top - gowigasa, shorts - wonderplace, watch - lacoste, belt - bershka
Hi! :D
My midterm test's over already and I'm feeling realllyyy happy. Last week, I always slept late and woke up early to study T_T *too diligent, eh?*
But now I'm free and next week I'll have a religion trip to Parakan for 3 days. :)
About today's outfit, I matched pink, yellow and blue . I still can't get enough of bright colors! 

As I've promised, today I'll announce the winners of my latest giveaway ft. Hanake Shop.
And the winners are ...

1. Jennifer Christy
2. Qinthara Nabillah
3. Ivanka Desyra Susanto 

Congratulations!! The winners will get contacted via e-mail by Hanake Shop to get the discount vouchers.
If The winners above don't reply the e-mail for more than 6days, I'll pick another winner ;)
If you don't win this time, don't worry! I'll make another giveaways! So, please follow my blog / twitter  if you don't wanna miss it :D

Pink Dolls - White (Ost. White : The Memory of The Curse)

About today's song, it's a soundtrack from a korean horror movie that I watched this morning. (I didn't dare to watch horror movie in the evening because honestly I'm really scared watching horror movie, and I rarely watch it, the last horror movie I watched before this, was Drag Me To Hell which was really disgusting and shocking -__-) . The story is about a korean girlgroup who use a song from unknown writer, which is actually a curse song. The members slowly died one by one. Everytime I listen to this song, I feel scared like I'll be cursed too . I'm not brave enough to sing this song! lol! 
Anyway, for this post, I'll disable the comment function because I haven't had time to reply your comments, probably I'll reply it next week. Thanks for always supporting me! ;)


  1. U look adorable Dear love ur pink top and congrats for the winners

  2. Oh, your top is so cute! I love it.


  3. Have fun to Parakan ^__^
    Love the cute outfit :)


  4. Love the cotton candy colors :)


  5. wish u get a good score in ur midterm tests veren :)

  6. love your shorts veren :)

  7. I really love your top if it was not pink though! But I love the collar.

  8. Actually the song doesn't really scary at all ... I love Horror! Is it really scary? you gotta share me the name! *cute as always btw*

  9. thankss so much :)

    love your cheerful outfits ;)

  10. You are so cute. Seriously, you always manage to pull of a pretty outfit and a detailed post. I love your blog, it's lovely.

    Lydia xxx

  11. lovely, veren! pink always suits you best. :D

  12. Love your pink blouse :)
    and you're so adorable in pink :D

  13. that top is so incredibly cute! love :)

  14. love this bright outfits and you really fit this kinda style!