Happy Birthday Indonesia!


Happy 66th Independence Day to my country, Indonesia~! And today's outfit theme is red and white, the colors of Indonesia's flag :)


Am I proud to be Indonesian? I keep asking this to my self. Sometimes there's time where I feel so proud with my country, but sometimes there's also time where I don't feel proud being an Indonesian. I feel very proud when I know Hollywood celebrities or well-known people wore Indonesian original products, when people love to visit Indonesia. Especially Bali, one of the most beautiful island on earth, when Indonesian students won achievements at international competitions, and manyyyy more.

But when I hear some news about Indonesia's ridiculous laws and corruptions, I feel very ashamed and sad. Few months ago I heard a news saying that "An old woman stole her neighbor's watermelon (only 1) and she's being arrested to jail" . I was like.... what? where did their heart go? And I also heard a corrupter corrupted for millions rupiahs but his punishment's only 2-4 years (I don't remember it clearly) while that old woman got punished for 5 years... Life is unfair for the less-fortunate people :(. Even the law-related people (like police, prosecutor) who's originally have to be fair, they did corruptions too! They asked money to the accused, if she/he paid, their punishment would be easy.. God.. this world is really full of lies. 
And if you ask for the simplest one, do drive in Jakarta/ any other cities in Indonesia, cross the red traffic light / turn into the wrong direction, and if the police comes, give him no more than 200k rupiahs, and everything will be done easily. ckckck!


We (Indonesian), as this country's young generation, should change this country to be a better country. Let's start it with the simplest things like move to other country and change our nationality like south-korean or japanese? Lol I'm kiddingg! Let's be a fair and honest person first! And love and choose Indonesian products.
There are a lot of talented Indonesian young designers recently like Nina Nikicio, Tex Saverio, etc! And for local brands (made in Indonesia), my favorites are up, june and julia, shoezisme, cotton ink, retail theraphy, only i, decimal shoes, and mannnyyyyyyyyy moreeeee :D


red cardigan : pull and bear (my sister's). ruffle top and shorts : unbranded, wedges : stradivarius


I took a lot of photos with another piece that I got from Candy Button. It's Victoria Headband . what do you think? :)






I'm going to have 3 days off starting tomorrow. Finally I'm free from crazy assignments, daily tests, and presentations. yahoooooo! ;p

f(x) - Is it OK?


  1. Happy 66th anniversary Indonesia ^__^
    I'm wondering can you speak Dutch?
    Oh oh oh I must visit Bali somday it's really gorge :)
    And I find it sad about the corruption.. it's really pathetic don't you think?
    I hope it will be better in the future!


  2. Happy independence day !!
    Agree with ur opinion , indonesia has some freak law , sometimes not thinkable !

    Cute cardigan , love the colour <33
    good luck for ur school :D


  3. cute cardigan ! love your style :)

  4. you are so pretty :D happy Independence day too! we have the same name of today's blog title. haha

  5. Youre cute, love the wedges :D

  6. you look so cute dear :)

    as usually >.<

    hihi anw, happy independence day too :D

  7. really cute, veren!! :D posted the interview and will send you something soon ^^

  8. Happy Independence Day to Indonesia, and you look cuter than ever wearing Indonesia's flag colors. Lovely outfit from top to bottom!

  9. And wear batik, perhaps? Though I heard that many batiks are made in China now, sigh... So I mostly choose to wear Pekalongan batik. Pure Indonesia. Haha!

    LeeAnne, Style N Season

  10. Lovely outfit as always! I love the color combo! Your sense of style is adorable!

  11. You're so cuteeeeee ;) I love your wedges! Happy Independence Day ^^

    Nces ♥

  12. verennnn so cute! i love your shoes so much and i miss youuuu

  13. Yay independence day! :))
    You're so cute. Love your red outer..

  14. veren, kamu sangat nasionalis:)

  15. Oh how exciting! Happy belated 66th Birthday to Indonesia ^_^. I like your outfit here too, it's super cute :)

  16. great post veren!
    you look pretty with the red and white outfits! :)

  17. I love your outfit! you look so adroble!

    Btw, Come to my new blog and i would love if you follow my blog too! :)

    xoxo, Gloria.

  18. Your blog is so cute! I'm following :) Never be ashamed of your heritage, ethnicity, or where you're from. I'm a mix of African and Indian and White and I live in America. Unfortunately in America everybody thinks African's steal things and are rambunctious and Indians are all lazy and drunk. Sometimes I hate being the race I am but I am also proud - so I see where you are coming from. It's nice that you have spoken your thoughts because they are the exact thoughts of mine with myself :)
    - <3

  19. vereeen, since when you called me like thattt... haha, i love your wedgesss! very cute.. like youu :)

  20. Lovely outfit! I would love to visit Indonesia on day. ♥
    Enjoy your three days off!

    xoxo Janine

  21. you are the most adorable thing.
    i love your hair, and this outfit is just great! ,3

  22. Happy Birthday to Indonesia!
    I love your outfit, it's so cute! :)

  23. happy independence day :D
    I hope Indonesia better than before too :)
    MERDEKA ! ♥

  24. wowowo very indonesia, red cardigan and simple white dress, great job


  25. Love your dress, you look super cute!!

  26. Your shoes are so wonderful love the red accents throughout your outfit!

    Lots of love from Sydney,

    x Kel

    cherry ripe time


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