about today..
Today's weather was reaaaaallyyy hot.. The school ended at 1 o'clock and the heat made me feel dizzy and I could faint... Thanks God holiday starts tomorrow because the roads in my city become really crowded these days.. Plus the road in front of my school become 1 way only, and it makes the students come late because we have to take another way which is farther. So it's like the road in front of my school becomes the road for travelers.. There were a looootttt of motorcycle passed by today. It was really scary O_O

Second.. I'll go to Jakarta tomorrow and go to South Korea on Saturday (YAY!), I hope there won't be any traffic jam :[

Third.. My ipod is now in my friend's hand.. The courier didn't send it to my house because they said their staffs returned to their hometown already and couldn't send the package to other city outside Semarang.. I was like.. WHAAAATTTTT??? So it was in Semarang since Tuesday, then my dad told the courier to send my ipod to my friend who lives in Semarang.. And luckily my friend will also go to Jakarta tomorrow ;D. *I beg my friend, I'll smack him if he forgets to bring my ipod :/ . I can't live without ipod during my trip to Korea.. I can't imagine my self sitting in the bus for hours without ipod.. It will be extremely boring! (I think I've typed this sentence twice :p*

And fourth,... even though this is too early, I wanna say "SELAMAT HARI LEBARAN" for those who celebrate it . Please forgive my sins :D. and HAPPY HOLIDAYYY <3

See you soon! :D

p.s : BYEEE daily test, assignments, etc.!!!