I beg you

I'm so reckless (careless) these days (bad luck).. I don't know why but I think I broke everything.. I broke my g11 camera, I broke my ipod's jbl speaker, I lost my phone twice and I lost my sister's old ipod. 

Today I broke my ipod touch that I bought last year (December). I've just arrived in front of my house from McDonald's with my friends. I brought my bag in the right hand and blackberry in left hand. I put my ipod touch between my fingers in the right hand.. when I closed my car's door, my ipod fell into a brook in front of my house. unfortunately, there's water in the brook ! (usually the brook is empty) but luckily the water wasn't dirty. At first I didn't know if I fell it into the brook. 

After 10seconds, I found my ipod in the brook and I took it out and I ran into my house, I dried my ipod with hairdryer, then I dried it with a fan, after that I googled how to safe it. Then many people say I should put my ipod into a bowl of rice and put it under the lamp / sun, and I have to wait for 48hours... I did it.. I put my ipod into a plastic of rice and I put it under the lamp..

Man... I'm so shockkkkeddddddddd .... I guess my dad will be mad at me when he's home and find my broken ipod.. T_______T. 
I hope my ipod will be okay and that way will work T______T. Any other advice? Can anyone help?

and oh... when my ipod fell into the brook, I didn't know if it was dead (no battery)/ still turned on.. because when I was in the car, I didn't check my ipod but last time I checked it, it was lowbatt.. 

Will it be fine if I charge my ipod to turn it on tomorrow/the day after, after I take out my ipod from the rice?

PRAYYY FOR MY IPOD TOUCH.. Let's hope it'll be fine when I turn my ipod touch on tomorrow. This is a lesson to me. T-T


  1. Be patient, Veren! Lain kali hati - hati yah :) Smoga iPodnya baik-baik aja. Good luck and BGU! ^^

    Nces ♥

  2. oohw what a bad luck! I hope everything will turn the way around, good luck to you Veren!

    Travel in Style

  3. Aww, sorry to here about it Veren but I'm pretty sure the rice technique works! Because a similar thing happened to my friend and now her iphone is fine....lets wish for the best xxxx

  4. awww,, I'm sorry to hear that..
    I ever feel the same as you. I broke almost everything in the almost same time. Then I feel so useless (and I feels like a destroyer)
    But everything gonna be just fine then. It just human feelings.

    Hope everything gonna be fine for you veren!! ^^

  5. i hope your ipod is fine and your daddy not angry at you :)

  6. Unfortunate! I've learnt that if you can successfully dry the internal parts, over a long period of time just to be sure. It should work fine again. :S just as long as alll the moisture is gone.

  7. Everything happens for a reason. Whatever the result is.. you should accept it. :) Smile :)

    btw, I am your new follower hope you will visit my page and follow too. :)

  8. Awwwww... I hope the rice trick will work, Veren. And next time, be more careful ok sweetie...

    LeeAnne, Style N Season

  9. Sometimes, life gets tough and offers some horrible moments. You'll have to be more careful with things in the future. I have no iPod experience, but I do sometimes fancy getting an iPod Touch (I am not a phone person, so never mind the iPhone). Hope things get better for you, Veren Lee!

  10. keep smiling dear :)
    i hope everything will be fine .

  11. hope ur ipod well soon ..
    try to update the program and take it for 1 day..
    then try to turn on , hope ur ipod good..


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  13. hey dear, i hope your ipod will be fine :)
    im just following you, i'm new on fashion blog btw. would you like to follow me back ? :)
    i wanna be as dare as you to post my looks



  14. so great, we like your blog:)
    let`s visit and follow us:)

    XX K&M

  15. hope your iPod get well soon dear :)

  16. hahaha omg ur using the traditional way! but the lamp's cute though>.< just don't get surprised when u look into the bag full of rice then u find a chick. hihi

  17. Be patient, Veren.
    hope your traditional way can work,

    btw, i like your lamp's


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