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My final exam in the 11th grade finally ended on Tuesday. I was so scared and stressed over my physics and chemistry exams as I thought I messed up the essays :(. But Thank God I passed all of the subjects! I couldn't stop screaming and jumping with my friends who also passed all of them. lol.

As I have nothing to do these days ( I'm currently having a short break before classmeeting starts while the school's holding a remidial exam) , I spend my days by catching up the new episodes of Hotel King, Running Man, and Jessica & Krystal (uhh Jessica is my style icon!) that I missed. 

I also went to meet my JHS bff yesterday and went grocery shopping together. I bought the stuffs I need to make a dish from dory, and soy milk cream stew (ochikeron's recipe :9). I've always liked cooking on holiday. I watched many cooking videos on youtube, and my fav recipes are korean dishes. Believe me, I'm good at making bibimbap, kimchi jiggae, and japchae!!  :D

Today I had a mini photoshoot with my bro who just bought a mini camera. I can't wait to share you the result ! Be sure to see it first on my instagram; @verenleecious !

Ok! That's all about my recent updates. I'm gonna have another photoshoot tomorrow, but this time I'm gonna do it with my friends ;P *busy bee*~~~~


  1. happy holiday veren ! :)

    please check out my blog :)

  2. Hope you enjoy your holiday~ Cant wait to see the results of the photoshoot! ;)

  3. can't wait to see the results,veren! happy holidays :)

  4. holiday is always the best! cook me some korean dishes when ure in jkttt :P

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