desperate of a teenager



dress wore as top - GOWIGASA , skirt - Zara 

ok. you can call me a kid.
but i'm already in Jhs.
you can say my face is a baby face.
but i'm already in my teenager (puberty) life. 
i just want to tell you, if i have been in love.
a simple word contains of 4 letters which dictionary can't describe it exactly too.
a situation when my heart beat when i see someone that i can't stop thingking of it.
a situation when i'm angry because the boy who I love close with someone.
do you ever feel like this too?
i felt it this afternoon.
i really mad... -__-"
i never wonder if I...................

sorry i stop the story... it's too private :p. hahaa...
i don't know what can i do.
i just don't want to flirt in front of someone...
it's just sooooooooooooooooooo.... *argh*

i'll going to Jogja tonight!! (extremely can't waittt)
but I haven't packed anything yet :P

ehmmm... at last...
are you looking into bangles, rings, ribbon headbands, belt, shoes, dresses, etc.?

click HERE !! :D

thanks for your sweet comments on my blog. really love it and make me happy :D

hugs and kisses,
veren lee ;)


  1. someone is falling in loveeee hihi.. By thinking of the person can make u smile, am i righttttt? ;) have a nice trip to Jogja dear! Btw kamu keliatan mature banget deh pake outfit ini.. Mature in a good way! :D

  2. Hohoho Junior high thingss.
    I really know what and how you feel about it. hihihi.
    Kalo suka sama orang tunjukin aja sist. jangan malumalu :)

  3. smp emang umur2nya gt sh jd wajar aja ;) i felt that too when I was on 1st grade jhs

  4. ahhaayy,,,
    you look so nice dear,,

    welcome to lovely world,, hehehe


  5. :: hhi . welcome to love word .

    u look so cute lil sissy ..

  6. love your scarf!
    pengen deh beli di online shop kamu, tapi lagi 'dihukum' ga boleh beli apa apa nih.. hehe

    Castor Pollux

  7. feeling in love is not always be nice!
    its nice when both have the same feeling but when one of you have different feel, the other one will be hurted :(

    but then stop loving! ahaha

    have a safe and nice trip!

  8. you are so cuteeeeee <3<3<3

  9. ciieee cieee veren :D
    binny ny lucu dehh. flatny jg

    XD nathalie

  10. first of all, i LOVE ur outfit!! ^^ i totally agree with Patricia S Boedidarmo tht u look mature in a good way.. ^^

    anw, its a commom feeling though, for ur age.. i felt it when i was in 6th grade!!LOL.. just express ur love through ur action.. but don't be too agressive as well cuz boys usually don't like agressive girls.. :)

    anw,have fun in Jogja!! have a blast,dear... :D

  11. cie cie verenn. lg jatuh cinta yah..hihi. :p :p
    Btw, itu scarf atau nempel sama topnya sih? hehe.. bagus dehh :)
    and of course I'll visit your ol shop ver..:)

  12. cute red skirt on you <3
    have fun in jogja =D

  13. such an adorable top! love the scarf detail
    well, it's just a beginning for you to find out what love is
    just take it easy :) and all the best

  14. Your scarf so nice..I like it..! :)

    Wow,how lucky the boy who veren love,veren can search another boy,i think so many boy love veren,because veren face is beautiful n i think veren is smart girl,right..?hhe..

    Then,the last,'ve fun in Jogja..!

    W/ love,

  15. Hoho. .
    Yu're damn funny!! (Kidding)
    So cuuuuuuuuuuteeeeeeeeee with your black glasses. .
    Check the storical of baby blue : met the cute mimi

    Ice Creamy World
    Twitter: caramel_manda
    Exchange link :

  16. you are too cute for jhs age, i thought you about 10 or 11 yo .
    i love your blog :)

  17. lucu deh klo lu pake beanie hat ver, bgs dan imut2 bgt. love the top!! you always look cute and lovely. ah kacamatanya lucu bgt kyk kacamata boboho hahhaha

  18. ehm...ehmm...falling in love yea beibq...
    yup u got a really "baby face" able to look young is a good thing,NO?
    love the stitch hat it's adorable

    follow me back on,

  19. jealous ya? hehehe
    nice outfit btw

  20. really LOVE ur outfit !
    always LOVE ! (:

    visit mine?

  21. awww!! u look so baby facee,, :) it's a guud thing u know :D,, so dun worRy!! when u grow old, u will wan to have a baby face :P
    anywayy,, i love your outfitt!! :D especially the skirt n fLats,, so cute:)

    Secret of Life
    plis follow me back n vsit my blog:)

  22. Aren't you cute!

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  23. So cute. I love the colors!

    And love is so grand. It's amazing. :)

  24. aaaaw.... are you falling in LOVE??
    ah, it's so cute, anyway, LOVE doesn't recognize age, sis.. :)

  25. you look very pretty Veren :) love your outfits as always^^
    have a great day :)

  26. Hey Veren, nice blog.
    I am new in fashion blogging.. Do you mind if you check my blog out?
    You're so cute :)

  27. i love reading ur blog, u're more mature than ur look :)

  28. beautiful flats!;)

  29. ciee veren yg lagi falling in love. hahahaha... =))

    you look cute with the shades on! =))

    good luck to your blogshop!

    hugs and kisses,

  30. so cute of you veren.. hahahaha.. i barely felt that way when i had a crush on my now- boyfriend, because he's always been far away from me.. so even though it pisses you to feel that way upon seeing your crush with another girl, i must say it's always better than not to be able to see him at all :)

    ps: the dress from gowigasa looks real good on you..

    join my Disney couture necklace giveaway! :D

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