A Wake Up Call


Tomorrow is Christmas day and I'm alwayss excited about it. I've been repeating Christmas songs on my Spotify and humming to them in the car. 


For my Christmas outfit, I picked a maroon dress from Cloth Inc's new collection. The dress came with a collared inner lace top, but this time I replaced it with my green plaid shirt to create a christmas look! Since this season's color palette is around maroon, green, and brown, I wore my mom's brown heels to complete the look. What do you think? :D



Anyway, this month is definitely the most 'memorable' month of the year to me. I never expected that there would be sooo many things happened this month. First, I LOST my phone at Senayan City almost 2 weeks ago (sobs. It's #1 huge slap for me not to use a zipper-less bag to go shopping / always keep my sling bag in the front side). Second, I was hospitalized for 4 days 3 nights due to dengue fever. It's #2 huge slap for me not to overwork myself (I worked out 5-6 times a week). I have to admit that I feel really sad to lost the progress I'd worked so hard all this time and my feet are already itchy to walk back to the gym, but I have to constantly remind myself that I NEED to rest. It feels soooo weird doing nothing in the morning when usually I have my gym schedule T_T. OK. Stop it, Veren.. I promise to myself I'd be better in 2017 and I should appreciate myself more. I need to learn to accept myself as it is and give myself a break! I feel grateful to God for the reminders I got this month! 


Nevertheless, HAPPY HOLIDAY everyone! 



  1. Veren you are so cute <3 Love the brown heels anyway!

  2. Happy holiday! Love your earrings so much!

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