safari fun

Happy Saturday everyone!
Hope you will have fun in this weekend.
I don't go to anywhere today except church. My friends are lazy to hang out today, so do I. haha
I've spent lots of money this week, so yeah. better if I safe it and only use it when I really need it. :D
hm... I rarely share my private story in this blog. but don't know why. I really want to write this story in this post.
let's we discuss about... broken heart? jealousy? I think almost all girls in this world ever feel broken heart.
fall in love- rejected, fall in love-in a relationship-broke up, fall in love-the boy/girl already has girl/boyfriend, etc.
I feel that too. maybe if you're in my yahoo messenger contact list and read my status. you've known what happened to me. I feel so dramatic. I'm scared if I tell you about this then you'll think (in Indonesian : "anak kecil ud pcar2an. ud naksir2an) . but yeaaaa. I WANT to tell this.
my first love was in the 6th grade. I was so happy that time. my first boyfriend is a twin :P. I got one of them of courseee.hahaha. but then we broke up because my stupidity and super stupid reason T_T. Then I don't know why, I fall in love with my first ex-bf again. and many friends of us told me that he liked me too. he's my classmate. sits 2 chairs behind me. I can't stop looking to the back everyday-everytime -_-. and my friends and also his twin mock me everyday. but I don't think he loves me too. T_T. one of my bestfriends said to me; "what do you want to choose? 1.he will be your boyfriend but doesn't enjoy with you, or 2.he won't be your boyfriend but he will happy?". so, I think I'd rather go away, forget that I ever fall in love with him and let him happy :). I don't want to be selfish, and don't you think better if I focuss on school-thingy first ? hehe :D

okay. So, I did a mini-photoshoot. my bangs are too long, it cover my small eyes and I haven't get time to cut it. ==". So I decided to wear sunglasses :D

porkpie hat - seibu, sunnies - forever21, top & belt - unbranded, khaki shorts - my sister's, wedges - mango


have a nice weekend lovess! xD


  1. veren, kacamatanya dapet dari gogirl yah? waaah aku juga punya :D

  2. cute cute cute, mau dong topi nya, hahaha

  3. your Sun Glasses!!! girl..." you just make me envy...^^ Hahha..

    Beny Ricardo Sadewo

  4. ihh veren lucu banget :3
    aku juga ada kacamata yg sama :3 hihihi

  5. ahh topinya mirip pny ci feb deh hihihi love your wedges ver!

    smooch* natzcracker

  6. Yeah, love is difficult ^_^
    I love your look! The top is too cute ^_^


  7. don't worry sweety,coz (in indonesia : cinta tidak mengenal usia)...but I think that u should focus on ur study-ing stuffs first..

    I love ur Top and ur Hat..looks sweet on U, darl...


  8. love the wedges and the hat! you're looking cute. :)

  9. so cute! love the top and wedges :D
    have a nice weekend

    The Coronet

  10. you look super gorgeous sweetheart <3 love love love this look so much, especially the wedges!!


  11. 6th grade mah udh pantes cinta"an gtu, hehe :)
    nice hat

    oxox, djhanq
    tattoo freak

  12. Oh you are sooooo adorable :)

  13. you are cute as always..

    Haha no worry I like a guy since I was in 3rd grade of primary school
    It's pretty common these days especially in this kind of era where social networking and stuffs are everywhere.!

    My suggestion is well if you really like him then just first chat or talk like regular friends and know more about him
    don't really trust any 3rd person/ others assumption because they might not really know you guys as good as yourselves.

    But you also can focus on your study since it's for your future
    and there's still many guys that you can seek throughout those times right?

    But as long as it is OK I think you can do what you think is good.. use your time well. You won't have youth times for 2x. :)

    I love your Love story ;p


  14. awww lucuu bangett kmu veren :)
    sukaa samaa outfitnya deh ..
    have a nice weekend <3


  15. Pretty chic, Verennnn <3 Love that hat so much


  16. "Anak kecil uda pacaran" or "Cinta monyet" I got that a loot haha.

    Anyway I love the look and your haat <3

  17. you are so cute! and i love your shoes so much (:

  18. how did you become so cute, little princess? i love your look! :)

  19. lovely hat <3


  20. lovely summer look veren ;)
    nice hat.

  21. Love this outfit on you a lot!!!

  22. Loving the ensemble,very cool :D and that is such a cute frilly top,i love it :D

    StopAndStareStyle - My super-duper fashion & style blog :D Read,comment,follow and enjoy! :D

  23. Don't worry too much about this boy-like-girl issue..everything'll fall into place when the time comes~~~

    ~~Every cloud has a silver lining, so stay happy and keep smiling~~


  24. gorgeousssss!!! you look so so so cute as usual (:

  25. aaaahhh too cute too cute!! love the hat, top and the shoes!!!! you're amazing! :D

    Animated Confessions

  26. You look great...I really like the hat and the clog-shoes.

  27. so cute! love the cutout print on that white top!

    <33 [v] hobovogue

  28. cute! love this summery look! those wedges <3

  29. i like your top and hat..
    nice style..

  30. You are very pretty, Veren. I reallywant to have a little sister like you :)
    And yes, everyone ever felt a broken heart syndrome. I broke up with my boyfriend for 6 months but then we "CLBK" again until now. and maybe you should try it if you want :)

    have a nie day, little princess <3

  31. cute as always veren!!:)
    love your hat

  32. ah such a cute outfit! i love the top, so pretty, and the hat adds the perfect touch.

  33. Thanks Veren for the comment :)
    by the way orang indo juga kan??

    salam kenal ya..
    I wish I can be a great blogger like you :p


  34. nice outfits! you have a very beautiful smile! :)


thanks for your sweet comments on my blog!