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i made an interview with a beautiful girl, named  Jessica . an 16 year old girl who will turn 17 this June. she lives in Australia. She loves to shop in thrift stores. I know her from her lookbook. The interview's questions i got from various blogs and magazines..  here's the interview :)

How would you define your style?
 An elderly grandmother with an affinity for smuggling drugs into strange countries.
How and why did you start blogging?
I started blogging about pointless things that nobody really cares about way back in  Year 7 (5-6 years ago). Your typical pre-teen blog. Detailed descriptions of what I did that day, constant mentions of inside jokes that nobody understood. My blogs became more veered towards fashion around a year ago. The transition from personal blogging to fashion blogging was synonymous with when I started shopping at charity stores. :)

Do you have any inspirations? Please mention it with the reasons!
I'm constantly inspired by dreary weather, by chocolate, by my amazeballs friends, by the people I see on the street, Lookbook, photography, a certain boy, sleeping, things I find in the thrift store. I primarily am inspired by the pieces I find in thrift stores - I usually build outfits around one piece.
What fashion items do you think are the next big trends?
I think mainstream fashion is heading towards the whole hipster direction. Lace up booties and motorcycle boots and the like are in trend right now, so naturally I think the next things everyone's going to want to buy into are: floral, high waisted anything, blazers, destroyed denim cut offs etc.

Mention one fashion item that you wouldn't ever wear it!
CROCS. CROCS. CROCS. Also, high waisted jeans. they don't work for me. BUT CROCS, OH MAN. Someone needs to throw all the crocs into a void and set fire to that void and just UGH. CROCS. I understand that it's comfortable, but there are so many other options you could choose that are comfortable. 
How long does it take for you to put together an outfit?
When I'm feeling lazy - under a minute. By lazy I mean my default outfit - a random shirt tucked into some nondescript floral high waisted skirt. If I'm bothered - generally half an hour, I go a bit mental in choosing outfits. And when it actually counts - formal occasions, half an hour to an hour. 

What is the most comfortable outfit combination for you?
My default outfit - nondescript high waisted floral skirt and a random shirt, with fake docs. Or, my PJs. Or my birthday suit. Actually, my birthday suit is pretty damn comfortable.
Who is your favorite designer? Why?
 i don't really follow designers, but recently I can remember I liked Rodarte an awful lot. And Charles Anastase, that collection that was so saturated with geek chic it was practically like a library in clothing form.

What do you want to be in the future?
Right now it's all a bit blurry, even though a lot of my peers are set on what they want to do. I'm definitely veering towards a more creative (read: Lazy) career, possibly in Visual Communication. Or maybe PR, advertising. I'm not sure yet. It would be lovely if I could open my own second hand clothing store though. Like I need any more of an excuse to hang out in dusty charity shops.

big thanks to Jessica for sparing her time to be interviewed by me! :)
check out her blog here 


  1. thanks for doing interview with her , she's amazing :D

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