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So yeah, while waiting my best-est friend, Jessica to come, I decide to blog. I'll share you my favorite runaway collections   :)
Miu Miu Resort 2011

gosh. this is just too adorable! Apple earrings, polkadot heels, polkadot tanks & shorts, colorful bangles & belts, all in one. thumbbbbsss up!! This Resort 2011 collection is so playful. I love bright colors, cute patterns, etc. I feel like wanna buy all items from resort 2011 :P.
Must try --> belted tank + shorts + heels! :D

LOVE the wedges :)

Proenza Schouler Fall 2010 RTW

I pick 4 looks from PS Fall 2010 rtw. yeah, I adore the young designers of Proenza Schouler. What I like from the first and the second look : the pattern and color. and if you have sexy belly/hips, you will look great if you wear the dress in the first look. ;D. I love the model in the 1st look too. she looks so fressssh. And for the third look, I love babydoll dress so much. so cute, even the material is half leather. that's just sweet yet rocky. Taylor Momsen would be great if she wears it.  last, 4th look, reminds me of gossip girl... hahaha. I don't like the model in the 4th look. *in Indonesian : kempot/peot*. she looks so old, super thin cheek, not too fresh face.

Erdem S/S 2010 RTW
loooveee  the dress so much. I imagine if my mom wears this dress. she will look super-gorgeous. flower corsages on the top. perfect.

must have : floral wedges! :D

yesterday I did a super-quick photoshoot before went to chruch :
tried my sister's stuart weitzman heels. it hurt. -_-"

Have a nice day everyoneee!! :D


  1. hey.. thefirst pict as same with my previous post.. :) Miu2 is adorable.. *no one can deny* :p
    nice dress, 'n love the Stuart heels!! ^^


  2. want the floral wedges soo baadd >w<
    anyway how did you add that heart thing beside your photos?

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  4. aww , cute collections . and i think the florals outfit is the best , coz yeahh, i am mad of florals! hehe . check out my new post anw ;)

  5. Omg Miu Miu's so adorable!! Polkadots are always my favourite.
    I heart your dress and your sister's heels! :)

  6. i love your dress and your shoes, awesome :D


  7. i luv those florals. :) i'm a new follower anwy, hope you'll follow me back :D

    check out my blog,
    Cloudy Day

  8. really, you always look soooo good O.O
    I'm Jealous!
    I love your style!


  9. Miu Miu's resort collection is so cute :)

    and you toooo!! aww


  10. the last heels are great. yeah, beauty is a pain

  11. vereen i lov your hat... hahaha ^^

  12. super cute colections!
    that wedges is pretty!
    cute outfits :)

  13. I LOVE MIU MIU super gorgeous <3 and that floral wedges is just killers!! i love your beanies and that heels is just sweetie :)


  14. adek!
    omg! I love your sis stuart heels!
    thats pretty awesome but yeah
    beauty needs pain

    and those miumiu? freakin awesome!

  15. I could easily say that those floral wedges would be perfectly fit in you!

  16. hai bblogwalking...!!

    btw,ur style is verry cool,dear..
    i like it.. :)

  17. Miu Miu's photos are great and you're so right about these floral wedges! So beautiful.
    Thank you for stopping by and following. I follow back.

  18. aww miu miu collection,love it :)

    hello veren do you want to exchange link to me.i've linked you and follow you. Thanks dear


  19. you are so cute veren :) love your outfit

  20. Great post, you look lovely and I really like your new layout :)

    Adèle –

  21. Both of the collections are amazing.
    And you look adorable...I like the striped dress very much.

  22. owh how cute veren, sweet lil' princess :)

  23. hi!

    Nice blog you got there!
    I'm a follower now :)

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  24. I saw those pictures too! They're adorable right?
    And I love your look too esp your heels


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  26. Whoaa! I really love MiuMiu <3 Your dress is totally cute, Ver :)


  27. yes i cant resist the pretty polkadot from miu miu!
    you look so adorable in that outfit veren
    hmm somehow the red ribbon and the stripes remind me of hello kitty


  28. ha, yes to that floral wedges <3

    it's too beautiful :D

  29. The fashion models look beauty with expensive fashion items, but you look beauty with your cool mix and match :) and it's our country's flag!! (happy independence day for Indonesia)

    Amanda "Creamy" Apriani
    Twitter : caramel_manda

  30. i love love love miu miu spotted heels:)
    and damn,you look like a real doll!

    come and visit me<3
    fuck the fame

  31. I would like to exchange links with your site
    Is this possible?

  32. looove the whole resort 2011 miu miu collection, it's just gorgeous!


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