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After the Easter break ended, I've been eating like crazy. I usually have breakfast before I go to school and then I won't eat at school. But now, I eat breakfast at home, then eatttt again at school. I can't resist yummy snacks and other food like fried rice, kimbap, noodles, nasi kuning, nasi uduk, nasi lengko, (i won't translate it to english since it's indonesian food and will sound awkward in english), etc. I'm really scared to get fatter, but now my priority is to grow taller. And to grow taller, I shouldn't starve myself, right? 

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Actually I forgot that I haven't posted a full post about my new hair.. It'll be full of my portraits! But let me post about this outfit first... hehehe ;p

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  • mint knitted jumper with shoulder embellishment from stradivarius
  • lighting denim shorts in light bloe c/o @NVShop (ig)
  • three tone pastel bag from bershka
  • lace socks from topshop
  • chic soft pink belt from topshop
  • custom made two tone wedges from wow design
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To give a 'fun' vibe, I wore a set of arm candies!


from left to right:
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I will have another set of holiday soooonnn! This one is because my seniors are going to have the national exam. Omg I just can't waiiiittt. This week feels soooo long and boring.. Most of the lessons at school are booorriiingg and I always feel like I'm going to fall asleep.  Luckily my classmates are so funny and we got some free hours due to the teachers' absence. We sneak out to the canteen earlier than the supposed time and had a chit-chat in the class. I will surely miss these memories when I'm old. ;p

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  1. love the whole colors combination! super adorable :D

    cheer, michelle

  2. I love your shoeeessss!!!
    Pretty outfit like usually :3

  3. Really cute, it looks great on you :)

  4. i thought your wedge heel is from deandri ! lol
    but anw, love the jumper and the wedges!

  5. lucu banget tasnya veren! <3
    rambut barunya juga bagus, lebih fresh <3

  6. cucok nih mbak, adik gw ambil dari sini buat dijual lagi !
    harga murah , kualitas oke punya !

    salam :

  7. mantap , murah & lucu !
    cuma itu kata" dari gw mbak !

    best regard :

  8. I really like your style :3
    are you buying clothes from the web? and if yes, from where? :D

  9. super sweet pastel bag! ❤
    and love your shoes too :D

  10. You are so adorable. Loved all outfits, the shorts, the bag, the shoes omg you are awesome!

  11. I love your style so cutie patootie! :) I hope you can visit my blog.

    Nikka | Your Ordinary Doll

  12. love the outfit ! :D

  13. gorgeous!
    love your shoes. It looks so perfect with the lace socks <3
    visit mine on ur spare time ;D

  14. your outfit is so cheerful!! love it!
    love the bag especially :D

  15. love your outfit !! and i do the same thing too ! sneak to the canteen earlier than i should lol.

  16. nice shorts! love the belt and the bracelets:)

  17. cute look.. as always :)

    visit mine whenever you had a chance :D

    there's also a giveaway :D

    warmest regards,
    Miss Aa

  18. you look cute :)

  19. Shorts n bracelets nya lucu >3 Also love the way u combined that socks n shoes, looks so lovely!

  20. cute shoes and sweater, the belt is super chic! pretty veren! <3

    Letters To Juliet

  21. This is both cute + mature! Love itttt!



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