bunny ears

hi all. I'm back from camping.
I went camping on Thursday until yesterday. It was quite fun and it made me sooo tired. I even slept for 14 hours yesterday because I couldn't sleep when I went camping.
have you ever sleep without air-conditioner, without bed? I felt sooo horrible and I almost cried because I couldn't sleep in the tent. it was super hot inside, I couldn't breathe, I slept without blanket/bolster/pillow too :(
the fun thing was when we played in the river. I know the river has bad-smell and bad-color-of-the-water -_-, but yeah, it was quite fun! :D. after camping my face and skin look awful, I got tanned and also my cheeks are chubbier bcs in the camp I was too lazy to cook and I almost always ate indomie ! -_-

Anyway, by went camping I learn so much lessons. we try to live like poor people, we share with poor people...
I met 3 kids in the camp, they're garbage collectors. I guess they're still 5-6 years old. My friends and me felt pityful... we gave them foods, money... they told us and our teachers if they didn't collect the trashes their dad will hit them :'(. and now I feel how lucky and how beautiful is my life :')

IMG_4143 copy

IMG_4145 copy

IMG_4153 copy

IMG_4157 copy
bunny ears-phoebe and chloe, top - only i, shorts - unbranded, wedges - michelle cl.a, sunnies-f21, ring-diva

I'm loving this Fendi bags from SS2011 collections. sooo colorful <3

and also this mulberry + peanuts bag. isn't this cutee? :D

I just fall in love agaaiiinnn <33
dolce & gabbana use floral prints, polkadots, bright colors... and look at the shoes. there's flower in the side in each shoes. aren't they lovely & so fresh? ;)


  1. You're back, yay!
    As usual, you look pretty and photogenic. Love your entire outfit, especially the Usamimi bunny ears. I've always wanted to get one. ;)

  2. super nice look sweetheart that bunny ears is super cute :) you look as chic as always <3


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  4. hey girl :) finally you're back. and, ouch! you're got tanned! LOL.
    but still looks cute :) love the bunny ears and only i top. also love D&G newest collection. cheers!

    check my new post.

  5. wow...really nice looks :) LOVE YOUR WEDGES TOO

  6. cuteee bunny ears n cute wedgee!! :)


  7. hows the camping?? ah your not look so chubbier and tanned ver, really.. hehehe..
    love ur shoes.


  8. I like your wedges :D Where do you buy your clothes and shoes from?~

  9. cute outfitt ! <3
    love your wedgess!

    @dynione :D

  10. love the look so much, veren! and those collections are awesome!!

  11. you are the cutest girl i have ever seen !

    xo lala

  12. great outfit as always Veren<3
    have a lovely day :)

  13. u look super cute! love the bunny ears!
    and also love the D&G new collection :]

  14. veren! OMG you are back now!
    I love your new post really and the wedges and the shorts go so well together!
    I bet my sister will keep WOW-ing when looking at ur blog! hahaa

    I went to karimun and we also need to go to those sekolah negri to teach them when their class condition is so so so bad and there is no fan in their class when all the girls wear jilbab! we are much much blessed and fortunate!


  15. hai veren :))
    i love ure shorts , cutie !! :p

    visit me at


  16. Love the bunny ears! I'm waiting for my friend to come back from japan with mine :T Hope she got me one as cute as yours!!!

  17. i rally love this look veren!
    i agree that D&G spring 2011 collection is so lovely
    ah too bad we couldnt meet that day :(


  18. hey veren, i havent drop by ur blog for agesss! :D looking good as usual!
    wedges nya so adorable :)

  19. you look super darling as usual veren :D I love that shorts of yours <3

  20. veren. let me tell yaa something and never ever forget this.

    anyways i lovee your bunny ears. oh dont forget. i love your cheeks too.

  21. your skin is fine. you always look beautiful no matter what ci :)

  22. chic outfit ,
    i lovee the wedges <3
    heart heart .


  23. Wah kamu baru 13 taun uda jago banget fashionnya, kamu cakep deh veren, baju2 yang kamu pake match bgt sama kamu :)

  24. hi there, omg you're too sweet :) how old are you? <3

  25. First the hello kitty wallpaper and now mickey mouse one? Is your house all covered with cute wallpaper prints? I'm so envious! btw, loving your knee high socks in a pair of wedges.

  26. love that outfit little girl :))
    should you go here >> << for more amazing stuff dear ..

  27. What a cutie usamimi band!!!!ooh, and I loved your fashion style, u've got a nice fashion-id-and that suits you well ^^

  28. you're the sweetest kid on earth :)
    i love ur socks and wedge combo very much !!
    thanks soo much for stopping by at my blog :)

  29. you're the sweetest kid on earth :)
    i love ur socks and wedge combo very much !!
    thanks soo much for stopping by at my blog :)

  30. hey dear :)
    you're so cuteeeee. love your style :)

    smooch, diva

  31. wow, nice backdrop you have! and i like the shorts mixed with the grey socks :)

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  33. hey sweety
    nice outfit
    i love the shoes
    follow back

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  35. I like the wedges plus socks, it's so perfect!

    And the D&B collection is so perfect. I love the bright happy colors. :)

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  37. love the wedges!
    you look adorable, as always.


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  39. love those shorts, and what a great backgroud!

  40. looking adorable as always! your shorts are really cute!

    it's good to know that you got something out of camping =)

  41. You look adorable. I love your look.

    And the D&G collection is beautiful.

    If you get a chance check out my blog. We are having our first giveaway.

  42. thanks for your sweet comment little princess!

    i love your socks hahahaha
    will try a look with that kind of sock in a short while!


  43. Sweet outfit, Ver! Those pictures are so stunning as well!
    Aww, that story bout the kid is so sad... Suddenly I feel so lucky :(

    Castor Pollux

  44. This is great, I love your outfit and your picks!

  45. J'aime beaucoup ton look, c'est impressionnant comme ça te va bien !! ne change rien.



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